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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 218: Untitled

Chapter 218: Untitled

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This was such a big deal to MBS that even Old Master Ye was alarmed!

It seemed like he didn’t expect that someone would attempt to assassinate Third Young Master Ye. His movements were so bold that he bombarded MBS’ entrance in broad daylight. Although Third Young Master Ye had directed this to the terrorists in order to gain sympathy and reduce the negative impacts, Cheng Anya knew that Old Master Ye had called in to check on the image of MBS instead of being worried about Third Young Master Ye. A warning would be given as well.

Cheng Anya wasn’t like her past self anymore. She did not worry about Third Young Master Ye’s mood swings that much. Since the last time they talked at the balcony, he did not rage anymore and had learned how to control his emotions. Even if he was called back to the Ye family by Old Master Ye, he was really calm!

He was originally cold as ice, black-bellied, and his emotions could get out of control easily. Only to certain people did he have a tendency to be compulsively abusive. However, he was very open-minded after someone gave him advice.

After being busy for a period of time, the girls in the secretarial room finally had time to chat!

“Anya, was it really an attack by terrorists?” The news was reporting it so widely that all MBS staff were in fear the whole day. They were reminded of what happened on 911. If those terrorists were going to bombard the whole building, wouldn’t they all die together?

Uneasiness and fear filled the whole building!

Cheng Anya smiled, looked at the three girls who were equally frightened, and said softly, “Nothing will happen. Just work in peace!”

“I feel like going on a vacation!” The other secretary put on a long face and glanced at the president’s office. She was reminded of the time when she requested to go for a holiday. Their cold-blooded and black-bellied president waved his hands as if it was nothing, asked her to pack her stuff and never to come back again!

That secretary was full of tears… It was more realistic to work as it wasn’t easy to find a job with a salary that high and a boss that could make people so loyal to him!

Cheng Anya knew what she was thinking about just by looking at her expression. She puckered her lips, smiled, and told Liu Xiaotian, “So many things had happened to President Ye recently and all of them were serious matters that would alarm the whole city. Is this year the year of his birth sign?”

“Possible!” Everybody echoed. Liu Xiaotian said, “After President Ye and Miss Yun had conflicts, she was so cruel that guys can’t even compare themselves to women that are this cruel!”

“Speaking of which, the child in Miss Yun’s belly must be a few months old by now. Why are they so quiet about this?” There must be gossip in a place full of women. Cheng Anya wasn’t surprised at all. She was used to hearing gossip about Third Young Master Ye!

“Are you dumb? They are already at this stage. How could they keep the child? They must have aborted it!”

“Make sense!”

“Lili had predicted before that President Ye and Miss Yun would not have a happy ending, but you all didn’t believe her!” Liu Xiaotian said while showing a face full of adoration. “Lili is my idol. She’s so far-sighted!”

Everybody was silent. Cheng Anya smiled faintly. Far-sighted, indeed!

Everyone has their own destined person. If he really loves someone, how would he be willing to hurt her by having numerous girls by his side!

“Speaking of which, have you all realized? President Ye is behaving like… a monk recently!” Guan Rutong said cheekily. She gave a two-word comment. “Henpecked husband?”


The three women laughed out loud unceremoniously. Liu Xiaotian said, “Does President Ye seem like a henpecked husband? Which woman has that power?”

They knew how Third Young Master Ye was like after working for him these past few years. Henpecked? This was definitely an ultimate joke. In their impression, Third Young Master Ye treated women like his pet. He would feed them if he was happy but treat them like strangers if he wasn’t in a good mood.

“Anya, did you receive any calls from those women recently? We didn’t!”

“No!” As someone who was being gossiped on, Miss Cheng looked very calm, as if nothing had happened. However, her mind flashed past a few unharmonious scenes!

They had almost played with fire that night. Third Young Master Ye looked… beastly. If her son didn’t hold her back and kiss her endlessly, his gaze would have radiated green light…

She had just showered that day and wore revealing clothes. How Third Young Master Ye wished to pounce and eat her on the sofa. That passionate but green light once made the young kid confused. He tilted his head, placed his finger on his lips, and asked innocently, “Daddy, am I in your way?”

The beastly green light of Third Young Master Ye turned red in embarrassment and anger immediately. He grabbed the young kid and hit his buttocks. Why did you ask since you knew that you were a light bulb?[1] He was lucky that the third young master, who had a twisted mind, did not throw him out of the house.

Uh… He seemed to be rather impulsive and bad-tempered recently. He would even look at her with a weird gaze!


‘A man who doesn’t have his sexual desires satisfied is a scary man!’

“See how monkish he is behaving! Our President Ye can be a nice man too. This proves that pigs do fly!”


“Could it be he already had a kid before getting married?” Guan Rutong blinked, feeling extremely shocked!

“It must be!” Except for Cheng Anya, all the girls commented on this. “What a vixen!” They all agreed.

Miss Cheng had a crooked smile. There was a flash of light in her bright eyes. She had to calm down!

Vixen… Was she considered as one?

It was said that a vixen must meet the criteria as mentioned—beautiful, fashionable, enchanting, and attractive at a shake of hips. Numerous men would be charmed by her.

Cheng Anya looked at her business attire calmly and pushed up her black, ugly glasses. ‘Pretty girls, have you seen a vixen like this?’

“Anya, why are you so quiet?” Liu Xiaotian sensed Cheng Anya’s silence and asked curiously. Cheng Anya was always passionate about gossiping with them on other days and she would even give classic comments while being intensely involved in the discussion.

It was rare to see her be so quiet!

Miss Cheng would give her brightest smile during their normal gossip sessions. Firstly, the job of being Third Young Master Ye’s secretary was very tiring and boring. The few of them were really stressed out. Hence, laughing while gossiping could reduce their stress levels and troubles. Secondly, women are all gossipy in nature. Thirdly, this was a way for the women in the office to bond and communicate. Cheng Anya was the last to join the team and she had to behave more lively. The girls were nice though.

Miss Cheng carried the documents and stood up, showing her signature smile once again. With wisdom, foxiness, and pride, she said, “Vixen is the highest remark one could give a woman!”


It was indeed Cheng Anya! How classic!

Cheng Anya smiled and carried the documents into the president’s office!

[1] A light bulb is what you call someone who stands in the way of a couple

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