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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 219: Untitled

Chapter 219: Untitled

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Cheng Anya entered the president’s office with the documents.

Third Young Master Ye was studying the details of a contract while fidgeting with a pen. If one looked closely, one would find that his eyes were fixated on something. What he was thinking about was unknown but he was still as cold as ever.

How cooling! Cheng Anya secretly mocked him and handed him the documents for him to sign on. It was urgent!

The news department was very busy recently and had called to rush the document again and again. She did not dare to make the decision without Third Young Master Ye’s orders and she had hesitated for a while before going into his office with the documents.

But she was torn to find out that the documents on his tables were still piled up to the height of a mountain.


Third Young Master Ye zoning out wasn’t a good sign at all. After all, a workaholic like him should be working with all his mind. Moreover, he must be planning something bad every time he zoned out.

She was very experienced regarding this. Furthermore, Old Master Ye had just called!

She was contemplating if she should just make up an excuse and leave?

Just when she was imagining things, the third young master looked up at her and his deep gaze fell directly on her face. He flashed a smile and Cheng Anya felt that the atmosphere in the office became colder by a few degrees!

Third Young Master Ye’s smile was weird in her eyes!

“Miss Cheng, is it your birthday today?” Third Young Master Ye asked in an affirmative tone. He leaned back on the leather chair and spun around while fidgeting with the fountain pen in his hand. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

The smile of Third Young Master Ye was enchanting!

Cheng Anya indulged in infatuation again, as always. It was difficult for her to resist his charming smile. Her heart skipped a beat and her back felt numb. She was being a nympho again!

‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!’ She felt that Third Young Master Ye had gotten more handsome!

She had fallen for him completely!

“Miss Cheng, are you done admiring? Do my looks still suit your taste?” Third Young Master lifted the corners of his lips and smiled brightly. Men sometimes enjoy admiring the look of their own women obsessing over them.

Especially calm and black-bellied women with a distorted character like Cheng Anya.

“Barely enough!” Cheng Anya returned back to her senses. She really wanted to slap some sense into Third Young Master Ye. Ninety percent of all pretty men were annoying!

Third Young Master Ye loved her shy expression which made his heart fluttered. His mind was perhaps, really twisted. If not, why would he like to see her shy expression and always provoke her on purpose?

“Barely enough? Your saliva was dripping out of your mouth!” Third Young Master Ye sneered!

See, it was obvious that he enjoyed it, but what he said was strange and opposite of what he thought. ‘F***, Ye Chen, you are really a genius!’

“Third Young Master Ye, a male looking like a female isn’t something that you should be proud of!” Cheng Anya smiled brightly. Damn it, Liu Xiaotian and girls had even called her a vixen.

It seemed like Third Young Master Ye was more like a vixen, no?

No one had made the rule that vixen must be a female anyway, right? Cheng Anya thought to herself secretly. She nodded and looked very serious while thinking that how her words were very reasonable and logical!

What a genius!

“You haven’t replied to me!” Third Young Master Ye did not want to bicker with her that day. He gestured for Cheng Anya to walk closer to him with his fingers!

Miss Cheng’s eyes twitched. “Third Young Master Ye, are you summoning a dog?”

The corners of Third Young Master Ye’s lips twitched and he endured what she said. “Alright, I’ll go again. Miss Cheng, please come nearer to me, would you?”

Such a sinister look with those green lights radiating out of him, it was dangerous to walk close to him. Although Cheng Anya was a nympho, she knew exactly which flower was poisonous. She said calmly, “Just say whatever is on your mind. I’m still young. My ears are fine!”

Third Young Master Ye was speechless by her actions. “Are you afraid that I might eat you up?”

“Do you admit that you are a beast? How rare!” Cheng Anya couldn’t lose to Third Young Master Ye on bickering, but her heart felt warm. She couldn’t help but soften her voice and walk closer to him for real. “How did you know it was my birthday?”

Except for Ning Ning, nobody else had remembered her birthday!

Daddy Cheng was always busy and he could never remember her birthday most of the time. Moreover, children from poor families would usually not get to celebrate their birthdays as it was deemed a very extravagant activity. Cheng Anya was reminded of her birthday only during these two years, when her living conditions had improved!

It was a happy thing to know that someone had remembered an important date!

Third Young Master Ye straightened his back, pushed, and pulled Cheng Anya. She ended up sitting on his lap like a certain sex position in a blink of an eye. The shy Miss Cheng’s face immediately turned red.

Her heart fluttered!

“Ning Ning told me just now!” Third Young Master Ye hugged her tightly and their bodies were closely stuck together. That pose looked really harmonious… Several impure scenes flashed past Miss Cheng’s mind and her face was as red as sunset.

“Let me go first!” Cheng Anya pushed and tried to struggle off but she was pressed down by Third Young Master Ye really hard. He smiled like a hooligan and moved his body as though he was flirting. “You gave birth to a son before, so you should know what will happen if a woman struggles in a man’s arms. I’ll give you two choices. A, continue and bear the consequences. B…”

“I choose B!” Cheng Anya chose the option that was to her advantage immediately!

Third Young Master Ye’s hooligan-like smile turned into an ambiguous smile. He patted Cheng Anya’s head calmly. “Be good. I’ll tell you what option B is at night!”

Miss Cheng’s back suddenly turned stiff. She could not maintain her signature smile anymore!

F***, this damn black-bellied man! He dared to make a trap for her to fall into? And she really fell for it?

Really… black-bellied!

Ning Ning had once said that Mommy wasn’t Daddy’s match, suggesting her to be good and stay in his arms to prevent being set up by him and be more depressed.

The young kid’s words were always accurate. She was very depressed at that point in time!

How she wished she could strangle him!

Third Young Master Ye laughed like a cat that had gotten what it wanted. Cheng Anya stared at him. Suddenly, he felt a tickle in his heart that was difficult to bear. All his calculations had turned into impulses and how he wished that he could push down the woman in his arms and fulfill his sexual desires.

That man had always done what he wanted to. He locked Cheng Anya’s head with his hands and went close to her with his lips. He then went on to suck her lips while invading her warm mouth. Teasing and lighting the fire while stirring his tongue with Cheng Anya’s. It felt like forever while he was sucking on her lips…

Cheng Anya had knocked into his embrace because he was too strong and they were attached to each other, chest to chest. She was riding on his lap, which was a standard ‘woman on top’ position!

Third Young Master Ye bypassed her hips and moved skillfully on her back. How could Cheng Anya be his match? She lay in his arms, feeling numb and soft, and allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

It was a silent consent of intimacy!

Third Young Master Ye became excited real quick. He hadn’t even finished kissing her when something hot in his pants had already pressed against her lower abdomen. It felt like his temperature could be felt all over her body through her abdomen.

“Anya, I’ll give myself to you. Do you want me?”

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