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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 212: Untitled

Chapter 212: Untitled

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The return journey was silent!

Klose called and apologized profusely. He did not expect that he would let Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya down. With a rare serious tone that showed the gentlemanliness of a British, Cheng Anya said coldly, “Don’t apologize. Return us the money!”

‘This stingy person. There’s no use in apologizing with your mouth! It’s better to compensate us with something more realistic!’

Klose looked unhappy. In a serious tone, he said, “Little Anya, I strongly advise you to leave Third Young Master Ye. You are getting more and more like him!”

Asking for money so confidently and forcefully, how classic!

“Stop with the bullsh*t! Do you know who’s behind this?” Cheng Anya asked in a deep voice. Senior and Yun Ruoxi did not have the ability to do that. It was obvious that Harry was trying to avoid someone else.

“I’ve asked Harry but he didn’t say anything,” Klose said calmly, turned around, and sneered. “Isn’t there a dangerous man in City A recently?”

She and Klose guessed the same person.


“You all are in danger!” Klose said in a serious tone. He wasn’t joking at all. “This person hasn’t failed in getting all the things he wanted. He would definitely force Third Young Master Ye into a desperate situation!”

Cheng Anya took a look at Third Young Master Ye while he was driving. He looked calm and his gaze was cold. He had no expression and she could not decipher how worried he was. Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows. “Is there no one who can control Louis?”

“There are!” Klose said firmly. “Jason, Black J, Chu Li—anyone of them would blast Louis off back to his hometown!”


“From what I know, Jason and Louis had some conflicts in the past and the former wants to undermine him a lot!” Klose smiled slyly and then sighed. “I’ll let you indulge in imagination. I can’t even get them to help, so how could you? Just let Louis do what he wants!” Klose was obviously gloating at their misfortune and adopting an attitude of watching the fire burn from across the bank.

Cheng Anya smiled. She couldn’t get them to help, but her baby can!

“There has been news circulating, saying that Ye Wei wants Third Young Master Ye’s life and she’s offering two billion pounds! Little Anya, please give my blessings to the third young master. If he lives, I will give him a GK’s lifetime VIP card!” Klose laughed with the thought that Cheng Anya would have to collect Third Young Master Ye’s corpse soon.

“Three cards!” Miss Cheng bargained. “We have three people in the family!”


“Get the cards ready!” Cheng Anya sneered and hung up the phone call. She tilted her head and told Third Young Master Ye. “For the sake of the three lifetime VIP cards, you mustn’t be killed by Louis!”

Third Young Master Ye’s face darkened and hit her on the head. Cheng Anya laughed out loud and swept off the dull atmosphere in the car.

“Why don’t we let our baby do the job?” Cheng Anya suggested although she knew that it would be rejected ruthlessly.

“No need!” Third Young Master Ye refused!

Getting help from his son? He would rather die than do something so embarrassing. He hadn’t run out of ideas yet!

He was afraid of losing face!

Cheng Anya smiled and said, “Actually, you should be proud to have such a powerful son!”

“Those are two different matters!” Third Young Master Ye exclaimed. Who said he wasn’t proud? He was, in fact, very proud of him. Anyone would be proud of him if he was their son. However, his pride and dignity did not allow his son to be involved in this matter!

It was his war and it should be him who would win. Winning or losing depended on him!

As a grown man, asking help from his seven-year-old son when faced with a little trouble was something the proud Third Young Master Ye could not accept.

Cheng Anya calmed down. ‘Men are all like this. Dignities are more important than their lives. How much do their dignities cost?’

‘Stubborn child! You have to know that you’re not in just a little trouble!’

‘Louis, Old Master Ye, Yun Ruoxi, Old Master Yang, Yang Zekun… All of them are staring at you, wanting to pull you down to hell. All of them aren’t kind and another scary female killer is on the way!’

After several considerations, Cheng Anya felt that it would be difficult for Third Young Master Ye to get out of this situation unless he had three heads and six arms.

These people formed a dangerous and scary net that had trapped him. No matter which way he went, there was a gun pointing at him!

Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin Yi transferred a total of a billion yuan over to him. When the funds arrived, Third Young Master Ye immediately invested them in the project to build Repulse Bay. With the funds, Third Young Master Ye had redeemed himself and turned back the situation. Yao Hua and MBS were now evenly matched again.

Klose was perverted but he was not that mean. He transferred a billion yuan to Third Young Master Ye while scolding him with an unhappy face and complaining that he had gotten himself a bad friend. Third Young Master Ye ended the video call like nothing had happened once he received the money.

Which angered Klose!

‘How is it like to kick someone to the curb when they’ve outlived their usefulness? Look at Third Young Master Ye!’

However, that amount of money was nothing to Louis who was rich. It could only last him for a while and Third Young Master Ye still had to find other ways in order to win.

The mansion was quiet that day when the two of them went home from work. Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya’s hearts skipped a beat. Where was Ning Ning?

Normally, when they reached home, Ning Ning would already be at home and the mansion would be filled with the smell of food.

Third Young Master Ye called Ning Ning, but his phone was shut down. The two of them were shocked and Third Young Master Ye immediately brought his car keys out. Cheng Anya followed him.

In this sensitive period of time, any movement or abnormality gave them ominous thoughts.

Cheng Anya called the young kid’s phone again and again, but it was still switched off. She was anxious and afraid that something might have happened to him!

Third Young Master Ye had originally wanted to hire people to protect him, but Ning Ning rejected as he didn’t like to be watched by other people. He felt uneasy and uncomfortable even if someone looked at him from afar without bothering him.

His precious son did not like the idea and Third Young Master Ye, of course, respected his will. Moreover, he had the ability to protect himself. A kid who could kill twenty killers within seconds was not a pushover that anyone could bully.

There were minicomputers, a gun, and small bullets in his bag. He could send a signal to ask for help, which meant that Chu Li and Bai Ye, who were in City A, would react faster than him if something happened to Ning Ning.

Third Young Master Ye wasn’t so worried about him.

“Are there any activities going on at school today?” Third Young Master Ye asked Cheng Anya. There was no activity going on in his impression.

Cheng Anya shook her head. She was so nervous that her hands were sweating. The two of them had driven out for a while when they saw Ning Ning walk back home with two bags of groceries. Their hearts could finally relax!

Ye Chen braked abruptly and Cheng Anya alighted from the car. The young kid’s pinkish mouth opened and he explained. “My phone’s battery is flat!”

“Where did you go? Why are you so late?” A child who should be back home by four o’clock was late by three hours. How could they not worry?

Third Young Master Ye took over the bags of vegetables and fruits in Ning Ning’s hands and felt guilty. Weren’t they supposed to take care of the child as parents? Why was their child taking care of them?

“Chu Li called me over to manage something!” The young kid stuck to Cheng Anya obediently. “Mommy, I’m sorry!

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