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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 223: The So-Called Doughty

Chapter 223: The So-Called Doughty

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What the two of them were wearing was not suitable for a date. One was a gentlemanly prince charming, while the other was a simple spinster with black glasses. They were severely mismatched and would affect the appearance of the city. Third Young Master Ye brought Cheng Anya to a mall near MBS to change into casual wear.

No, it should be couple wear!

The woman was wearing a V-neck light yellow top. It had a tunic design and had a delicate ribbon at the waist area. She was wearing a pair of casual white shorts. She tied up her long hair and looked very youthful. The shop assistants that looked down on her at the start were shocked by her new appearance.

She was pure and exceedingly beautiful!

Third Young Master Ye wore a matching outfit. He had a standard body that was suitable for wearing any clothes. He was calm and cold when wearing a suit, but looked graceful in casual wear. He looked like a prince that came on a white horse and enamored everyone in the shop!

Miss Cheng was infatuated with him for a few moments as well!

Given that the clothes were meant for the date, they were not included in the thirty yuan. Third Young Master Ye flaunted his capital and walked out of the mall like a peacock!

Show off!

“Let’s take the bus!” Cheng Anya said. It would be weird if they sat in a Rolls Royce for a thirty-yuan date. Third Young Master Ye listened to her and did not have any opinions. “You have to listen to me on our date!”

They exchanged their criteria and Cheng Anya shrugged her shoulders. She had no objections!

She did not ask where Third Young Master Ye was bringing her. They called 114 and after knowing which bus to take, Third Young Master Ye brought Cheng Anya to cross the road and waited for the bus. When they reached the traffic lights, Cheng Anya was secretly questioning in her heart. Shouldn’t a couple be holding hands at such moments?

She was just thinking about it and Third Young Master Ye held onto her hand in a domineering manner. Cheng Anya was not hypocritical and intertwined their fingers. She looked at Third Young Master Ye. He looked cold and awkward, and his ears were a little red.

Cheng Anya instantly smiled like a flower!

They had a son and loved each other, but it was the first time that they held hands and walked on the streets. This feeling made them very happy. The humidity of City A had also decreased a lot and the warm light from the sunset was fragrant.

Third Young Master Ye’s hand was big and warm!

Cheng Anya instantly thought of a saying!

Hand-in-hand, till death do us apart!

The fragrance brought about a ripple of flutter.

Have you tried holding hands with the one you love and strolling under the warm sunset and waiting for the bus together?

There were butterflies in their stomachs as they smiled in this sweet atmosphere!

Try it!

Enjoying the jumping pace of love and the innocence of first love!

The bus came very quickly. It was during the peak period of the after-work hours and there were many people. Third Young Master Ye hugged Cheng Anya in his arms and they got on the bus together. However, they were quickly separated by the crowd as City A’s traffic was always congested and there were too many people. Even though they could also take the train, there was still a huge crowd nevertheless.

Their destination was only five stops away and a fifteen-minute bus ride. It was not far and Cheng Anya was used to taking the bus. But it was Third Young Master Ye’s first time in more than ten years taking the bus. Third Young Master Ye, who always got what he wanted, had a very black face and a piercingly cold aura as if he wanted to kill somebody!

He kept taking a look at Cheng Anya who was not far from him and his eyes were blazing with fire. Miss Cheng was so happy that she wanted to cheer and her hands seemed to still have his temperature. This was what she wanted. A pure feeling!

When she was in high school, many people were dating. The friends around her always shared with her their sweet love stories. Even those small matters that seemed like no big deal became something sweet.

For example, taking the bus, holding hands, kissing… watching a late-night movie and the school gate was closed, and therefore, they had nowhere to go but to take a seat beside the fountain of a square for a night…

Cheng Anya always looked forward to it whenever she heard about such sweet things!

Which teenage girl would not look forward to love when they were young?

Cheng Anya had not experienced the seven years of desperate plight and suffering in England at that time. She was still an innocent young girl who had not experienced any hardships.

The feelings left behind when she was young and frivolous were destroyed by life. But the feelings came back after meeting the right person!

Cheng Anya’s good mood only lasted for ten minutes. Her pure face started to become cold and fierce amongst the noisy crowd!

Someone was touching her butt with force and was trying to rub her butt. The breathing sound of a man came up to her ear and it was filled with a stinking smell. However, as there were many people and everyone was close to one another, nobody realized anything.

Cheng Anya narrowed her eyes!

Did she meet the legendary bus pervert?

It was her first time encountering this. What reaction should she have?

The stupid female leads in dramas all kept quiet and hoped that a prince would come to their rescue, right?

Her prince was only one meter away from her. As long as she shouted, the pervert would be dealt with severely.

Wait… His hand stretched to the front?

Third Young Master Ye coincidentally turned his head and saw Cheng Anya’s sinister face. He raised his eyebrows to take another look and was very angry. There was a middle-aged looking man standing behind Cheng Anya and he looked like he was enjoying himself, rubbing his hands on Cheng Anya’s shoulders.

He was very tall and could tell that his hands wanted to touch Cheng Anya’s breast. The anger that Third Young Master Ye was enduring finally exploded because of him. Third Young Master Ye became a giant monster and pushed the teenager beside him as if he was about to kill someone.


Just as he was pushing through the crowd, Cheng Anya elbowed the man behind. The middle-aged man was so in pain that he took a step back and bumped into the person behind him. It became chaotic and gave Cheng Anya some space.

She smiled brightly. “Uncle, was it nice touching me?”

The middle-aged man was shocked and nodded stupidly. He saw the despicable looks on the people around him and his face became pale and embarrassed.

He really acted too recklessly!

Cheng Anya took a step closer and put her elbows against his neck before punching his stomach ruthlessly. The man was in so much pain that he bent his waist. Cheng Anya raised her right leg calmly before kicking his crotch area ruthlessly. She did not care about her strength at all.

“Ah…” The man screamed as Cheng Anya clapped her hands with a cold smile. Apparently, a man’s crotch area was very vulnerable. It was mentioned in books and she had put it into practice today.

It was indeed vulnerable! His face was distorted and he rolled on the floor, wailing as his hands hugged his lower body… The passengers around them were talking about him.

“You dare to take advantage of me? You are really heedless about the consequences!”

“Is this feeling nicer?”

Cheng Anya smiled coldly. Third Young Master Ye had said before that a pervert would be unlucky to have met her!

When Third Young Master Ye pushed through the crowd, Cheng Anya had already tortured the man until he was half-dead. Third Young Master Ye had all sorts of feelings right now!

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