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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 233: Untitled

Chapter 233: Untitled

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As Yang Xing carried Ye Chen back to the Yang family, Yang Yun was enraged. After Yang Xing escaped, Yang Zekun’s parents were on a private plane to attend to company matters in London when the plane exploded mid-flight and killed the couple.

He wanted to pin the blame on Ye Zhenhua as traces suggested that Ye Zhenhua had arranged for somebody to plant explosives on the plane and kill his only son. With no concrete proof, he could not accuse Ye Zhenhua.

Ye Zhenhua was enraged as he had lost a son, and his daughter bore a son for Ye Zhenhua. With a whip in hand, he whipped little Ye Chen who was seriously ill!

That year, the five-year-old Yang Zekun was upstairs. He bewilderedly looked at his merciful and respected grandfather whip the weak boy.

That same year, the four-year-old Ye Chen was living on the edge of life and death. He remembered his mother’s cries and Yang Yun’s terrifying face!

In the end, Yang Xing lost her voice as she cried while hugging Ye Chen. She took the whips and was wounded all around her body. Her tears trickled down and landed on Ye Chen’s face. Yang Yun became tired from the whipping whilst Yang Xing was bloodied and begging him to save little Ye Chen…

Yang Yun was not moved. Instead, he viciously chased them out of the Yang family. They encountered Ye Zhenhua, who was rushing over at the gate of the Yang family!

Both mother and son collapsed in his embrace!

The butler of the Yang family could not take things lying down and secretly informed Ye Zhenhua.

Ye Zhenhua assumed that even if he did not want Yang Xing, she would, at most, return to the Yang family. Since even monsters would not hurt their young ones, Yang Yun would not leave his daughter in the lurch. He had not expected Yang Xing to become pregnant and drifted around with her son for five years.

When they separated, Yang Xing was in her prime. When he saw Yang Xing again, she was bruised and Ye Zhenhua was thoroughly heartbroken.

He loved and hated Yang Xing, and for a moment, he had no idea what he ought to do with her. After sending the mother and son to the hospital, Ye Zhenhua completely disappeared. He paid for all of their medical bills and pondered on Yang Xing’s injuries every day. He, however, hardened his heart and decided not to see them.

Seeing little Ye Chen, Old Master Yang was of mixed feelings. Little Ye Chen became malnourished a week after leaving Zhou Haitang. He was scrawny and skinny. On one look, he knew that this little child was his son, but the blood of the person he most hated also flew in him.

His heart ached for Yang Xing, but he was cold toward little Ye Chen!

The distrustful Ye Zhenhua even suspected whether this was a sympathy-gaining ploy by both father and daughter. Yao Hua had reaped the benefits from the chaos and was on equal standing with MBS International. Ye Zhenhua threaded with care and did not dare to easily trust Yang Xing.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Ye Zhenhua did not appear until Yang Xing and little Ye Chen were discharged. Yang Xing knew she could not face him and he also hid from her. She could not bring herself to see him. The distance between the two of them could not be overcome!

Ye Zhenhua could not let go of the past and could not trust her anymore!

“Mommy, does Daddy dislike me? He never came to visit me!” A young Ye Chen was obedient and understanding. He was happy after Yang Xing told him that his daddy had saved them. He could not help but ask Yang Xing as he was hospitalized for half a month.

“Mommy did something wrong, and your daddy is still angry about it!” Yang Xing said as her heart ached painfully.

Little Ye Chen seemingly nodded in understanding. When he saw his mommy cry, he asked no more. Like Ning Ning, Ye Chen’s intellect was above the board. What had happened took root in his mind—Yang Yun’s terrifying face and the mercilessness of when he was whipped remained in his mind. Thereafter, he had a month of nightmares!

After he recovered, Yang Xing brought him back to City C and continued her life as a taxi dancer.

Ye Zhenhua could not resist the temptation and eventually came to City C. When he saw how both the mother and son lived, he could not bear to see them live in such a way. He even went to the discotheque and saw how Yang Xing danced deductively and drank glass after glass…

It was an ambiguous period for the two of them.

Yang Xing knew that she and her son could not return and did not have much hope. All she hoped for was to be able to glance at him one more time…

The lovers, five years on, loved each other a lot and their dormant love for each other was rekindled. Ye Wei was born at this time!

Little Ye Wei’s birth eased the tension between Ye Zhenhua and Yang Xing. During that period of time, little Ye Chen saw Ye Zhenhua several times. He was timid and was afraid that Ye Zhenhua did not like him.

Indeed, Ye Zhenhua was extremely cold toward him. He was, however, a little warmer toward Ye Wei!

As Ye Zhenhua already had two sons then, little Ye Chen did not matter to him. As he had no daughter, he especially doted on Ye Wei. Besides, Ye Wei was very beautiful and delicate-looking, just like Yang Xing!

Little Ye Chen was easily hurt, and the heart of that little genius was not strong enough to endure everything. Hence, he really doted on Ye Wei. He thought to himself that if he loved his younger sister a little more, his father might like him as well!

The heart of kids always yearned for the doting of those older than them.

Ye Zhenhua was a man of few feelings whereas Yang Xing’s heart was tender. Although there was an invisible barrier between them, they spent the past four years with each other. Ye Chen was ten and Ye Wei was five.

As his heart softened, Ye Zhenhua slowly started to believe Yang Xing. The long and arduous ten-year wait paid off as Yang Xing managed to hold out until Ye Zhenhua had a change of heart.

One wondered how Yang Yun got hold of this development and hatched another vicious plan. He wanted to kidnap little Ye Chen and Ye Wei and forced Yang Xing to yield. He had roiled in hatred for decades, and to see both Ye Zhenhua and his daughter happy surely had driven him mad!

That year, a ten-year-old Ye Chen was good-looking and very innocent. Nobody could guess that he was a terrifying little genius. When he and little Ye Wei were brought to a small munitions factory, thanks to Old Master Yang pulling strings with the mafia to ship the kids—along with munitions—out of City A, little Ye Chen blew the entire factory up and successfully escaped with his sister. Halfway through, little Ye Wei was hungry and tired and could not move. With no money on him, Ye Chen scavenged for food for his sister…

The sun was shining very brightly that afternoon and Ye Wei, trying to avoid the sun, snuck into a car by the roadside and unknowingly fell asleep. Little Ye Chen, who managed to get some stolen fruits, could only helplessly watch the car bring his sister away as he could not catch up with the car.

Ye Zhenhua was eventually able to locate the car, but not little Ye Wei…

Thanks to this incident, Yang Xing almost threw aside her morals and got into a fight with Yang Yun. She became much frail-looking overnight. Having endured the past ten years with much difficulty to hope for better days ahead, how could her heart not break as she had lost her daughter?

Again, nothing could be done as little Ye Wei was lost and could not be found.

But little did Yang Xing expect to return to the Ye family only to face death instead of happiness. Her death caused Ye Chen to isolate himself for three years… those days in America where he did not see the light.

Had she known that this would have happened, she would have definitely brought her son and daughter away from the riffraff of City A.

Ye Chen did not tell Anya what had happened precisely. He only said that once they returned to the Ye family, his face started to become terrifying and he would have spasms from time to time. The roiling memories he tried so hard to forget rushed back into his mind like a movie on replay.

“Ahh…” Ye Chen went mad and punched the door behind Cheng Anya hard. The Chinese cedar door was broken and wooden splinters flew.

Fresh blood spurted out as he smashed his other hand onto the glass fragments on the floor.

“Don’t…” Cheng Anya was shocked and her heart winced in pain. “Ye Chen, stop it. We’ve agreed not to talk about it. Stop talking about it…”

She suddenly did not dare to hear what had happened later. How did Ye Yukun die, how did Yang Xing die, why did the Yang family…

As she had followed Ye Chen for some time, she knew his character very well. While he was so strong to the point he was almost able to do everything, only a tragedy he could not forget for his whole life was the reason he was suffering to the point of having spasms.

Maybe he had suppressed these things for too long, and for them to suddenly gush out must have thoroughly hurt Ye Chen as he trembled in Cheng Anya’s embrace… He gripped Cheng Anya until her shoulders were aching…

She did not say anything anymore. Instead, she hugged Ye Chen tightly.

“Ye Chen, it’s okay. It’s okay! It’s all in the past. I am here with you, and our son will destroy the family of those bully you!” Her heart was aching for him!

His story from young was sufficient to pen a novel!

Without mentioning how he was treated in the Ye family and witnessing Yang Xing’s death, he only glossed over his years in America as he was afraid that she would be hurt further. Seeing his vengeful face was enough for her to be certain that those years in America were definitely punishing…

He endured them all and lived his life in the mafia with Fourth Young Master Tang, Lin, and company. Nobody could tell how bitter the years living under a hail of gunfire and death were.

One could wonder how much tears and blood it took for Ye Chen to become this capable.

It was heartbreaking.

‘Ye Chen, if I could, I wanted to meet you when you were young and stay by your side, protecting you from any hurt and being your guardian angel…”

“Anya… I killed that person… I killed that person…” Ye Chen hoarsely and incoherently murmured into Anya’s ears as his body spasmed even harder.

Cheng Anya was extremely shocked.

“I… killed Ye Yukun. My mother did not kill him! I did!” Ye Chen uncontrollably roared into her ear in hatred and madness.

“Okay, he deserved to die. It doesn’t matter who killed him. It’s okay, it’s okay. It was well done!” Cheng Anya abided by Ye Chen’s words. She could not be bothered with who Ye Chen had killed—whether his eldest brother or even his old man. All she knew was that her heart ached for the man who killed whoever had deserved it!

Cheng Anya’s tears fell freely for him. She had not cried for a man in the past ten years!

Hearsay had it that Yang Xing had killed Ye Yukun, and it was impossible for Ye Chen to have killed him. Although Cheng Anya was curious, she did not pursue the question as it did not matter. She did not want to hear the rest of the story.

She feared that she would ache to the point of heartbroken.

“Ye Chen, it’s enough. You’re tired. Sleep well,” Cheng Anya said gently. While she blamed Yang Zekun for bringing them from happiness to horror by not saying anything earlier but tonight of all times, nobody could have taken such a shock!

“We…” Ye Chen hugged Cheng Anya tightly. “What’s next?” he asked hoarsely.

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