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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 236: Untitled

Chapter 236: Untitled

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He had thought that he would never get to hear Cheng Anya say that in his entire life!

Apart from shock, he was ecstatic as crazy happiness arose from the depths of his heart and completed his aching heart. In this very moment, he could clearly hear the Gods say, ‘Third Young Master Ye, I have returned your missing rib to you!’

Ye Chen was ecstatic. He trembled while holding Cheng Anya’s hands. “Say it again!”

“I love you!” Cheng Anya said clearly as her gaze glinted in the dark. To say that she loved him was much easier than she had imagined!

Cheng Anya once thought that to say ‘I love you’ was something outdated and cheesy as love should be buried in the depths of one’s heart and not openly confessed. She used to express contempt at those couples who often said ‘I love you’ to each other.

Today, she learned that it was very easy for her to admit her love for somebody. She was extremely eager to repeatedly tell him, fearing that he was oblivious to it. This was perhaps what being madly in love was!

She also learned today how emotionally poor she had been in the past. For somebody to tell you that they love you and are willing to be born and die for you is such a blessing!

It was as though one owned the world!

Third Young Master Ye’s heartbeat sped up and she felt that he had lost all his pride in front of Cheng Anya. Not only did he act uncouthly, he even cried after her confession. He was as nervous as a teenager who first fell in love. Speaking of which, this was indeed the first time he fell in love…

He felt that he was extremely silly, yet extremely fortunate, to be thrown from heaven into hell only to be dragged back into heaven. Through these upheavals, Third Young Master Ye could not differentiate between happiness and sadness whereas Cheng Anya…

Anya, my little Anya…

How could you… make me fall head over heels for you and not regret loving you…

“If you do not mind, is it about our relationship?” Third Young Master Ye hoarsely coughed out the statement in trepidation and slight panic. His heart was as fragile as a piece of paper that could be easily punctured.

Not everybody has the courage to challenge the bottom lines of culture. In his worldview, cousins being in love with each other was quite a paradox!

“What is our relationship?” Cheng Anya propped herself up as she leaned on him and asked.

Gently and tenderly like a cloud, it was so pure and beautiful!

The lights in the room were not on as the cold moonlight poured in from the window and added a tint of blurriness. Third Young Master Ye saw her beautiful face which was as clear as the moon and as gentle as water, relieving him of his troubles.

The damn lass was asking the obvious.

“Cou… sins!” Third Young Master Ye coughed up the word with difficulty as though a fish bone had lodged itself in his throat.

“Do you mind?” Cheng Anya asked in return as she gently prodded his face with her little hand. She had the expression of a wayward woman teasing a well-mannered gentleman. Third Young Master Ye almost kicked her off the bed.

The damn lass’ expression was nothing short of being worthy of a beating!

While he could not say that he did not mind, he felt saddened as he knew they were cousins and she was Lin Xiaoyue and Yang Yun’s granddaughter. He was naturally reminded of his pitiful mother and his sad childhood, youth, and even half his life… The replaying of those memories that drove him into desperation-driven asphyxiation hurt him deeply!

Like what Yang Zekun said, she was Lin Xiaoyue’s granddaughter. The first image that entered his mind was not of them being siblings but their chaotic and painful past that led to this chaotic and painful night instead.

Anya… I cannot face you!

No matter how we are related, you simply cause me to… repeatedly relive these nightmares that dismember my soul…

He knew that these were not related to Anya!

But… as long as he could not let go of these things, he would not be able to face her anytime soon…

Third Young Master Ye dared not say it as he was afraid of Cheng Anya turning about and walking out of his life without any hope of salvaging the damage. As she was a very decisive woman, she would definitely bear the pain to end the relationship had she known he entertained the idea of giving up.

Her brave and pure love was extremely scarce in a world that prided itself on material gratification.

“Are you unable to face me?” Cheng Anya plainly asked as she could see through Third Young Master Ye’s struggle.

Although she asked calmly, Third Young Master Ye was extremely taken aback!

“Anya…” Third Young Master Ye was slightly panic. He knew that it was terrible to fall in love with a smart woman as everything about him was laid bare and he could not hide anything. He thumped his chest in frustration and panic!

“Is it because I remind you of those bad memories?” Cheng Anya was determined to pursue the root of the problem and not spare Third Young Master Ye in the process. She wanted to clearly understand him.

Third Young Master Ye nodded. “I’m sorry!” He sounded painful.

Little Anya, I am really very sorry. This is not something I want but these memories strangle me like an evil spirit!

“In that case… you do not want me already?” Cheng Anya asked calmly and slowly. Third Young Master Ye shook his head and quickly hugged Cheng Anya. “No, no…”

“Get aside, please. Why are you getting all touchy-feely when you are unable to face me?” Miss Cheng calmly dusted his hand aside and sat up. In panic, Third Young Master Ye quickly sat up as well.

“Anya, I did not mean that. Please…” do not leave me, or tell me that you want to break up with me!

Cheng Anya hugged him and coldly laughed. “If that is not what you mean, what do you exactly mean then?”

Third Young Master Ye’s heart winced as he struggled. Cheng Anya could not bear to see him struggle, but she hardened her heart and forced him to face it. It was much better to decisively address these issues as leaving it to fester could mean that he would really push her away someday!

She empathized with Third Young Master Ye’s pain and how he felt. She knew that Third Young Master Ye was not in the condition to deeply ponder as he was already half-berserk. She, however, wanted an answer from him in this condition!

Ye Chen would naturally gravitate toward the answer he would give!

While she was unable to experience what Third Young Master Ye had gone through, seeing his spasming body and tears made Cheng Anya even more certain that he wanted to dismember whoever had hurt him!

As he was already mad, her joining in would mean the end of both of them!

“Give me some… time… okay?”

“A day, a year, or a lifetime?”

“Cheng Anya, do you just have to be that aggressive?” Third Young Master Ye roared unhappily. What kind of woman would rebound so quickly!

“Okay, I shall not get all pushy then. Dear Ning Ning’s daddy, could you please tell me how long you need?” Cheng Anya cooperatively acceded to his demands and smiled generously.

Third Young Master Ye’s eyes twitched. Was there even any difference?

“I don’t think so!” Third Young Master Ye turned around in a convoluted manner and indignantly treated the pillow as little Anya’s face and kicked it hard…

Cheng Anya laughed at how cute that man-child was!

“What do you mean by ‘I don’t think so’?”

“Damn it, I will not allow you to leave or let go of me. That’s what it means, okay?” Third Young Master Ye roared uncontrollably as he stared with Cheng Anya with eyes that burned of anger. If she dared to get pushy, he would strangle her!

Miss Cheng cooperated and laughed extremely generously. “Very good then!” She was satisfied.

Third Young Master Ye’s temper was deflated by her laughter!

“Ye Chen, do you love me?”

“…Yes, I do!” Third Young Master Ye replied feebly. He was feeble from all her torture and could not stand up to anything more. Cheng Anya would get what she wanted to hear!

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