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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 248: Untitled

Chapter 248: Untitled

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Ye Chen shivered and frowned slightly. What did Louis mean?

What did he want if he did not want MBS International? Ye Chen suddenly felt weird but he could not explain why. He just felt inexplicably uneasy. He had always thought that Louis either wanted MBS International or he was returning Old Master Ye a favor by pulling him down and returning MBS International to Old Master Ye. Other than that, he had not thought of other possibilities.

Third Young Master Ye also knew that Louis had sacrificed a lot this time. Men like Louis would definitely not spend so much money and effort to get something that they were not determined to get. It would be stupid to do so and not like what Louis would typically do.

What exactly did Louis want?

“Third Young Master Ye, you can’t guess?” Louis smiled in a gloomy but gentle manner. He suddenly supported himself by putting his hands on the table and leaned forward. He put his face nearer to Third Young Master Ye and the cologne on him engulfed Third Young Master Ye. “What do you think I want?”

Third Young Master Ye narrowed his eyes dangerously and he looked cold once he thought of Louis’ perverted hobbies. Louis’ beautiful face made Third Young Master Ye feel disgusted. He clenched his fists tightly and coldly spat out two words, “Get lost!”

The tension of their closeness made Third Young Master Ye very uneasy. Louis turned his head and his gentle gaze was teasing Third Young Master Ye. He suddenly stretched his hands and raised Third Young Master Ye’s chin. Ye Chen suddenly stood up and punched him. His force was domineering and powerful, coupled with anger. He punched quickly and fiercely.

Cheng Anya had said before that violence was the outcome of a brainless person acting on impulse.

Louis avoided the punch nimbly and was not angry. He continued to smile gently and Third Young Master Ye calmed himself down and elegantly adjusted his clothes that were slightly messy. “Do not get so close to me next time, unless you want to be punched.”

“Do you think I will be punched by you for a second time?”

“Do you want to try?” Third Young Master Ye sneered. Was Louis trying to provoke him? No matter fighting Louis alone or in a group, he could punch Louis as many times as he wanted.

“Aiya, Miss Cheng is still more humorous. Third Young Master Ye is too serious!” Louis said calmly and wanted to leave. Ye Chen suddenly stopped him. “Louis, I will not repeat the third time. You’d better not touch Cheng Anya!”

“But what can I do? I have fallen for her!” Louis smiled and admired Third Young Master Ye’s darkened face. He was used to Third Young Master Ye’s calmness and elegance and knew how to provoke him to reveal his ruthless side.

To know yourself and the enemy is the key to winning all battles.

“Don’t worry. Let’s have a fair competition, okay?”

Third Young Master Ye smiled in an unfathomable way. Fair competition? Humph, what was fair in this world?

He shivered in his heart. Could it be that Louis wanted Cheng Anya? No, he quickly shook his head to reject this idea. This was impossible. He was clearer than anyone else what kind of person Louis was. Men and women were just his toys. Even if Louis really fell in love with someone, he would not get into such a big fight.

“It seems like our negotiation has fallen through!” Louis smiled and Third Young Master Ye smiled even more elegantly. Third Young Master Ye looked straight at Louis’ gloomy eyes and said, “How about we discuss a deal?”

Louis raised his eyebrows and sat down leisurely, looking as if he was interested. “Tell me more.”

“You get out of City A’s mafia competition for power, and I will give you double the price for this batch of goods that we are dealing with. How about that?” Third Young Master Ye said. Although he was angry, he did not forget about his motive.

“Do you think the whole mafia power of City A is only worth twice the price of these goods?” Louis smiled in an elegant manner and a trace of a sneer flashed past his perfect features. He was secretly mocking that Third Young Master Ye was too naive.

“Are you sure that you can get the whole City A easily? Dragon Gate is hell-bent on winning this time. If you are not willing to negotiate, we would, at most, fight it out as we also want to gain power. Louis, City A is not where your influence is. Can you send all your mafia to City A? After Fire Beacon Hall is destroyed, there is no leader in City A as most of them are just sheep without a shepherd. These factions belonged to Fire Beacon Hall and their original structure had been scattered. Even if they leave, they cannot restructure themselves within such a short period of time. Only Dragon Gate can make a clarion call now. Instead of causing destruction to both sides, why don’t we both take a step back so that both of us can win?” Third Young Master Ye analyzed calmly. “Nowadays, all the mafia gangs are threatening with war and it is obvious that there will be a fight soon. Do you think the government will not intervene? Do you think they will let a mafia gang control City A’s underworld? Don’t forget that this is City A, not Italy. It is impossible for you to do as you wish. Even if you can destroy Dragon Gate, you can’t destroy the government.”

“Your analysis makes sense!” Louis said slowly, his slender fingers playing with the ring that represented the mafia. He raised his eyebrows and said, “How do you know that I can’t solve this problem? Wasn’t the whole Fire Beacon Hall under my control and ran amuck for close to ten years?”

Third Young Master Ye smiled. “Times are different and we should not talk about the past. Mister Louis, the F is already a thing of the past!”

The momentum was the most important thing in a negotiation!

The threatening momentum of a king.

It was obvious that Louis and Third Young Master Ye were good at this. One was elegant and cold, but domineering. Once was gloomy and gentle, but very doughty. Neither of them was willing to give in and their forces were equal. Both of them had benefits and losses.

“Okay, I’m fine with backing out in this competition. But I feel like I have made a loss. If Third Young Master Ye is willing to give me some extra compensation, then I can consider it.” Louis smiled.

Third Young Master Ye was extremely calm. Good, he understood that for people like Louis, they would not give in on the negotiation table once they had decided to do something. Louis agreed and that meant that he did not intend to fight in the first place. Louis had put up a front for so long as he wanted to get extra compensation.


“Tell me about it. ” Third Young Master Ye smiled lightly, as if there was room for negotiation.

“I want two things. First, if the mafia has any big action in the northern US within the next one year, Dragon Gate cannot interfere. Other than that, you have to help us at all cost and deal with the people there.”

“What do you mean by big action?”

“The fight between the mafia and the first terrorist group!” Louis’ gentle face showed a trace of ruthlessness.

“You want to drag me into your dispute with Jason and Blackjack?” Third Young Master Ye frowned. This was a difficult condition as there was no international mafia gang in this world that dared to interfere in the fight between the mafia and the first terrorist group.

Even if it was the anti-terrorist group, they would only look at it with indifference without the intention of mediating.

“You can choose to reject.” Louis smiled gently. The coldness just now seemed to be just an illusion as he was too tired.

Third Young Master Ye narrowed his eyes and his expression was unfathomable. He suddenly smiled. “Okay!”

What was there to be afraid of even if he agreed? Didn’t he have Ning Ning?

Dear son, Daddy shall betray you temporarily for once!

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