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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 222: The So-Called Scheming

Chapter 222: The So-Called Scheming

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It was very obvious that Cheng Anya’s productivity decreased by half for the rest of the time. Although Cheng Anya was someone with a stubborn mouth and she did not blush and neither did her heart thump when talking to Third Young Master Ye about sexual stuff, Anya was still very innocent and her heart thumped because of Third Young Master Ye, who was a romantic veteran. Dirty thoughts filled her mind and she was totally polluted by him!

Cheng Anya was absent-minded for the whole afternoon. She stared at the computer screen and was in a daze. Her face was slightly blushing and the other secretaries stared at one another. What had happened to the doughty Miss Cheng?

The four secretaries whispered to one another for a while and Liu Xiaotian was appointed to be the representative to talk to Cheng Anya. “Anya, are you not feeling well? Did you catch a fever?”

Her skin was fair and made the blush even more obvious. Her eyes were still watery and it made people think of two scenarios. She was either a woman that was loved severely or she was sick!

Naturally, the secretaries thought that she was sick!

Cheng Anya touched her own face and scolded herself for being a nympho. She shook her head while smiling. “I’m fine. I just have to admit that I’m old. I am panting because I was walking up and down the stairs!”

Walking up and down the stairs?

Why did she have to take the stairs when there were lifts around?

This was not the focus. Guan Rutong took a candy and threw it at Cheng Anya. “Little Anya, are you trying to provoke us by saying that you are old?”

Cheng Anya was the youngest among them!

They played around for a while before Cheng Anya went back to her working mode and focused on her work!

When it was almost time to get off work, Cheng Anya received a call from the young kid. His young voice sounded very grievous. “Mommy, I am homeless now!”

“Who bullied you?” Cheng Anya laughed slightly as she was in the walkway. He made it sound like it was very serious!

The young kid grieved even more. He almost wanted to cry to make it more serious. “Mommy, Daddy said that he did not allow me to go home tonight. He asked me to go somewhere else to play!”

Cheng Anya was at a loss for words!


This hooligan. What did he tell her son!

“Mommy, are you there?” After waiting for a while, Cheng Anya still did not reply. The young kid hesitated and shouted. “Mommy?”

“I’m here!” Cheng Anya tried to make herself sound as normal as possible. She really wanted to slap Third Young Master Ye’s evil face at that moment!

“I wanted to make a cake for Mommy! Bad Daddy!” The young kid complained about Third Young Master Ye’s inhuman act. He had decided to hate his daddy for one day.

“Ning Ning, do you have a place to go? Why not live with grandpa for a day?” Cheng Anya said subconsciously.

The young kid was silent and Cheng Anya was puzzled. She was such an amiable mommy for caring about his whereabouts. It was rare for her to be so caring, so why was her baby so quiet?

“Mommy, you also think that I should not go home tonight?”

Cheng Anya was silent!

“You guys dislike me!” The young kid complained and his voice sounded very grievous!

Cheng Anya smiled. “Enough. You also know that you are the third wheel, no? I am trying to pacify the scheming man and I still have to deal with you, little scheming boy. Baby Cheng, it must have been too long since I last taught you a lesson. You dare to laugh at me. Do you want to be beaten?”

Baby Cheng…

She was indeed his mommy. He could no longer continue playing and he laughed as he said, “I know, I know. I shall stop playing. I will go away on my own. Is that enough? I am filial, so I’m calling to wish you a happy birthday. You are too fierce!”

“Be good!” Cheng Anya smiled.

“I shall sacrifice one night for my beautiful younger sister!”

Cheng Anya “…I will isolate him from you!”

She could imagine how the scheming Third Young Master Ye used the little sister that Ning Ning had coveted for very long to persuade Ning Ning not to go home. Once Cheng Anya thought of this, her face turned green!

One was a big scheming man, while the other was a small scheming boy. Both of them teamed up to trap her!

“Hehe, Mommy, I shall go away!” The young kid hung up the call. Cheng Anya could hear an elegant female voice calling Ning Ning from the side of the phone!

She was startled. Who was it? She sounded very elegant and the voice was clear!

It was almost time to get off work and Liu Xiaotian and the rest went off first. Cheng Anya still had some documents to photocopy but the photocopier on the top floor was spoilt. Therefore, she had to go downstairs to print. Most of the workers had left and the place was quiet. There was no one fighting for the photocopier with her.

Ten minutes had passed before she printed the documents and went back to the top floor. Third Young Master Ye was looking at his watch and Cheng Anya thought of their affair in the morning. She blushed and Third Young Master Ye looked up and saw her. His sinister face turned into a bantering smile. “I thought you had escaped!”

Cheng Anya’s eyes twitched. “I am not such a coward!”

Cheng Anya went back to her seat to tidy up the documents and Third Young Master Ye put his hands on her desk to support himself as he leaned forward. His scent surged over Cheng Anya and he trapped her in a small corner.

“Stop working! Your boss is giving you a holiday!” Third Young Master Ye smiled evilly. The scent that surged over Cheng Anya smelled like mint.

Cheng Anya was silent. This boss was a typical capitalist and exploiting class. He gave her a holiday because he was overwhelmed by lust!

“I said before that you have to fulfill all my requests first, didn’t I?” Cheng Anya smiled in a seductive way. She had to use her beauty in such situations. What’s more, she was pretty and it would be a pity not to make use of it.

Third Young Master Ye nodded in an arrogant manner and smiled in a pleasant way. He looked at her as if she were a piece of fat meat that was already by his mouth!

“What do you want? Candlelight dinner? Present? I can do it as long as you say it!” Third Young Master Ye said it in a cocky manner. Once he thought of tonight’s dinner, he was very excited.

Cheng Anya smiled calmly and raised her five fingers. “Fifty yuan, to date with me!”

“What do you mean?” Third Young Master Ye was dumbfounded. He did not understand what Cheng Anya was saying!

“Just like how a normal man and woman date. Dinner, present… and maybe watch a movie. I will give you fifty yuan, but you must satisfy all my wishes!” Cheng Anya smiled very elegantly. Looking at Third Young Master Ye’s tragic face, there was only one word to describe her mood: happy!

She finally won one round. She was also not easy to be provoked. Although she was not as scheming as him, there were many ways to make things difficult for him.

Every dog had its day!

“What kind of request is this? One meal would cost more than fifty yuan. What if you ask for a present that costs a few million… Are you making things difficult for me on purpose?”

Cheng Anya thinned her lips and said, “Don’t worry, I know the limits. It is up to you whether you want it. You said that you will treat me as your queen. You can also go back on your words and I can also go back on what I promised. Both of us shall be bastards. I have no objections!”

Why did he have to say she was making things difficult for him? It sounded so bad. They had never gone on a date before and Miss Cheng simply wanted to experience how normal couples would date!

The very pure kind of dating!

Third Young Master Ye stared at her ruthlessly. “Are you trying to be dishonest!”

“Say one more sentence and I will deduct ten yuan!”

“This is unfair, you…”


“Damn it, girl!”


Third Young Master Ye looked at Cheng Anya’s smiling face and grew silent. He was so angry that his face turned black!

“Okay, fifty yuan it shall be!” Third Young Master Ye said as he gritted his teeth. In order to get her, he would do anything! Wasn’t it just a date?

“Sorry, it’s thirty!”

Third Young Master Ye’s face turned red, black, and white as he squeezed out a word. “Okay!”

‘Damn it, you will suffer tonight!’

Cheng Anya smiled in a calm manner. “You are obedient!”

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