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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 232: Untitled

Chapter 232: Untitled

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When Ye Zhenhua and Yang Xing were at their happiest, Yang Yun sent somebody to kidnap Yang Xing in the pretext of revenge and ransomed ten million yuan. He wanted to leverage on the kidnapping to test Ye Zhenhua’s sincerity. Without speaking a second word, he took ten million yuan and headed for the meeting alone.

Ye Zhenhua, who was approaching forty years old, was an influential figure in City A, and MBS International was a renowned international company. Although he was an accomplished person, losing Lin Xiaoyue over ten years ago was seared in his memory and he regretted it. As MBS International was still developing and he had to see to many things, he could not take time out to accompany Lin Xiaoyue. This gave Yang Yun a chance to interfere and he was afraid that Yang Xing would become the next Lin Xiaoyue. Considering their age difference, Yang Xing was youthful and lively whereas he was quickly approaching forty. Hence, Ye Zhenhua would always take time out to accompany Yang Xing despite his busy schedule. They would sometimes spend time with each other and sometimes with Ye Yukun and Ye Yutang as a family.

He was deeply in love with Yang Xing, and he did not want to lose those he loved again.

Yang Xing was kidnapped to an abandoned factory, and when Ye Zhenhua reached, the factory was on fire. Yang Yun was vicious enough to attempt such a vicious ploy! Ye Zhenhua threw down his ten million and rushed into the factory to save her. He almost perished with Yang Xing by a thread.

He did not mind losing his money as only Yang Xing’s life mattered to him. After this ordeal, their feelings deepened for each other and Yang Xing was absolutely in love with Ye Zhenhua.

Try asking her why she should not pursue somebody who was willing to give up his life for her.

Yang Yun’s ploy worked and he could tell that Ye Zhenhua really loved Yang Xing. He was extremely happy and a plan came to his mind. As Yao Hua then was incomparable to MBS International, Yang Yun had to collaborate with a few huge consortiums and sway politicians and businessmen to counter Ye Zhenhua.

Ye Zhenhua was an ill-tempered person in his youth. Save those he loved, he was brutal and decisive toward everybody else. He had offended many in the marketplace whilst Yang Yun was gentlemanly, eloquent, and able to gain the help of many.

One was genuine, the other a hypocrite!

Ye Zhenhua’s love for Yang Xing gave Yang Yun an opportunity to defeat MBS International. He secretly approached and told her that as long as she was able to help him secure the Jing Garden project, he would let Ye Zhenhua and her be together and assume he didn’t have her as his daughter!

In those times, the Jing Garden had yet to be developed and it was a government tender. This plot of land was a risky undertaking. It had a complicated terrain and lay at the intersection of the city and its outskirts. Ye Zhenhua wanted the plot of land as he had a strong financial backing, and so did Yang Yun. To compete for this plot of land, many corporations sharpened their knives and pulled out once Ye Zhenhua entered the scene. They were waiting to see how the two tigers, Ye Zhenhua and Yang Yun, would duke it out.

Yang Yun eventually gained the plot of land as Yang Xing stole the project plan that Ye Zhenhua personally worked on and passed it to Yang Yun. As both proposals were exactly the same, Yang Yun bit back and caused Ye Zhenhua to be implicated in a commercial secret theft scandal.

MBS had expended a huge amount of material and labor for the plot of land, only to lose it all and muddy itself. MBS International’s reputation was in ruins, and for once, it encountered an operational crisis.

From Yang Yun’s picking, major investors pulled out their capital and many construction funds could not be recouped. Several large organizations unilaterally breached their contracts and MBS encountered its own financial crisis for once. Due to funding issues, the final tranche of payment for the construction could not be paid and it encountered a lawsuit.

At that time, those working at MBS International were confused and panicking.

Yang Xing could not be blamed for the incident as Yang Xing was still extremely young then and MBS International was able to call the shots in City A. As it was omnipotent, losing a construction project was nothing. She thought that losing the construction project would ensure their happiness, but little did she expect the consequences to be this severe.

As a lady who had yet to see the world, how could she go toe to toe with men who had toyed with schemes one too many? Besides, this was the person she worshiped since young and a little ploy or two was all that was needed for her to yield!

Yang Xing regretted what she did as her actions almost bankrupted MBS International. She cried daily and Ye Zhenhua worked until late daily and had to humble himself, especially his temper, and console Yang Xing. On several occasions, she wanted to tell him but could not bring herself to do it.

She went to beg Yang Yun to stop feuding with Ye Zhenhua. Caught between her father and Ye Zhenhua, Yang Xing was in a difficult spot but her heart was on Ye Zhenhua’s side. She felt that her father was extremely despicable!

When Yang Yun wanted Yang Xing to steal commercial secrets again, she rejected him outright!

She was a very smart lady, and although she was indeed simple-minded, she was not ignorant. Had she taken heed to Yang Yun’s words, MBS International could have become history and Ye Zhenhua would have been humiliated.

Yang Xing did not do it!

Yang Yun threatened her on the basis of her identity. If she did not do it, he would tell Ye Zhenhua the truth. Yang Xing was afraid as she did not want Ye Zhenhua to hate her.

Hence, she agreed!

That year, Yang Yun was caught up in the madness of wanting to defeat MBS International and depravedly goaded Yang Xing onto a path of no return!

When she returned to the Ye family, Yang Xing cried the whole day. She was unable to do something like this again. She took the imitative and told Ye Zhenhua everything, from her identity to the loss of the project…

To Ye Zhenhua, this was a thunderbolt from the sky. He was enraged to the point of breaking down!

He hated Yang Xing for lying to him and almost causing him to become a failure. However, he hated himself even more as he had fallen in love with the daughter of his rival. That feeling was like slapping himself.

Hence, he chased Yang Xing away and severed all ties with her. Both became strangers.

In such a situation, any man would have thought that this was a ploy by Yang Yun as Yang Xing had deliberately approached him. Being suspicious by nature, Ye Zhenhua would not believe Yang Xing’s defense.

Those sweet nothings and vows became a joke. The dreams he weaved were instantly shattered!

It was raining heavily that night and Yang Xing stood at the gate of the Ye family the entire night, bawling her guts out. Ye Zhenhua could not sleep the entire night, and his heart winced as he heard her cry. Although they were a door apart, it was as though they were worlds apart.

He had to crush the railings to quench his impulse to rush out and hug her.

Had she not been Yang Xing and stolen the project proposal and caused him to fail, he would have eventually forgiven her. She was, of all things, Yang Xing, Yang Yun’s daughter.

After a night of standing outside the Ye family and crying, she collapsed and fainted at the gate. Ye Zhenhua sent somebody to send her back to the Yang family.

Yang Yun also flew into a rage after knowing what had happened. He expected better from Yang Xing and went on to beat her up, even chasing the penniless Yang Xing out of the Yang family!

He was just that one step away from defeating MBS, but Yang Xing had to ruin it all. It never occurred to him that had it not been for Yang Xing, he would not have been able to touch MBS a single bit. He felt that it was a given for Yang Xing to help him and that Yang Xing deserved to be smite had she not.

That year, hatred had warped Yang Yun’s heart and made him a depraved person.

He did not see Yang Xing’s breakdown and her plight.

Yang Xing’s mother was also chased out of the mansion by Yang Yun and her whereabouts were unknown. With nowhere to go, Yang Xing fainted in front of a discotheque.

The lady boss of the discotheque was a beautiful lady called Zhou Haitang who had a good heart. She took in Yang Xing, who already carried Ye Chen, and took good care of her until she delivered Ye Chen.

Yang Xing loved Ye Zhenhua her whole life, and her child would have his surname. After delivering the child, Yang Xing wanted to earn money to return Zhou Haitang the favor. As she was just in high school and without any skills to boot, she could only become a dancer in the discotheque.

Zhou Haitang initially did not agree as the discotheque was a seedy place and Yang Xing, being good-looking, would be taken advantage of. Yang Xing, however, insisted as she had to earn money to raise Ye Chen.

Hence, she became a dancer and escort. The proud daughter of a magnate was now in the slums.

Although she was in the slums, she was not of the slums. Three years passed.

Ye Chen was three!

The young Ye Chen, like a little angel, was extremely obedient. He was the reason Yang Xing lived on.

A beautiful Yang Xing, who was twenty, won over people and became the star dancer of the discotheque. Because of her, the discotheque’s business grew and things started to happen!

What used to be a small discotheque that was patronized by nobody was still operable by Zhou Haitang. Once the discotheque grew, things changed!

Many people of positions and status started to patronize the discotheque and Yang Xing used the alias ‘White Rose’. She became famous near and afar, and many visited the discotheque. Despite being in the slums for three years, Yang Xing maintained her purity and her ways. She rejected people who had designs on her and would only drink or dance with them. Even though she was occasionally taken advantage of, she endured them and never broke the moral code she set out for herself.

What was the impression that taxi dancers gave to people? They were not too different from prostitutes. Many said she was duplicitous and something eventually happened. An influential big shot took a liking to her and forcibly took her out of the discotheque, almost defiling her in a hotel.

Yang Xing injured him with a beer bottle and frantically escaped. When she returned to the discotheque, Zhou Haitang knew that something bad had happened. Without the blessings of this influential big shot, nothing good could happen.

After three years of living lavishly, Zhou Haitang was no longer innocent and persuaded Yang Xing to yield to the influential big shot and stop creating problems. Since she had Ye Chen and was a taxi dancer, she would not be able to marry anyone good anyway.

Yang Xing smartly knew that Zhou Haitang wanted to sell her and agreed. When Zhou Haitang’s guard was down, she escaped from the discotheque with Ye Chen to City C.

With little savings, she could only afford a place in the slums and settled down with Ye Chen. After three years as a taxi dancer, Yang Xing resumed her trade in City C and lived with Ye Chen through trying times.

Fate, however, played a cruel joke on Yang Xing. A year later, Ye Chen suffered a fever that led to pneumonia. Yang Xing hugged him and brought him to major clinics and hospitals in City C. As she had no money, nobody was willing to treat Ye Chen.

Out of options, Yang Xing could only bring Ye Chen back to City A and beg Yang Yun for help!

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