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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 239: Untitled

Chapter 239: Untitled

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In a five-star presidential suite, Louis was torturing a teenager who was about thirteen to fourteen years old. The naked teenager who was suspended high above the black bed had a very beautiful face and unimaginably delicate features. His skin was pale white and his deep and bright black eyes were like two black grapes. These eyes were filled with pain and desperation as though he was an animal stuck in a deep ravine, moaning in pain.

He was suspended by his hands and his clean body was lined with scourge marks that were red or even bleeding—a shocking sight to behold—and he was struggling His chest and lower body were adorned with metal cups and a bell that cryptically rang as Louis’ soft whip landed on him.

How kinky… yet cruel!

Louis was well-dressed in relaxing attire and stood tall and handsome. His emerald gaze was peaceful yet approving—of his masterpiece on the teenager.

He broke into a gentle smile!

The teenager moaned in pain and bit his lower lip hard as Louis did not allow him to make any noise and would cut his tongue if he did. As he spoke to the teenager in a gentle and melancholic tone, the teenager trembled in fear.

He was so fearful of making the slightest bit of noise that he even broke his lip from the biting as those noises would guarantee his death!

The stress from suppressing his gurgles of pain seemed to stimulate Louis’ senses further. Although he seemed calm and his melancholic gaze not changing, his whips became harder and blood gruesomely splattered onto the black bed sheet.

The teenager cried nonstop in extreme panic. The shame from being humiliated and played with almost overwhelmed him!

He could not wait for the night to pass as the torture knew no bounds!

Louis seemingly enjoyed such a perverted game as he admired the teenager’s moving yet pained face. There was an instant glint of viciousness in his gaze as the torture had yet to begin.

His little pet!

This look was so damn familiar!

Louis let down the poor teenager who, unable to bear the pain, curled his wounded body on the bedsheet in a pitiful manner. “Hey, little pet, open your eyes!”

He sounded gentle to a fault, and the long eyelashes of the teenager slightly trembled as his dark gaze looked at Louis in fear. With the corners of his eyes wet, the sight was extremely sympathy-evoking.

A naked teenager and a well-dressed young man—one was trembling in fear whereas the other was extremely gentle. What a perverted scene!

The blurry lights isolated the coldness and desire from the world. It trapped both the teenager with nowhere to run as well as the insistent young man.

“What a good boy!” Louis praised him extremely gently. “Like how my rival sees me, look at me with a cold and mocking gaze! Listen!”

The teenager shuddered and did not know what Louis meant. His panicky eyes were wide open as Louis’ gaze became even gentler.


The teenager could not stand the torture on both extremes and reached his threshold, like anybody would when they were overwhelmed by fear!

He could not stand it anymore and cried loudly while his bloodied body rolled off the bed and humbly crawled to next to Louis’ leg. He grabbed Louis’ leg as he begged for mercy in tears.

Like dirt on the ground, he humbly prostrated on the floor.

“What are you doing? I am doting on you!” Louis said in regret as though his heart was broken by seeing a smashed antique.

The teenager cried miserably and begged Louis to spare him. Louis smiled gently, but his melancholic gaze grew cold and froze over.

Look at how humble that soul is!

It was totally different from what he wanted. What does one do with a puppet that does not have a soul?

“Be good and stop crying!” Louis replied gently. Louis’ gentleness made the teenager even more scared as this man who was as gentle as a prince was a devil!

The most terrifying devil!

Louis got up from his bed and mercilessly kicked away the prostrating teenager. He walked to the bedside as the black curtains leaped like a devil about to raise its claws. As though he had blended into the darkness, the man’s erect back stood out like the snow.

“I remember that I did not let you speak!” Louis still sounded gentle as the wind rustled his gold hair. “Some people do like to heed the words of others, and they will not obey if they are not taught a lesson,” he said with a hint of mockery.

The teenager climbed over as his pained body rubbed against the carpet in even more pain. Before he could crawl up to Louis, two men in black came into the room.

“Cut off his throat, and he is yours to play!” Louis replied gently without looking back.

It’s just some cartilage, and quite a bland experience.

“No, no…” The teenager was dragged out and his sad cries rang across the lavishly-decorated floor.

“Master, something has happened!” Nikolai, Louis’ faithful subordinate, rushed in. “The Fenghuo Gate was destroyed! No survivors!”

Louis’ typically calm gaze suddenly grew wide. “What. Did. You. Say?”

“The Fenghuo Gate was destroyed and nobody survived!” Nikolai repeated with a stoic face.

Louis’ face grew cold and he rushed down the block!

When Ye Wei and Eleven sent Ning Ning back, it was already seven in the morning. The sun rose over City A early in the summer and it was already bright. “Your old man surely has good taste! However… don’t the eyes hurt?” Ye Wei whistled at the mansion.

Ning Ning laughed it off as Eleven wore her shades and looked straight ahead, observing the surroundings. “Nineteen people are staking out!”

“From the Dragon Gate?”

“How interesting! Why do I find these three so familiar?” Eleven gave her the shades and indicated her to look toward the cotton tree.

“Yes, they are very familiar. I stripped that pervert naked and paraded him in the streets last year in Arabia. He is… Jimmy!” Ye Wei’s lips curled.

“Isn’t he part of Daddy’s men?” Ning Ning asked curiously. In theory, his daddy’s protection detail all belonged to the Dragon Gate.

“Nope, the mafia!”

Ning Ning frowned and broke into a cryptic smile. “That was not out of expectation!”

“What are you planning this time? If your old man knows you placed a bounty on his head, he is going to have a very interesting look on his face.” Ye Wei smiled and admired Ning Ning’s bold meticulousness.

“Whoever dares to inform him, hehe…” He did not continue while Ye Wei shrugged to protest her innocence. Eleven never got involved in such things.

“Uncle Black took a bullet for me last time, and I am not sure whether he has recovered. I want to ask him out to express my guilt.”

Ning Ning’s lips twitched. “Are you sure that you can step out without him shooting you up?”

“Be nice. Anybody who could do that isn’t born yet!”

Eleven, used to Ye Wei’s arrogance, tucked her lips.

“Yes, baby, please do not shortchange us as I had brought Eleven along to faithfully carry out our mission.” Ye Wei blinked her eyes alluringly as Ning Ning elegantly alighted from the car and sassily showed them his silhouette in response.

“All these people are deadbeats!” Ye Wei hugged Eleven’s arms and cried. “You can’t do business with your own. Chu Li owes me almost ten billion yuan. Eleven, let’s waste them!”

“Okay!” Eleven maintained her typical cool.

As Ning Ning stepped into the mansion, he saw his daddy was in the midst of clearing his tracks, carrying the broken cedar door. As he did not expect Ning Ning to return just yet, the gazes of both father and son landed on the cedar door.

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