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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 228: Untitled

Chapter 228: Untitled

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Under the moonlight, the buildings in the city seemed to have become part of the background as colorful neon lights shot out and complemented the glittering starlight. The beautiful scene was moving.

Under the cool night sky, there was a sweetness that belonged to love!

Third Young Master Ye walked slowly. Each step he took was calm and elegant.

After crossing the seven years and space between them, he directly walked into his princess’ heart!

How shameless!

Cheng Anya was filled with a thousand regrets. He had shamelessly conned somebody for a bouquet of roses and caused people to lose an evening of business. This was even brighter than… camp!

But she was still entrapped by the ambience he created!

This was the first time she actually felt what romance was.

It was little wonder that every teenage girl would indulge in romance and hoped that their boyfriends were romantic enough to instantly sweep them off their feet!

However that statement was said, nobody could say no to Third Young Master Ye if he wanted a woman.

That was how charismatic he was.

No woman could resist him, and despite having spent a huge amount of time resisting him, he eventually stole her heart. The lucky thing was that she also won his heart. If not, she would have had a tragic life!

“For you, my queen!” Third Young Master Ye’s smile was so broad it was leaking!

At the moment, Cheng Anya really felt that her prince was by her side and awakened the sleeping romantic in her.

Cheng Anya smiled happily as she received the bouquet of roses!

“Ye Chen, you are really…”

The epitome of shamelessness!

But it could also be the epitome of romance!

“If I propose to you here and now, how would you answer?” Ye Chen looked gently at her.

Cheng Anya was slightly hesitant and shook her head. “I hear that men before and after marriage are two different animals. I want to enjoy this period of romance a bit more!”

“How duplicitous!”

Cheng Anya laughed and hugged him. She would be lying if she weren’t touched!

Third Young Master Ye hugged her in return and coughed out these few words, “How is it? Are you satisfied this time?”

Cheng Anya rubbed his elbow and nodded. She was content. Third Young Master Ye was the typical person who swung to extremes. When he loved, he gave it all; when he hated, he absolutely hated. When he started to love her, he knew she was clingy, picky, and smart… He was going to have to rack his brains for the rest of his life!

But what could he do about it? He could only blame his bad judgment since he fell in love with her and focused on her.

“Ye Chen, this is the happiest day in my entire life!”

“This is the most embarrassing day of my life!”

“That’s not a given. For all you know, there will be even more embarrassing days in your life!”

“That is not a given too. Your happiest day may not be today!”

Cheng Anya smiled. Okay, then. She shall wait!

Third Young Master Ye leaned forward and kissed her lips which were overflowing with happiness. His kiss was not overbearing or urgent. It was gentle and entangling. Like kissing gourami, they seemed to want to kiss until the end of time.

Cheng Anya felt that this was the most beautiful moon she had seen in her life!

She was willing to sink into unfathomable depths for him.

On the way back to the mansion, even an idiot could tell how urgent Third Young Master Ye was. Since there were few people on the public bus late at night, Third Young Master Ye got down to work as he hugged her to the last row of seats. Cheng Anya became extremely embarrassed and angry and pinched him a few times.

When the public bus reached the ground floor of MBS, Third Young Master Ye went to retrieve his car. Cheng Anya was shocked at the speed at which Third Young Master Ye sprinted back home!

‘Actually, Third Young Master Ye, there is no need to be this thirsty …’

To drive this crazily and encounter an accident would be embarrassing…

When they returned to the mansion, Third Young Master Ye pinned Cheng Anya on the car and kissed her crazily. The flames of desire which he had suppressed for an evening burst out and he had no plans of keeping them in anymore. He kissed in an overbearing and wild manner and was simply about to eat her out.

Cheng Anya was caught between the cold window beneath her and Third Young Master Ye’s warm chest in front of her. As she was hot for a moment and then cold, she knew she was trapped between fire and ice and could not escape what beheld her tonight. Given how scheming Third Young Master Ye was, she could not expect to get away easily and thus smartly decided not to resist whilst playing along lovingly. She melted into water and blossomed for him.

The scent of magnolias around them combined with the cold fragrance on her became the perfect romance catalyst. Third Young Master Ye’s emotions were elevated to its highest!

“Wait, don’t enter the house first!” Cheng Anya blushed, hitting Third Young Master Ye as he continued to relentlessly suck on her tongue to the point she felt her tongue start to go numb. Cheng Anya hit him heavily a few times and was slightly agitated by him. “Into the house!”

Even if one wanted to get urgent, it was not a one two minute affair…

Third Young Master Ye heard her and calmed down for a moment before dragging her into the mansion.

“Ye Chen, hold up!” A familiar voice came from the sides. Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye froze!


Yang Zekun’s silhouette appeared from behind the cotton trees. The moonlight brought out coldness in his face. His typically warm demeanor gave way to a frigid look. He was in his casual clothes, and he seemed like an angel from hell under the moonlight.

His gaze was obscured and he gripped a document in his hands so tightly his knuckles were turning white!

“Yang Zekun, what are you doing here? If you have nothing else to do, get away. I’ve no time for you!” Third Young Master Ye, who was once again denied his desires, was extremely irate. Whoever dared to stop him from eating Cheng Anya out would not be spared!

Cheng Anya was slightly embarrassed as she thought about Yang Zekun seeing them as they were earlier. She felt a little weird, and then she realized that having stayed this long with Third Young Master Ye, he should have expected it.

“Something cropped up. That’s why I am looking for you!” Yang Zekun slowly walked closer and sounded cold. Upon closer look, Cheng Anya was slightly shocked as there were surging anger and hostility that was scary and left her shocked.

She had not seen Yang Zekun like this before!

“Ye Chen, you two have something to talk about. I’ll go in first!” Cheng Anya plainly said.

“No, Anya, stay. This is related to you!” Yang Zekun said coldly.

Third Young Master Ye was clearly impatient and his cold gaze swept over. “If you have something to say, say it quickly. Stop putting up airs as I will not entertain that!”

“Third Young Master Ye, stay away from Anya!” Yang Zekun said word for word and had a scary ambience around him.

Third Young Master Ye laughed. “What kind of joke is this? Yang Zekun, go take your medicine if you are unwell. Stop spouting nonsense!”

Yang Zekun was clearly enraged and threw the documents in his hand at Ye Chen’s chest. The papers were scattered around like the color of death…

Cheng Anya felt a chill down her spine and a bad omen.

“Joke? It is indeed a joke!” Yang Zekun laughed coldly and pointed at Cheng Anya. “Did you know that she is Lin Xiaoyue’s granddaughter?”

“What did you say?” Third Young Master Ye’s face paled.

“What? Are you afraid now?” Yang Zekun laughed coldly.

Like a slow-motion scene, Third Young Master Ye slowly turned his head. His cold gaze was able to tell what was on Cheng Anya’s mind!

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