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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 214: Untitled

Chapter 214: Untitled

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After changing to her home clothes, Cheng Anya sat down on the sofa and checked their schedule for today. Third Young Master Ye, who was busy in the kitchen, glanced at her and poked his son’s shoulder. “Why are the men in our family cooking?”

Ning Ning glanced at the mommy who was taking them for granted and patted Third Young Master Ye’s hand with sympathy to comfort him. “Daddy, I would cook for my future wife too. You’ll feel better while thinking of that!”

Third Young Master Ye kept silent.

His mommy was too used to being served by him and he’s afraid that she had already forgotten how to cook. “Daddy, Mommy has no talent in cooking and her food is inedible. You won’t be able to take it. You’d better be self-sufficient!”

“…Son, you are really a natural babysitter!”

‘Future wife? Which woman would like a mommy’s boy? Women would only think that you’re weak.’ He could predict the scene of his son being despised by other women.

“Daddy, I want to be like you and change woman one after another. Mommy won’t disown me but I can find another wife at any other time. If she disappears, where can I find another mommy?” Ning Ning rebutted him directly as if he was telling him that he couldn’t do anything to change him.

He casually cast a sidelong glance at Third Young Master Ye!

Third Young Master Ye’s face turned green and pinched his little ears unhappily. “Shut up!”

“I will sue you for child abuse!”

“Nonsense!” Third Young Master Ye laughed lightly. Cheng Anya made a few notes here and there and shouted, “Can you all speed up? Baby, Mommy is hungry!”

“Mommy, it’s going to be ready soon! Just a moment!”

“Come and cook yourself if you want to eat!”

Ning Ning and Third Young Master Ye shouted almost at the same time. Cheng Anya looked up gradually. Ning Ning stepped on his daddy’s foot while Third Young Master Ye glared at Cheng Anya. Miss Cheng smiled. “Third Young Master Ye, you seem to be holding grudges?”




“Daddy, calm down!” Ning Ning smiled and said with a tone full of laughter. He then carried one of the dishes out. Knowing that he had no position at home, Third Young Master Ye felt depressed. What a bad sign!

“Treat Mommy like a queen, and Daddy, you would be the king!” Ning Ning smiled and said.

Third Young Master Ye was stunned. This young kid, how did he have such a clear perspective? Actually, he wasn’t that depressed. He just wanted to bicker with Cheng Anya habitually. He had already been used to being treated as a slave by Ning Ning and cooking in the kitchen right after he got home anyway.

He was really getting close to becoming a good man!

He was actually at a loss on second thought. Look at how well-off he was in the past. He could get any food he wanted to eat. There would never be his turn to cook. But look at him now. If there was someone who told him that he’d be cooking for a woman in the past, he would definitely sneer and punch that person.


Things were really hard to predict. He felt that he was becoming the man that he had despised in the past.

However, if he could make a choice again, he would not hesitate to choose to live his present life.

The meal was eaten in a chaotic situation. The two adults were bickering the whole time while the young kid watched them flirt with his big eyes and a smile. “Hey, great guys don’t fight with women. What kind of role model are you setting for our son?”

“I’m proving to my son that he should pick his partner carefully in the future!”

“I’m sorry. Our son loves women of my type. Isn’t that right, baby?”

The young kid nodded cheerfully. Miss Cheng smiled like a flower while Third Young Master Ye stared at his useless son. The young kid pretended not to see him!

After dinner, Ning Ning cleaned up and went into the study room. Cheng Anya went upstairs and then came downstairs again after she had bathed and made two glasses of fruit juice. Third Young Master Ye was busy in the study room upstairs while Ning Ning was busy in the study room downstairs.

Cheng Anya hesitated and went into the study room downstairs with a glass of fruit juice. Ning Ning was waiting for the right timing to intercept the bank transaction between the Mexican government and Louis.

“Baby, drink the fruit juice!” Cheng Anya handed him the glass of fruit juice and sat beside him.

“Thanks, Mommy!” The young kid took over the glass of juice and smiled. “Mommy, is there anything else?”

Cheng Anya hugged the young kid affectionately!

The young kid raised his guard. ‘One who is unaccountably solicitous definitely has evil intentions.’

“Uh, is Ye Wei very powerful?” Cheng Anya asked with a faint smile and kissed the young kid’s cheek. “Is she or your daddy more powerful?”

The young kid smiled brightly. “Mommy, are you worried about Daddy?”

“Eh? Did you know that Ye Wei wants to kill him?” Cheng Anya was shocked. The young kid rolled his eyes. “Mommy, don’t you know what I do for a living? The news of the international top killer wanting to kill my pops has gone viral, so how would I not know?”


“Baby, please be civilized!”

“Oh, my daddy!” Ning Ning immediately obeyed his mommy. Cheng Anya was confused at how Third Young Master Ye could look as if nothing had happened despite such a big thing kept happening. To say that he had no fear and wasn’t afraid of women was logical, but why was Ning Ning so calm as well?

“Mommy, do you want to know the truth?”

“Don’t tell me!” She felt that it was obviously a bad sign from the way he asked the question.

Ning Ning drank his juice elegantly, smiled, and said, “One will not see the sunlight of tomorrow if Ye Wei wants him to die today.”

“Didn’t I say not to tell me?”

“Mommy, you meant the opposite. As a filial son and a sweetheart, how would I not know that?”

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence.

“Then, why are you not nervous at all?” Cheng Anya looked at him. “Do you have this much confidence in your daddy?”

“Mommy, Daddy has so much pride. He’ll strangle you if you have no confidence in him. Relax!” Ning Ning laughed lightly and showed his signature elegance. “Ye Wei’s personal jet would reach City A tomorrow!”

“…Would tomorrow be the doomsday of your daddy?” Cheng Anya asked.

“Mommy, can you give me a normal reaction?” The young kid rolled his eyes. It was the first time he had seen a woman this tough!

“Didn’t you say that one will die if Ye Wei says so?” Cheng Anya stared at him. The young kid laughed lightly. “Mommy, let’s have some confidence in daddy!”

Suddenly, the alarm on the computer went off. The young kid signaled for Cheng Anya to leave while handing her the empty glass. “Mommy, can you refrain for a while? Baby is going to start working!”

Cheng Anya took a glance at the data on his computer screen. “Are you being a thief again?”

Although that was what she said, she went out of the room with the glass and closed the door. The young kid logged on to his defense system, keyed in a string of instructions, decoded the codes one by one, and hacked into Swiss Bank…

Once he received the seven billion euro, Ning Ning edited the data. He cut off the flow of money from between and transferred them into an empty bank account. After that, Ning Ning immediately informed Chu Li to give him all of his eight Swiss Bank account numbers and transferred the seven billion euro into his accounts.

After everything was done, the young kid cheekily sent an email, which said that the money had been transferred successfully, to Louis in the name of a staff of Swiss Bank.

‘Louis, don’t you try to play with my family. Look who is supporting them behind their backs!’


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