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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 216: Untitled

Chapter 216: Untitled

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The big revolving door located on the first floor of MBS was shattered and the glass went flying all over the place. It was the rush hour where people were getting to their workplace and the workers were going into the building. The shattered glass had injured many people. It was a new version of the M-99 sniper rifle and the firepower was so strong that the tremor had injured many workers. Some of the workers flew out and fainted because of the tremor and it was unknown whether they were still alive or not!

The door was bombed into a horrible state and there was a very long crack on the floor of MBS’ lobby. The crowd was screaming nonstop and running into the building like mad.

The alarm bell sounded!

It was chaos!

Cheng Anya’s face changed and suddenly ran into the building…

Ye Chen!

It was obvious that the target was Ye Chen. She had just seen Ye Chen walk in and gunshots could be heard. Therefore, it was obvious that Ye Chen was the target. Cheng Anya did not forget that Ye Wei would reach City A today and she definitely did not forget that her target was Ye Chen!

Cheng Anya’s mind was blank and she was very anxious. She could only calm down after knowing that Ye Chen was safe. Cheng Anya lost her usual calm mask and her face was filled with panic.

In the basement of the building, the workers were escaping everywhere. The security officers did not know what had happened and were trying to maintain the order of the place. However, the result was not ideal!

She saw a few familiar colleagues lying in a pool of blood. There was a manager from the department of building development who was on good terms with her and she was so shocked that she broke out in cold sweat. She was even more anxious to search for Third Young Master Ye amongst the crowd.

It was actually easy to find!Update by vip novel

The was a group of bodyguards from Dragon Gate protecting him today and they were all very tall and looked fierce. They would definitely stand out from all the workers wearing formal attire. Third Young Master Ye was safe as he was protected by them.

“Ye Chen!” Cheng Anya shouted as she was very worried. She wanted to go over but forcefully stopped herself as there were many people around. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

He was obviously someone that she cared about the most at this time, yet she had to stop herself from worrying due to his identity. They were only a few meters apart, yet it was as if they were very far apart.

Cheng Anya really wanted to ignore everything and rush over to hug him so that she could calm herself down from the fear just now!

However, rational made her stop her actions!

Ye Chen also wanted to make sure that Cheng Anya was safe and he did not think as much as Cheng Anya. It was a moment between life and death and his mind was in a blank. Therefore, he let his worry show naturally.

Once he started to react, his first action was to look for her.

At that moment, he only knew that she could not get hurt.

Her life was more important than himself!

He had only walked a few steps before he was asked over by a man at the window.

A man in black was standing in front of the window and using a telescope to look at the building opposite. He suddenly raised his voice and asked Third Young Master Ye to go over and hand the telescope to Third Young Master Ye.

MBS building was located in the financial district of City A and the surroundings were filled with magnificent buildings. There were a few buildings opposite MBS that had the same height and Third Young Master Ye could see a woman standing on the rooftop through the telescope. A pair of sunglasses hid half of the woman’s face, but one could feel her coldness. Her hair was long and she looked like a Greek goddess.

There was an M99 sniper rifle beside her and Third Young Master Ye could tell that it was the most powerful gun in America. It was reintroduced by Golden Eagle, which was a company under Jason. They changed the gun-barrel to be bigger and the gun slot was multipurpose. This type of rifle could put nineteen bullets of different functions. It was also paired with all sorts of telescope and scanner to make it suitable for aiming at a moving target.

Although Third Young Master Ye was not an expert with weapons, arms dealing was one of his businesses. Therefore, he understood a little about weapons that were a little famous. Was Ye Wei intending to bomb him into pieces by using this M99 sniper rifle?

The legendary number one killer in the world was a marksman and this was not her usual method. Could it be that the killer was not used to being in City A as she was used to being in the North and South America?

Furthermore, M99 had such precise accuracy…

Actually, Third Young Master Ye should thank the Black Eagle for realizing the aiming point that was flashing earlier. Therefore, they were one step earlier in protecting Third Young Master Ye from Ye Wei’s attack.

It was obvious that Ye Wei’s sunglasses were a telescope and she saw Third Young Master Ye looking at her. She made a murder pose and carried the M99 before walking away, leaving her domineering back view!

That’s Ye Wei?

She looked really young!

Ye Chen’s heart started pumping and he could not help but think of his Ye Wei.

How would she become a cold and heartless killer?

“Send people to chase after her!” Third Young Master Ye put down the telescope and ordered. “No matter dead or alive!”

City A was his territory. No matter how powerful they were, he would not let them get away!

No matter if it was Ye Wei or Louis!

“Okay!” Black Eagle replied and brought a few people to rush over to the building opposite them. All the best people from Dragon Gate were gathered here. The top five killers on the international killers ranking were all here. Although Ye Wei was number one, she could not possibly win against four people!

She might not necessarily have the life to leave!

The few top supervisors of MBS had already calmed down. They called the police and ambulance even before Third Young Master Ye ordered them to do so. They quickly calmed everyone down as the people who were injured were still alive. There was no casualty yet.

Third Young Master Ye nodded after hearing the report and he walked over to Cheng Anya. “Miss Cheng, ask the people from the news department to gather at the second conference room!”

“Okay!” Cheng Anya had also realized the seriousness of the problem. She called the supervisors from the news department to the second conference room.

They had to distort the truth before the police came.

Twenty minutes later, the MBS TV station termed this incident as a terrorist attack!

There was widespread news coverage on it. After MBS International had reported on it, GK International Media and other media started to report on it too. The news of MBS International being attacked by a terrorist group had spread throughout City A within half an hour.

It spread like wildfire!

Third Young Master Ye was one step ahead of Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise to decrease the negative influence that this incident would have on MBS International’s image.

They dealt with this incident decisively and swiftly so that it could be contained within a certain range. By the time Yun Enterprise and Yao Hua received the news, the public opinion was in support of MBS and everyone was empathetic for them.

After Third Young Master Ye had settled everything, he did some record. After all, he was someone with status and there were a lot of things going on in the business world recently. Therefore, the police did not know about the truth. Third Young Master Ye had talked to the high-level officials in the police force and they dared not investigate too much into the incident. They could only treat it as a terrorist attack if Third Young Master Ye said so.

After he was done with the record, Louis called him. “Congratulations, Third Young Master Ye! You have just escaped from death and this calls for a celebration!”

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