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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 224: Untitled

Chapter 224: Untitled

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The bus was small and it was packed with people. A lot of people had to make space for the man who was lying on the floor. It was very chaotic as everyone was squeezing one another.

Third Young Master Ye saw Cheng Anya’s expression among the crowd of gloomy faces. She was so strong that she was stronger than the sun. He turned gloomy at the sight!

He was her man and it was normal to protect her when she got bullied. He would appear like a hero saving the beauty and this would fit the romance storyline. He had yet to vent his anger and it had vanished because of the doughty Cheng Anya!

He was only left with a sense of setback and speechless emotions!

Miss Cheng, could you act like you were more delicate?

As her man, he did not feel that he was needed by her at all. It was really… not a good feeling!

They had reached their stop and Third Young Master Ye brought Cheng Anya to alight from the bus. He walked two steps and turned back and kicked the perverted man a few times. ‘You dare to touch my woman? Die!’

Third Young Master Ye, who was shocked by Cheng Anya’s doughtiness, had finally vented his anger. He adjusted his slightly messy clothes elegantly and alighted from the bus calmly. The driver and passengers really pitied the man who was crying in pain.

He had met such a doughty couple!

City A’s most famous plaza. The area was filled with shopping malls and tall buildings. There were people coming and going at the vast plaza. The huge outdoor screens were showing advertisements that were bright and colorful.

The sunset added a soft hue to the place.

“Anya, do you encounter perverts on the bus often?” Third Young Master Ye asked with a dark face once they got off the bus. Once he thought of the fact that there was someone else other than him touching Cheng Anya, he had the urge to kill people.

His mind was filled with his possessiveness of her!

Although there used to be many women around Third Young Master Ye, he was a newbie in terms of relationships. These anxious and strong emotions were only given by Cheng Anya. It was unfamiliar and very sour. He had a ball of fire in his heart but had nowhere to vent it out.

“There was news about bus perverts that caused a sensation. You should look at other news instead of always staring at the finance section. It is such a normal thing!”

Third Young Master Ye kept silent.

His face darkened and it was so sinister that there could be water dripping down it. Cheng Anya smiled and blinked her eyes cheekily. “Aiyo, someone is jealous. So sour!”

Third Young Master Ye was angry and pulled her over. He held onto the back of her head and kissed her ruthlessly. Cheng Anya was startled as she was taken advantage of by Third Young Master Ye. He sucked her tongue until she felt numb. Even her back felt numb.

The two of them started kissing in the plaza where there were many people around and Third Young Master Ye only stopped reluctantly after a while. He licked his lips as if he was longing for more and his evil smile looked seductive under the sunset.

It was as if he had gathered all the temptations in the world!

“I will discipline you like this if you talk back again. No matter how stupid you are, you should learn your lesson after a few times!” Third Young Master Ye smiled evilly. Cheng Anya blushed and stared at him. She was frail and displeased. Third Young Master Ye’s heart softened after looking at her tearful eyes.

There were people whistling at them. They were a good-looking couple and it was an eyeful seeing them kiss openly in the plaza. There were many people around. Therefore, the whistling noise was nonstop.

Although Cheng Anya was usually a queen, she was very reserved in terms of such matters. She inched closer to Third Young Master Ye as she was embarrassed. Third Young Master Ye smiled and hugged her openly!

There were no paparazzi and no one that knew them. They could flaunt about their sweetness openly!

The sunset was warm and there was a gentle breeze. The air was filled with a sweet fragrance, just like the pure love from when they were young and frivolous. They were singing songs under the smiles and well-wishes of the passersby.

Cheng Anya did not stay for long and pulled Third Young Master Ye to leave the place. Her ears were filled with the laughter of Third Young Master Ye and the laughter of the passersby.

“He looks like… the president of MBS…” said someone among the crowd. Cheng Anya walked off even more quickly as if she was a student that was caught by the teacher for making a mistake.

“Hey, why did you bring me here? It would cost more than thirty yuan for one person to eat!” Cheng Anya blushed as she hit him. “You’d better be well-behaved. Otherwise, I will deal with you!”

“Oh, no, I am so afraid…” Third Young Master Ye shrugged his shoulders and hugged her waist while smiling. Since it was a date, they should act like they were dating. Stretching their faces would ruin the mood. This woman might be unreasonable, but he understood her beautiful wishes!

“Don’t worry. I will feed you and make sure you are full!” Third Young Master Ye said with ambiguity as they crossed the traffic lights. Cheng Anya wanted to reply to him but was shocked by his next sentence. “I will feed you so that you can feed me tonight!”

There was a double meaning to his words and Cheng Anya wanted to strangle him!


Third Young Master Ye laughed loudly. He knew that she was a reserved person in such matters but always made fun of her like a hooligan. Third Young Master Ye enjoyed looking at her blushing and being shy!

After they walked past three to four streets, they reached a simple and old small street!

Cheng Anya looked around and saw tall buildings that were not far away. But this place was a typical slum with dilapidated buildings everywhere. The people here were very different from the people who were dressed fashionably at the plaza. The people were dressed simply. Some of them were workers while some were university couples.

The prosperous big cities were like this. Who would have thought that behind the bustling city, there would be such a poor area?

Actually, there were many poor areas behind tall buildings in big cities!

This was a snack street and it was bustling with people. It belonged to the low consumption area. There were cold noodles, grilled sausage, fried noodles, spicy hot pot, and pancakes… There were all sorts of stalls selling snacks and it smelled delicious.

“I can satisfy you by only spending seven yuan here!” Third Young Master Ye said and Cheng Anya smiled like a flower. “Who knows? You’d better hold tight to the thirty yuan!”

She smiled lightly, but she was actually shocked. This kind of place and given Third Young Master Ye’s status, how did he know about this place?

“Let’s go eat!” Third Young Master Ye brought Cheng Anya to walk around the place. Cheng Anya was mesmerized by the delicious food and observed the surroundings as she walked around. She realized that there were many university couples.

The tables and chairs of the stalls were all in the open-space and were placed beside the streets. There were many couples enjoying their meal there. They fed each other food and talked about secrets. They all had very sweet smiles on their faces.

It was a smile that only lovers who were very affectionate had.

Cheng Anya thought of the couples who were enjoying their candlelight dinner at the high-class French restaurants. Were they happier and sweeter than the couples here?

She thought that perhaps they were not!

Therefore, happiness was not about value. It did not mean that the more expensive a meal was, the happier one would be!

As long as their loved one was beside them!

Cheng Anya smiled and held tightly onto Third Young Master Ye’s hand. She felt that this moment was the happiest in her life!

Suddenly, she stopped smiling and stretched her face. “Hey, have you brought someone else here before?”

Third Young Master Ye copied the annoying face that she made just now and smiled in a cheap manner. “Aiyo, someone is jealous! It’s so sour!”

Cheng Anya kicked him. If she knew who the person was, she would make the person suffer! Her baby was not to be trifled with!

Third Young Master Ye did not really want to make her unhappy under such a good atmosphere. He hugged her waist and told her that he had never brought anyone here before. Cheng Anya was satisfied. Her complacent and unconventional look made Third Young Master Ye’s heart feel itchy!

He realized that he was very happy with such a date and hoped that time would slow down!

However, he wanted to abduct Cheng Anya to the bed and bully her!

Therefore, Third Young Master Ye was struggling between whether or not he should end the date earlier!

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