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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel)


Seven years ago, she freely and easily abandoned ¥100 and ran away, carrying her unborn son with her. Seven years later, she returned with the lady killer’s genius son, never expecting that her darling son would sell her out to MBS International. Unexpectedly, her immediate superior was the Mr. ¥100 from seven years ago!

“……Terrible girl, seven years ago, you dared to humiliate me so much! This time, I’ll definitely let you pay the price! For ¥1,000,000,000,000, I’ll buy you for the rest of your life!”

Isn’t that too much for a buy one get one free bargain? The most two-faced couple, along with their two-faced son, staking their lives on the outcome…

892 • 2020-02-17 12:13:11


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 394: The Wedding Everybody in Town Knew About2020-08-08
Chapter 393: Let’s Get Married!2020-08-08
Chapter 392: The New Godfather of the Mafia2020-08-07
Chapter 391: Big Boss Mo Usurps Power2020-08-07
Chapter 390: Before the Storm2020-08-06
Chapter 389: Louis’ Call2020-08-06
Chapter 388: City A, the Zhang Family2020-08-06
Chapter 387: A Father-Son Conversation2020-08-05
Chapter 386: Going Separate Ways2020-08-04
Chapter 385: The Child under the Virus2020-08-04
Chapter 384: Detoxified2020-08-03
Chapter 383: The Stupid and the Black-Bellied2020-08-03
Chapter 382: The Beauty under the Moonlight2020-08-03
Chapter 381: Are We Keeping the Baby?2020-08-02
Chapter 380: The Pregnancy2020-08-01
Chapter 379: The Adultery!2020-08-01
Chapter 378: Untitled2020-07-31
Chapter 377: Untitled2020-07-31
Chapter 376: The Early Onset of the Virus2020-07-30
Chapter 375: Gorgeous Mo Jue Is Back2020-07-30
Chapter 374: Dear Wife, I Cannot Take a Liking to Him2020-07-29
Chapter 373: A Beauty’s Smile Sways Everyone (Part Two)2020-07-29
Chapter 372: A Beauty’s Smile Sways Everyone (Part One)2020-07-28
Chapter 371: To Riyadh2020-07-28
Chapter 370: When We Put Our Hands to the Plow, We Achieve Prosperity2020-07-27
Chapter 369: Finally Safe from Danger2020-07-27
Chapter 368: The Most Badass Battle on the Sea2020-07-26
Chapter 367: Untitled2020-07-26
Chapter 366: Untitled2020-07-25
Chapter 365: Untitled2020-07-25
Chapter 364: Untitled2020-07-24
Chapter 363: Untitled2020-07-24
Chapter 362: Untitled2020-07-23
Chapter 361: Untitled2020-07-23
Chapter 360: Untitled2020-07-22
Chapter 359: Untitled2020-07-22
Chapter 358: Untitled2020-07-21
Chapter 357: Untitled2020-07-21
Chapter 356: Untitled2020-07-20
Chapter 355: Untitled2020-07-20
Chapter 354: Untitled2020-07-20
Chapter 353: Untitled2020-07-20
Chapter 352: Untitled2020-07-20
Chapter 351: Untitled2020-07-19
Chapter 350: Untitled2020-07-18
Chapter 349: Untitled2020-07-18
Chapter 348: Untitled2020-07-17
Chapter 347: Untitled2020-07-17
Chapter 346: Untitled2020-07-16
Chapter 345: Untitled2020-07-16
Chapter 344: Untitled2020-07-15
Chapter 343: Untitled2020-07-15
Chapter 342: Untitled2020-07-14
Chapter 341: Untitled2020-07-14
Chapter 340: Untitled2020-07-13
Chapter 339: Untitled2020-07-13
Chapter 338: Untitled2020-07-12
Chapter 337: Untitled2020-07-12
Chapter 336: Untitled2020-07-11
Chapter 335: Untitled2020-07-11
Chapter 334: The Counterstrike Begins2020-07-10
Chapter 333: Untitled2020-07-10
Chapter 332: Untitled2020-07-09
Chapter 331: Untitled2020-07-09
Chapter 330: Untitled2020-07-08
Chapter 329: Untitled2020-07-08
Chapter 328: Untitled2020-07-07
Chapter 327: Untitled2020-07-07
Chapter 326: Untitled2020-07-06
Chapter 325: Untitled2020-07-06
Chapter 324: Untitled2020-07-05
Chapter 323: Untitled2020-07-05
Chapter 322: Untitled2020-07-04
Chapter 321: Untitled2020-07-04
Chapter 320: Untitled2020-07-03
Chapter 319: Untitled2020-07-03
Chapter 318: Untitled2020-07-03
Chapter 317: Untitled2020-07-03
Chapter 316: Untitled2020-07-03
Chapter 315: Untitled2020-07-02
Chapter 314: Untitled2020-07-02
Chapter 313: Untitled2020-07-01
Chapter 312: Untitled2020-07-01
Chapter 311: Untitled2020-06-30
Chapter 310: Untitled2020-06-30
Chapter 309: Untitled2020-06-30
Chapter 308: Untitled2020-06-30
Chapter 307: Untitled2020-06-28
Chapter 306: Untitled2020-06-28
Chapter 305: Untitled2020-06-27
Chapter 304: Untitled2020-06-27
Chapter 303: Untitled2020-06-26
Chapter 302: Untitled2020-06-26
Chapter 301: Untitled2020-06-25
Chapter 300: Untitled2020-06-25
Chapter 299: Untitled2020-06-24
Chapter 298: Untitled2020-06-24
Chapter 297: Untitled2020-06-23
Chapter 296: Untitled2020-06-23
Chapter 295: Untitled2020-06-22