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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel)


Seven years ago, she freely and easily abandoned ¥100 and ran away, carrying her unborn son with her. Seven years later, she returned with the lady killer’s genius son, never expecting that her darling son would sell her out to MBS International. Unexpectedly, her immediate superior was the Mr. ¥100 from seven years ago!

“……Terrible girl, seven years ago, you dared to humiliate me so much! This time, I’ll definitely let you pay the price! For ¥1,000,000,000,000, I’ll buy you for the rest of your life!”

Isn’t that too much for a buy one get one free bargain? The most two-faced couple, along with their two-faced son, staking their lives on the outcome…

651 • 2020-02-17 12:13:11


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 124: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 123: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 122: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 121: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 120: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 119: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 118: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 117: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 116: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 115: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 114: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 113: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 112: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 111: Untitled2020-04-03
Chapter 110: Untitled2020-04-02
Chapter 109: Untitled2020-04-02
Chapter 108: Untitled2020-03-31
Chapter 1072020-03-31
Chapter 106: Untitled2020-03-30
Chapter 105: Untitled2020-03-30
Chapter 104: Untitled2020-03-29
Chapter 103: Untitled2020-03-29
Chapter 102: Untitled2020-03-29
Chapter 101: Untitled2020-03-29
Chapter 100: Untitled2020-03-27
Chapter 99: Untitled2020-03-27
Chapter 98: Untitled2020-03-27
Chapter 97: Untitled2020-03-26
Chapter 96: Untitled2020-03-25
Chapter 95: Untitled2020-03-25
Chapter 94: Untitled2020-03-24
Chapter 93: Untitled2020-03-24
Chapter 92: Untitled2020-03-23
Chapter 91: Untitled2020-03-23
Chapter 90: Third Young Master Ye Keeps to Himself2020-03-22
Chapter 89: The Substitute2020-03-22
Chapter 88: Anya VS Ye Chen2020-03-21
Chapter 87: Anya’s Courage2020-03-21
Chapter 86: Do You Like Me?2020-03-20
Chapter 85: Let Me Hug You for a While2020-03-20
Chapter 84: Anya’s Toughness2020-03-19
Chapter 83: Do You Have an Issue with Those Whom I Pamper?2020-03-19
Chapter 82: Three Ways to Keep a Pervert Away2020-03-18
Chapter 81: To Be Humiliated2020-03-18
Chapter 80: Ye Yutang2020-03-17
Chapter 79: Desire to Conquer2020-03-17
Chapter 78: So-Called Father and Son 32020-03-17
Chapter 77: So-Called Father and Son 22020-03-17
Chapter 76: So-Called Father and Son2020-03-17
Chapter 75: Inheritance Is a Very Mysterious and Profound Thing2020-03-17
Chapter 74: One of a Kind Cheng Anya2020-03-14
Chapter 73: You Have Terrible Kissing Skills!2020-03-14
Chapter 72: A Dazed Kiss2020-03-14
Chapter 71: More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers2020-03-14
Chapter 70: Hatred2020-03-14
Chapter 69: The Rose Tear’s Original Design2020-03-14
Chapter 68: Hatred!2020-03-14
Chapter 67: The Father of the Child2020-03-14
Chapter 66: Third Young Master Ye’s Hidden Rage2020-03-11
Chapter 65: Shock2020-03-11
Chapter 64: She Already Has a Child2020-03-10
Chapter 63: Anya’s Thoughtfulness2020-03-10
Chapter 62: An Important Woman2020-03-09
Chapter 61: Of Extreme Shock2020-03-09
Chapter 60: The Old Master Yang2020-03-08
Chapter 59: The Devil2020-03-08
Chapter 59: The Devil2020-03-08
Chapter 58: Awkward Third Young Master Ye2020-03-07
Chapter 57: Third Young Master Ye’s Malicious Words2020-03-07
Chapter 56: The Ideal Pair2020-03-06
Chapter 55: Make Fun Of2020-03-06
Chapter 54: Rose Tear 22020-03-05
Chapter 53: Sticking Neck Out2020-03-05
Chapter 52: Rose Tear2020-03-04
Chapter 51: Amazing2020-03-04
Chapter 50: Protest2020-03-03
Chapter 49: Jealousy2020-03-03
Chapter 48: Girlfriend2020-03-02
Chapter 47: His Fiancée2020-03-02
Chapter 46: Doughty Ning Ning2020-03-01
Chapter 45: Be My Girlfriend2020-03-01
Chapter 44: Affectionate Senior2020-03-01
Chapter 43: Choosing2020-03-01
Chapter 42: Declaring War2020-02-28
Chapter 41: Two-Faced Yang Zekun2020-02-28
Chapter 40: Two Intrepid Men2020-02-27
Chapter 39: The Wildness of Male Animals2020-02-27
Chapter 38: Meeting Yang Zekun2020-02-26
Chapter 37: Who is Crayon Shinchan?2020-02-26
Chapter 36: Saw That Bar Again!2020-02-25
Chapter 35: Only Attracted2020-02-25
Chapter 34: Acerbic2020-02-24
Chapter 33: The First Conversation between Father and Son (Part 2)2020-02-24
Chapter 32: The First Conversation between Father and Son (Part 1)2020-02-23
Chapter 31: Do You Love Me?2020-02-23
Chapter 30: Feuding Families2020-02-22
Chapter 29: It Is Hard to Get to Third Young Master Ye’s Lips2020-02-22
Chapter 28: Cheng Anya’s Distorted Education 22020-06-06
Chapter 27: Cheng Anya’s Distorted Education2020-06-06
Chapter 26: Stockholm Syndrome2020-02-21