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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 225: Untitled

Chapter 225: Untitled

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Cheng Anya walked around casually and the bosses of the stalls attended to them passionately. She brought Third Young Master Ye to a stall selling old duck vermicelli soup!

The boss was a middle-aged man and had the roughness of a northeast person. Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye had a hundred percent head-turn rate as they were like two good-looking people wearing couple clothes. Both of them were pretty and were well-dressed. They looked like an immortal couple walking together!

The boss was very enthusiastic and praised that his old duck vermicelli soup was very delicious. Third Young Master Ye raised his hands to order two portions!

The boss replied very loudly and made the dish for them in a well-trained manner. Cheng Anya’s face was extremely bright as if it was tinted with the sunset glow. She smiled beautifully and inched forward to Third Young Master Ye, saying, “I’m thirsty!”

Third Young Master Ye was counting the money. After deducting eight yuan for the travel fare and ten yuan for the duck vermicelli soup, he was left with twelve yuan. He smiled and pinched Cheng Anya’s face. “You are really troublesome!”

He stood up and walked to a store selling bubble milk tea and asked for a strawberry flavored bubble milk tea.

“Are you not thirsty?” Cheng Anya asked curiously as she poked the straw and took a sip. Third Young Master Ye had a forced smile. “Little Anya, you only gave me 30 yuan. Do you know what saving means?”

Cheng Anya had learned something. Saving was good. He finally knew how to save. Why did he not know how to save when he gave other women diamonds that cost a few million when he broke up with them?

Cheng Anya was so jealous that she gritted her teeth!

Third Young Master Ye did not know about a woman’s thoughts. He drank a sip of Cheng Anya’s bubble milk tea as if it was sweet for two people to share a drink. Moreover, they could save money. He did not know if it was a psychological effect, but Third Young Master Ye felt that the bubble milk tea that cost two yuan was very delicious after Cheng Anya drank it!

He was still thinking about it when Cheng Anya disappointedly said, “The milk tea tastes so bland!”

Third Young Master Ye’s thoughts were all dampened by Cheng Anya. He felt that he really had rotten luck for liking such a killjoy woman. Shouldn’t couples snatch each other’s drink in a sweet manner once in a while?

He sneered. “You can’t possibly expect to spend a meager amount of money to buy a diamond!”

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence…

The old duck vermicelli soup was served and Third Young Master Ye was a picky eater. He gave Cheng Anya all the internal organs, intestines, and duck blood. Cheng Anya used the chopsticks to hit his hand. “Hey, what are you doing? I don’t want to eat those!”

“Eat. I will feed you!” Third Young Master Ye found an excuse for being a picky eater. Cheng Anya’s face darkened. “You are harder to satisfy than Ning Ning!”

Third Young Master Ye was invulnerable and smiled. He urged her to eat faster so that they could go home!

Cheng Anya was speechless!

The sky was dark after they finished eating the old duck vermicelli soup. The evening lights by the roadside were lit and it was beautiful. The lights were soft but they lighted up the whole place!

Cheng Anya did not want to go home too early and Third Young Master Ye had no choice but to listen to her. They walked past the snack street and reached a small business street. There were stalls by both sides of the street and they were selling things such as accessories and clothes.

There were all sorts of things!

Cheng Anya dragged Third Young Master Ye to a stall selling accessories and she started choosing a present. Third Young Master Ye felt awkward as Cheng Anya really only gave him thirty yuan in order to be real. After deducting the transport fare, he was only left with ten yuan!

This damn girl!

What was the thing that made men most gloomy when they were out on a date with women?

To be honest, it would be not having enough money to buy the things that their girlfriends liked!

It was really suffocating!

The stall owner was a young lady who dressed simply. The bracelets and necklaces were all handmade by her and the designs were very stylish. Even Third Young Master Ye felt that the designs were nice!

It was very romantic and suitable for young people!

He looked up at the young lady and felt that it was a pity as she was talented!

“How much is this?” Cheng Anya picked a necklace and asked the young lady. The chain was made of leather and the pendant was made of olivine in the shape of a lucky clover. Cheng Anya really liked it once she saw it!

“Fifty yuan!” The young lady smiled and said sincerely!

Cheng Anya smiled. “Third Young Master Ye, my birthday present shall depend on you!”

Third Young Master Ye’s eyes twitched…

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