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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 217: Untitled

Chapter 217: Untitled

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Third Young Master Ye spun the fountain pen in his hand while having a forced smile. His voice sounded pleasant. “Too bad that I have a tough life. Thank you, Mister Louis, for caring so much about me. Talking about celebration, there are many things worth celebrating!”

Louis’ laughter could be heard through the phone and his voice still sounded gentle. “With so many masters from Dragon Gate protecting you, of course you will be safe. But Ye Wei’s bullets are very accurate. Third Young Master Ye, you’d better be careful!”

He sounded like he was sneering and warning Third Young Master Ye. He also sounded like he was taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.

“Louis, are you practicing abstinence from meat recently?” Third Young Master Ye derided without being polite. Ever since Louis began to covet Anya, Third Young Master Ye had not been polite to him.

Louis laughed. This man had never laughed to his heart’s content. His laughter was always very low-pitched and sounded suppressing, making people feel very uncomfortable. “It goes without saying that I care about my partner!”

“Is it?” Third Young Master Ye curled the corners of his lips. “I was still thinking if there was someone stabbing me in my back when Ye Wei’s gun was aimed at me!”

“How could it be?” Louis said with a deep meaning. “Nobody would bear to see Third Young Master Ye die. There are still many games not played!”

“Do you still have the capital?” Third Young Master Ye laughed coldly. “This is such a coincidence, but I just received some news yesterday night that Chu Li had robbed money from you. Mister Louis, this money, together with the cost of the arms is not a small sum. There’s an old Chinese saying that trying to gain an advantage might only make you worse off. I really pity you. Serve you right for daring to snatch Jason’s and Chu Li’s business!

“Third Young Master Ye’s is really well-informed. I have already prevented the news from spreading, yet you still know about it. Amazing!” Louis’ gentle voice sounded a little ruthless. “You think that the mafia has no right to challenge the terrorist group?”

“It has already been proven that you are indeed inferior to them!” Third Young Master laughed. He could tell that Louis was angry and Third Young Master Ye was in a good mood. Although MBS International was fighting with Yun Enterprise and Yao Hua, they were backed up by Louis. MBS International had been at a disadvantaged position and it finally won one round this time. Therefore, how could Third Young Master Ye’s mood not be good? Although Louis could get money from somewhere else after losing this sum of money, looking at him being attacked by others…

It was just one word: happy!

Louis laughed with a deep voice. His laughter made people’s hair stand on one end. “If I didn’t know about your background, I might think that you are related to the international terrorist group!”

Third Young Master Ye paused and he was secretly shocked. Louis had a sharp mind. Although Third Young Master Ye had never told him about anything, Louis could sense something. It was scary to have such an enemy!

It was no wonder that he could destroy Rus. During the change of power among the Italian mafia, Third Young Master Ye supported Rus fully. Rus was also a smart man and had experienced many things. However, it was obvious that he was not on the same level when compared to Louis.

“Louis, don’t you think it is funny?” Third Young Master Ye sneered coldly and his coldness was sent to Louis’ ears clearly. “You went to snatch Chu Li’s business because of your capability and you should have predicted that this would happen. Louis, sometimes, you are overconfident!”

“Do you think I would be scared of them? This is just a sum of money. So what if I gave it to them?”

“Do you print money? Why do you sound so generous?” Third Young Master Ye laughed in a colder manner. He thinned his lips and raised his eyebrows as he asked in an astonished manner. “Regardless, why did you send people to protect me?”

Third Young Master Ye had just received news that other than Dragon Gate protecting him, the people from the mafia were also hunting down Ye Wei. Third Young Master Ye could not understand this. What had happened to Louis’ style of doing things?

Louis teamed up with Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise to destroy him, yet he sent people to protect him. Didn’t Louis think that his actions were self-contradicting?

Louis was focused on destroying him now. If Louis wanted to intervene in Ye Wei’s matter, it would have affected his manpower and money. Ye Wei was a doughty person. It was definitely not easy if he was targeting Ye Wei.

This would definitely decrease his attacks on MBS. Ye Chen could not understand why Louis would do this. Given his fierce attack, wasn’t he happier to see MBS go bankrupt and Ye Chen lose everything or even die?

Or was this why Louis was perverted?

“What do you think?” Louis laughed as he asked Third Young Master Ye.

“If I knew, would I have to ask you?” Third Young Master Ye replied coldly.

“Then continue to think!”

“I have no time and energy to think about such useless stuff. I advise you to scram back to Italy. Do you really think that you are a god by flaunting your prowess in other’s territory?” Third Young Master sneered. Louis had already created enough trouble for him. “I don’t care what your relationship with Old Master Ye is like, but other than me, nobody can destroy MBS. You’d better give up. Old Master Ye wants to substitute me by subterfuge, but he does not look at how old he is. There is a disabled person and child at home while he has already stepped one foot into the coffin. What capital does he have?”

“You are really conceited!” Louis laughed faintly. “Third Young Master Ye, I shall give you a piece of advice too. You are too confident. How do you know that Old Master Ye has no successor?”

Third Young Master Ye laughed and said coldly, “Are you trying to say that Old Master Ye has an illegitimate son?”

Louis was silent as his words were too evil. Louis was someone that was particular about the bloodline of his family. Words like illegitimate son were a humiliation to him!

“If you were not Third Young Master Ye, you would have died a few hundred times!” Given his conceited personality, Louis would have killed him if he were other people. There was no way Louis would have allowed him to live.

“I am honored!” Third Young Master Ye sneered. “Speaking of it, Louis, are you sure that you still have money to do business with me? According to the contract, if there is something wrong with your finances, I have the right to end this deal!”

“Why do you have to worry about money?”

“If I do business and not care about money, then why do I have to do it? Do you think I am a charity organization?” Third Young Master Ye sneered.

“You don’t have to worry about the money. I will give you not a single cent less once I’ve checked the quality of the goods!”

“Okay!” Third Young Master Ye said. He thought that he could endure it but he still asked in the end. “Why do you have to target MBS? Or should I say, me? We have worked together a few times and never had any disputes!”

“Aren’t you smart? Why not make a guess?” Louis did not answer him directly. “Maybe I am coveting… MBS, or maybe I am coveting… Miss Cheng. In this world, the strong ones survive. Once you fall into hell from heaven, what capital do you have to fight with me?”

“You are really perverted!”

“Thank you for the compliments. Love is not about romance, but conquering!” Louis said as he laughed in a sinister way. “The way man conquers woman!”

Third Young Master Ye’s eyebrows were locked and he clenched his fists tightly. He really wanted to punch Louis. He could imagine that disgusting smile of Louis on the other side of the phone.

“You’d better not covet my woman!” Third Young Master Ye said coldly. “Scram back to Italy!”

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