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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel)


Seven years ago, she freely and easily abandoned ¥100 and ran away, carrying her unborn son with her. Seven years later, she returned with the lady killer’s genius son, never expecting that her darling son would sell her out to MBS International. Unexpectedly, her immediate superior was the Mr. ¥100 from seven years ago!

“……Terrible girl, seven years ago, you dared to humiliate me so much! This time, I’ll definitely let you pay the price! For ¥1,000,000,000,000, I’ll buy you for the rest of your life!”

Isn’t that too much for a buy one get one free bargain? The most two-faced couple, along with their two-faced son, staking their lives on the outcome…

1210 • 2020-02-17 12:13:11


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 621: Untitled2020-11-30
Chapter 620: Untitled2020-11-30
Chapter 619: Untitled2020-11-29
Chapter 618: Untitled2020-11-29
Chapter 617: Untitled2020-11-28
Chapter 616: Untitled2020-11-27
Chapter 615: Untitled2020-11-27
Chapter 614: Untitled2020-11-26
Chapter 613: Untitled2020-11-26
Chapter 612: Heartlessness2020-11-25
Chapter 611: The Wedding Proposal2020-11-25
Chapter 610: Untitled2020-11-25
Chapter 609: Untitled2020-11-24
Chapter 608: Finally Mr. and Mrs.2020-11-23
Chapter 607: Untitled2020-11-23
Chapter 606: Big Bad Wolf and the Little White Rabbit2020-11-23
Chapter 605: The Underworld Version of Romeo and Juliet2020-11-22
Chapter 604: Untitled2020-11-21
Chapter 603: Untitled2020-11-21
Chapter 602: I Missed You So Much2020-11-20
Chapter 601: Untitled2020-11-20
Chapter 600: Untitled2020-11-20
Chapter 599:2020-11-20
Chapter 598: Untitled2020-11-20
Chapter 597: Untitled2020-11-18
Chapter 596: Untitled2020-11-18
Chapter 595: Untitled2020-11-18
Chapter 594: Untitled2020-11-17
Chapter 593: You Are What I Believe In2020-11-17
Chapter 592: Untitled2020-11-17
Chapter 591: Untitled2020-11-15
Chapter 590: Untitled2020-11-14
Chapter 589: Untitled2020-11-14
Chapter 588: Untitled2020-11-14
Chapter 587: Untitled2020-11-13
Chapter 586: Big Boss Mo Had Woken Up2020-11-12
Chapter 585: The So-Called Patronize2020-11-12
Chapter 584: Sister-In-Law2020-11-11
Chapter 583: Untitled2020-11-11
Chapter 582: Untitled2020-11-11
Chapter 581: The Sisters Meet2020-11-11
Chapter 580: The Scandal2020-11-10
Chapter 579: Over-The-Top Ye Wei2020-11-10
Chapter 578: A Surging Storm2020-11-09
Chapter 577: Farewell2020-11-09
Chapter 576: Adorable Eleven2020-11-07
Chapter 575: A Legendary Figure2020-11-07
Chapter 574: Eleven Returns2020-11-06
Chapter 573: Below2020-11-06
Chapter 572: Bedfellows2020-11-05
Chapter 571: Hailan Is Critical2020-11-05
Chapter 570: An Extremely Hilarious Family2020-11-04
Chapter 569: A Kiss Seals the Romance2020-11-04
Chapter 568: Untitled2020-11-04
Chapter 567: Untitled2020-11-04
Chapter 566: The King on Top, the Beauty at the Bottom?2020-11-04
Chapter 565: The Seven-Day-Old Baby Who Could Speak2020-11-04
Chapter 564: Baby Hailan2020-11-04
Chapter 563: Making Love2020-11-04
Chapter 562: The Baby’s Health2020-10-31
Chapter 561: Beauty Su’s Tryst2020-10-31
Chapter 560: Third Young Master Ye’s Narcissistic Streak2020-10-30
Chapter 559: Untitled2020-10-30
Chapter 558: Untitled2020-10-30
Chapter 557: Certainly Gone-Case2020-10-29
Chapter 556: Before the Extreme Arousal2020-10-28
Chapter 555: For Him, I Will2020-10-28
Chapter 554: Evil Ye Wei2020-10-28
Chapter 553: Untitled2020-10-27
Chapter 552: Alas, the Beauty Mom Once Again2020-10-26
Chapter 551: The Confession2020-10-26
Chapter 550: Wei Wei Wei’s Thoughts2020-10-26
Chapter 549: Do You Really Like Me This Much?2020-10-25
Chapter 548: Untitled2020-10-25
Chapter 547: Untitled2020-10-24
Chapter 546: Life and Death Are Vast2020-10-23
Chapter 545: The Death Battle2020-10-23
Chapter 544: My Eleven2020-10-22
Chapter 543: An Equal Match2020-10-22
Chapter 542: Gunshots2020-10-22
Chapter 541: The Impending Storm2020-10-22
Chapter 540: Exposed Identities2020-10-20
Chapter 539: A Shocking Change2020-10-20
Chapter 538: Mo Ye’s Family2020-10-20
Chapter 537: The Confession2020-10-20
Chapter 536: His Hardened Heart2020-10-20
Chapter 535: Anthony and Little Seven 12 – Sentimental Anthony2020-10-18
Chapter 534: Anthony and Little Seven 11 – My Woman2020-10-18
Chapter 533: Going Home2020-10-18
Chapter 532: Rong Yan’s Deep Feelings2020-10-16
Chapter 531: Acting and Watching the Show2020-10-16
Chapter 530: Real or Fake and Right or Wrong 12020-10-16
Chapter 529: Anthony and Little Seven 102020-10-15
Chapter 528: Anthony and Little Seven 92020-10-14
Chapter 527: Anthony and Little Seven 8 – Confession2020-10-14
Chapter 526: Anthony and Little Seven 72020-10-14
Chapter 525: Anthony and Little Seven 62020-10-14
Chapter 523: Anthony and Little Seven 42020-10-12
Chapter 524: Anthony and Little Seven 52020-10-14
Chapter 522: Anthony and Little Seven 32020-10-11
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