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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 226: The So-Called campy

Chapter 226: The So-Called campy

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Third Young Master Ye pulled her away from the stall and ground his teeth beside her ears. “Cheng Anya, are you doing this on purpose?”

Miss Cheng smiled beautifully and raised her chin, looking as proud as a queen. “So what if I did it on purpose? Aren’t you trying to scheme against me as well? Are you trying to imply that one may steal a horse but another may not look over a hedge? It is reasonable and logical for me to make things difficult for you for once. Furthermore, it is my birthday today. Even if you are shameless to give yourself to me as a present, you need to see if I’m willing to accept you. Even if you are thinking of how to get me, shouldn’t you show some sincerity? What can you do if I only like this necklace?”

Third Young Master Ye’s face turned green and purple. This damn girl’s mouth was really… capable!

He finally experienced what it felt to be cash-strapped. This feeling made him feel useless!

“Damn girl!” Third Young Master Ye squeezed these few words out of his mouth. He pointed his index finger at her. “Wait until I deal with you tonight!”

Cheng Anya smiled until her eyes were curved. “Be good and go get the necklace first!”

Third Young Master Ye slapped her on the back of her head. In the eyes of the young lady, the two of them were just like a pair or normal couple who were fooling around with each other. They were dressed nicely and Third Young Master Ye’s watch looked expensive. The young lady did not expect that they would not have the money to buy a fifty-yuan necklace.

Therefore, she was shocked when Third Young Master Ye asked if she could sell it at a cheaper price. However, her attitude was good and she smiled. “I can only decrease it by five yuan. Forty-five yuan is the lowest price!”

Cheng Anya smiled. Third Young Master Ye acted as if he was sad and love-struck. His voice sounded husky as he said, “Little sister, do you know what kind of love is the saddest in this world?”

Miss Cheng was at the side and she turned her head slightly, trying not to laugh. “Third Young Master Ye, your expression is too classic!”

The innocent girl shook her head and did not know that he was a wolf. The handsome man looked so sad and the young lady’s heart palpitated. She really empathized with him. She followed his question and asked, “What is it?”

Third Young Master Ye pulled Cheng Anya over and sighed helplessly. “Look at us. We have been together for eight years. We have broken up and got back together and fought for eight years. We already have a seven-year-old son, yet we are still not together. Do you know why?”

The young lady shook her head innocently and was tricked by Third Young Master Ye’s affection and sadness. “I don’t know!”

Cheng Anya trembled like falling leaves. ‘Third Young Master Ye, you are really one of a kind by using your beauty like this!’

Third Young Master Ye looked even sadder. The gentle light from the lamp posts became dark because of his sadness and the noisy background of the streets became empty. The tempo became slower, just like the slow-motion scenes in a movie where there was a stream of miserable autumn wind blowing.

The young lady was deceived by the sad atmosphere that he purposely created!

“I am looked down upon by her family because I am poor!” Third Young Master Ye said in a sorrowful manner. He looked affectionate and sad. He used his deep voice to tell a story of a poor man falling in love with a rich woman. They were forced to separate as her parents made things difficult for him and he had to be separated from his wife and son. His story was complicated, soul-stirring, full of ups and downs, and a tear-jerker. The young lady was so touched that her eyes were red and tears kept falling down…

“You are so pathetic!” The innocent young lady looked at him and cried as she pitied him…

Cheng Anya was so speechless by Third Young Master Ye’s campy story that she almost clapped for him. She lied in his arms and laughed until she was trembling. Dear lord, she never knew that Third Young Master Ye had such ability. He was really… too doughty!

He was shameless to the extent that Cheng Anya respected him. This man was too strong as he could take temporary setbacks!

She was trembling but the young lady thought that she was crying as she was reminded of the sad past. The young lady even tried to comfort her and Cheng Anya had all sorts of emotions. The young lady was really a precious jade!

She could even cry because of such a campy story!

Third Young Master Ye hugged Cheng Anya as he looked at the young lady with a bright but sad look. He took the necklace that Cheng Anya was holding and said sadly, “Little sister, it’s my girlfriend’s birthday today but I have no money to get her an expensive present. I can only buy these cheap accessories to make her happy. Can you sell it to us at a cheaper price after knowing about our sad story?”

The innocent young lady was touched by Third Young Master Ye’s story and could not stop crying. She covered her eyes to cry and kept mumbling that it was so touching. Her heart was too soft. She was even sadder after looking at Third Young Master Ye’s bright and sad smile. He held onto Third Young Master Ye’s hand and shoved the necklace into his hands. “Big brother, I shall give you this necklace. I wish that you will last long with your girlfriend and reunite together!”

His honey-trap and campy story had won!

Third Young Master Ye smiled evilly. “Little sister, you are so nice, unlike…”

He looked at the woman in his arms and really wanted to strangle her. He had never been so embarrassed in his life that he had to sell himself and use his potential to be campy just for a fifty yuan necklace. The little Anya would be dead!

He raised his head and looked sad. “Thank you!”

“You are welcome!” The young lady cried while replying to him. Third Young Master Ye dragged Cheng Anya away as he was afraid that he would have to do something even more embarrassing. The young lady shouted behind their back. “You will definitely find happiness!”

Third Young Master Ye paused and turned back. He had turned back to being the domineering Third Young Master Ye. “By the way, what is your name?”

“Gu Xiaochen!”

Third Young Master Ye acknowledged her. “You will be lucky!”

At that moment, she did not understand what Third Young Master Ye meant. A few days later, she was so shocked when she saw Third Young Master Ye’s photo appearing in the newspapers. Another few days later, there were a few people inviting her to attend training at MBS’ jewelry design department. It was at that moment did Gu Xiaochen realize that she was really lucky. Ten years later, when Gu Xiaochen became the top jewelry designer in the world, she was filled with all sorts of emotions when she thought back to that night. A person’s fate could really be changed within seconds!

She had gained success and recognition in exchange for that necklace. It also allowed MBS International to have a top jewelry designer in the world that would serve them forever, allowing MBS International to be the best in the jewelry industry!

Third Young Master Ye brutally dragged Cheng Anya out of the business street. Cheng Anya laughed until she could not breathe throughout the journey and kept trembling in his arms. “Ye Chen, you are too cute. Why are you campier than me?”

Third Young Master Ye was angry once he heard it. He held onto the back of Miss Cheng’s head and ruthlessly kissed those lips of hers that deserved a beating. The kiss was like a punishment and Cheng Anya felt that it was dark all around after the kiss. After the kiss, Miss Cheng was panting breathlessly and her face was red!

“Say that again and I will beat you!” Third Young Master Ye shouted at her fiercely. It was his most embarrassing day!

If the paparazzi knew about it, the whole City A would laugh at him. Third Young Master Ye suddenly had the urge to kill people to destroy the evidence!

Cheng Anya was not afraid of him and continued laughing. She could not help but say, “I realized that I am liking you more and more!”

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