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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 221: Untitled

Chapter 221: Untitled

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She would definitely be dead meat when they were doing it for real!

“Are… you done?” Cheng Anya asked while trembling. She had done it for a long time and her hands were tired. She finally understood what Third Young Master Ye meant by his hands were tired…

Third Young Master Ye held her hand and made her go faster. Breathing more and more heavily, he said, “You… need to have more skills!”

She really wanted to destroy Little Ye Chen and see how arrogant and fiery he could get then!

She became fierce at that moment and used more strength in her hands. Third Young Master Ye, who was on the verge of being pleased, had his hips turned numb after she had stimulated him. While hugging her, his body shook slightly and the warm liquid spat on her hands…

Cheng Anya turned dumb from being too overwhelmed…

He felt like he was hugging his whole world!

After she regained her sanity, she pushed away Ye Chen. She had apparently overestimated her ability to take all these. Her whole body went jelly and pounced into the embrace of Third Young Master Ye once her feet reached the ground. Her face also touched Little Ye Chen and they were in a certain sex position again!

How Cheng Anya wished that she could hide into a hole…

Third Young Master Ye was obviously taken aback as well. Before he could open his mouth and say anything, Cheng Anya stood up decisively and ran to the toilet in the resting room!

Third Young Master Ye looked at her back view and laughed while banging the table. The secretaries outside looked at each other, speechless…

‘Did Anya crack a lame joke again?’ That was what they all thought.

Fifteen minutes had passed when Cheng Anya exited the toilet. That Cheng Anya who had lost her mind earlier on had turned back to the black-bellied Cheng Anya. She walked in confidently as though nothing had happened.

How dramatic.

Third Young Master Ye had already cleaned up himself. There was a pile of tissues in the waste paper basket beside him…

He had also signed a few documents cleverly. Although he wasn’t done eating her up, the appetizer had him laughing with pride. It looked irritating in Cheng Anya’s eyes!

“Let’s celebrate your birthday in the evening!” Third Young Master Ye said, satisfied. Miss Cheng stared at him, feeling resentful. She had been scammed by that bastard earlier on and was clear of his intentions. How regretful!

The fact that he was called black-bellied meant that he wasn’t reliable at all. She had only fallen for him due to her temporary infatuation!

Miss Cheng had tears all over her face. ‘This birthday… is really… ahhhh!’

“Okay. But before that, you must really celebrate my birthday seriously and you’ll have to do as I say!” Since she was already at a loss, she had to make sure that she was not at a total disadvantage.

Third Young Master Ye held his chin, seemingly laughed and said, “What if you ask me to suddenly stop?”

Anything that was favorable was absolutely guaranteed!

‘You are really overwhelmed by lust. Can you think of something else?’

Cheng Anya gritted her teeth. “I won’t!”

“Then, okay. Before that happens, you are my queen!” Third Young Master Ye spit out sweet talks calmly as if it was nothing, but it killed Miss Cheng instantly.

The calm front that Cheng Anya had been maintaining was broken and she hurriedly picked up the documents. Third Young Master Ye enjoyed watching her flustered look and said, “Anya, you performed well just now!”

“…!” Cheng Anya spat on him, turned, and fled. As she reached the door, Third Young Master Ye said faintly, “I’ll go rogue on you every time you enter my office!”

Cheng Anya was speechless. Third Young Master Ye wasn’t just a gangster. He was the greatest gangster among all the gangsters!

Cheng Anya could still hear low, deep laughter after she had exited the office.

Because she was too shy to stay with the girls, Cheng Anya went downstairs to deliver the documents decisively…

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