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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 243: Untitled

Chapter 243: Untitled

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The morning light sloped in from the window and a ray of bright light pooled on the floor. It was supposed to be a warm room, but Third Young Master Ye was surprised by the woman who had a spasm on the bed and breathed in a gush of cold air. He quickly ran to the bedside and flipped Cheng Anya over. Her face was pale while her hair was wet from the sweat, sticking on her face. Her eyes were moist and tears were rolling in her eyes. She pressed down on her abdomen hard with her right hand and she was in so much pain that she gritted her teeth.

Ye Chen’s heart sank and his body turned cold. He looked up at the window that was wide open. Was it…

No, it couldn’t be. Black Eagle and his men were outside. Even if Ye Wei had come, there would be news from them. Third Young Master Ye swiped the long hair off her face and touched her cold and sweaty hands. His eyes darkened.

He reached out to Anya and removed her hands that were on her abdomen carefully. Her light yellow shirt was crumpled up but there were no traces of blood. Third Young Master Ye heaved a long sigh of relief.

Thank God!

He thought Anya was shot and he had almost lost his mind while panicking.

“Anya, what’s wrong?” Third Young Master Ye hugged her and asked. His delicate facial features were full of worry and pity for her. She was in so much pain but she only clenched her teeth without making any sound.

It pained him to see how tough and stubborn she was!

“Pain!” Cheng Anya could barely spit out a word. It seemed like the pain had lessened and she buried her head into his arms. “My abdomen suddenly cramped…” she said in pain.

Third Young Master Ye applied pressure on the back of her hand. “Is it painful here?”

Cheng Anya nodded. Then, there was a sharp and acute pain again. It was as if there were numerous sharp knives stirring in her abdomen. The pain caused Cheng Anya’s teeth to chatter…

“To the hospital!” Third Young Master Ye carried her at once but was stopped by Cheng Anya when he stood up. “Pour a glass of water for me first.”

Third Young Master Ye put her down and went to fetch a glass of warm water downstairs immediately. Cheng Anya drank the water and her deep-locked eyebrows loosened. She heaved a long sigh. “Don’t need to go to the hospital. I feel better now!”

The acute pain came and left fast. It baffled Cheng Anya too. But the pain had really stopped.


“We should go and check if there are any problems. What if you have eaten something wrong?” Third Young Master Ye insisted and his face was gloomy. “It’s all you. You must have taken something bad during the thirty-yuan date.”

“It’s really not painful anymore. Girls would experience this a few days every month.” Cheng Anya lied to him with a smile as she saw that Third Young Master Ye’s expression didn’t look good. He already had too many things on his plate and she didn’t want to burden him more with her health issues.

The pain had ceased anyway. They might have overreacted. Cheng Anya did not care about it as it wasn’t painful anymore. She was sloppy as always.

After hearing what she said, Third Young Master Ye’s expression looked a lot better. “Menstrual pain?”

Cheng Anya’s cheeks turned red as she felt very awkward. Please, Third Young Master Ye, can you not ask such things with such a calm face? Don’t men get awkward after hearing such matters? How could he be so straightforward?

She had even thought that he knew more about it than her.

Cheng Anya nodded silently. “It would only take a while. Wait for me to change and get to work.”

Third Young Master Ye frowned. Cheng Anya seemed sloppy, but it made him uneasy. Fear took over his heart and he felt that he might be crushed at any time.

What was wrong with him?

The wind coming from the window blew and the sun was bright. The atmosphere was filled with the fragrance of lily magnolias. Third Young Master Ye’s cold eyes narrowed and he went closer to the window to observe the surrounding environment keenly. After a while, he called Black Eagle. “Did anything happen just now in the surroundings of the mansion?”

“No, why? Was there anything?” Black Eagle tensed up and his calm, cold and serious voice had a hint of nervousness.

Third Young Master Ye paused for a while. He might have been over suspicious about it. “Nothing, I was just asking.”

Third Young Master Ye hung up the phone call, went downstairs, and looked at Cheng Anya, who was upstairs. The corners of his lips rose into a pity smile and he walked into the kitchen to boil a glass of brown sugar water for her. Looking at the dancing flame, Third Young Master Ye felt slightly…


Since when did the cool Casanova who didn’t care about women’s feelings become a modern, good family man?

It was a question worth to ponder over.

It seemed like he was starting to change bit by bit ever since he lived with that pair of mother and son. He gave all his love to them and cherished them a lot. Although he was forced by Ning Ning to serve Cheng Anya, he realized he had never resisted it seriously even once.

As the saying goes, if you want to obtain a man’s heart, you have to first grab his stomach. How did this saying become the opposite in their house?

Cousins… Ye Chen’s voice sounded hoarse. He was really a fool. He knew that seeing her would remind him of a series of unpleasant past, but he was still willing to care for her when she had menstrual pains. There was no man in the world that was dumber than him.

Ye Chen, to think that you even thought of giving up on her… Damn it, be brave! It seems like you would be under her control forever.

Third Young Master Ye sneered coldly.

He poured the water in a thermos reluctantly for Cheng Anya.

He happened to leave the kitchen when Cheng Anya came downstairs. Third Young Master Ye stuffed the thermos in her hands, scanned her with his cold eyes, and walked outside coolly.

Cheng Anya tilted her head. ‘What is this?’ She was too lazy to find out what was inside and went out quickly after grabbing her briefcase. She was very aware of the melancholy vibe that was gathered behind her back. It was cold and Cheng Anya felt puzzled.

Didn’t he feel bad about her just now? That worried expression was definitely genuine. How could he transform back to his cold self just in a blink of an eye?

What an inconsistent man!

She was used to Ye Chen’s temper and could cope with all his emotions. If Cheng Anya felt sad over this, then Cheng Anya wasn’t Cheng Anya.

“What is this?” Cheng Anya asked after getting into the car. Third Young Master Ye’s dark expression darkened once again. Cheng Anya saw how awkward he was and stopped asking. She opened up the lid of the thermos and warm steam rose up to her face. She smelled a hint of sweetness.

“Brown sugar water?” Cheng Anya said in a high-pitched voice. She didn’t realize at that moment and blurted out, “Did you want to drink this?”

Third Young Master Ye stared at her. “Stupid girl, say it again?”

The cold and enchanting man was so angry that he almost stepped on the brake. His face looked so gloomy as if a storm was going to break out in his eyes. Cheng Anya, who was stunned by his scolding, went with the flow and kept quiet. Then, she realized…

He thought that she was having her period, so he cooked brown sugar water for her?

Did she overthink?

Cheng Anya raised the corners of her lips and almost laughed out loud while recalling his reaction. ‘Third Young Master Ye, you are… really cute!’

He’s no doubt a man with a twisted mind. Even his way of caring was so twisted.

She didn’t expect that Third Young Master Ye would cook brown sugar water for her because of her small little lie. This man… really knew when to lie low and when to walk tall. Every small detail of his like this made her love him even more.

The air in the small car was filled with sweetness.

It felt warm.

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