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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 249: Running and Streaking

Chapter 249: Running and Streaking

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Louis did not expect him to agree so quickly. He raised his eyebrows and his peaceful eyes were filled with a sense of vigilance. Third Young Master Ye was famous for being scheming and Louis was afraid that he would be cheated. “You agree to it so quickly?”

“Why not?” Third Young Master Ye smiled elegantly and looked fiercely domineering. “If the mafia and the first terrorist group start a war in the northern US, it would be a double-cross. Dragon Gate will help you and then profit from it. This is a good deal for Dragon Gate.”

Louis’ gaze was locked on Third Young Master Ye and he was silent for a while. He suddenly smiled. “Are you not afraid that Jason and Chu Li would take revenge on you?”

“If you are not afraid, why would I be?” Third Young Master Ye smiled in a savage and domineering manner. What a joke, didn’t he have a son to protect him? What was there to be afraid of? Third Young Master Ye was once again very respectful of the young kid.

Furthermore, Ye Chen sneered in his heart that Louis better be alive until the day the mafia and the first terrorist group fought. Louis only thought of wanting Dragon Gate to help him, but he would never have thought that Third Young Master Ye’s son was a part of the first terrorist group. That would be fun as it was an actual double-cross and the mafia would be destroyed in a day.

If Louis wanted to die, Third Young Master Ye could only send him off for the last time. The damned Louis coveted his woman and resorted to using his beauty, sending her roses, teasing her, and kissing her. Once Third Young Master Ye thought of those scenes, he wanted to chop Louis. How on earth would he be so nice to help Louis?

“I couldn’t tell that you are also ambitious.” Louis smiled in askance as he played around with his ring. He looked down, as if trying to think if what Third Young Master Ye was true and he was silent for a moment. His natural coldness and dominance filled the whole office. If it were other people, they would have been intimidated. However, Third Young Master Ye had no fate with fear, so he was not afraid of Louis.

If they wanted to compare about aura, would Third Young Master Ye lose?

“Likewise!” Third Young Master Ye smiled elegantly. Nevertheless, he was thinking of how to team up with his son to plot against Louis so that the latter’s effort would go to waste. Third Young Master Ye even thought of catching Louis and imagined the perverted scene of how he would torture Louis.

Third Young Master Ye did not like the innocent face of the melancholic prince. Louis was a demon, so why did he have to act like an angel?

Third Young Master Ye was one that would be extremely perverted and scheming once he thought of pranking someone. His actions were something that one would never have imagined. Ye Yutang was a very sad live example.

Louis had forced him into such a scorched state this time around and even wanted Third Young Master Ye to lose profits when dealing with him. Third Young Master Ye was very suffocated. If not for the fact that City A was not in a stable state right now, Third Young Master Ye would not mind having a war with Louis.

Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin had sent an order to settle with Louis peacefully. Therefore, Third Young Master Ye suppressed himself and negotiated with Louis. Third Young Master Ye even had to smile elegantly. This was a humiliation to Third Young Master Ye, who was used to getting whatever he wanted and making the opponents angry on the negotiation table.

“Okay, I shall believe you for once!” Louis smiled and looked up. He looked gloomy and laid back. “I’m afraid you can’t bear the consequences of lying to me.”

“Since this is a deal, you should not waste your effort on threatening me. Do you think this is my first time doing a deal?” Third Young Master Ye sneered. He tapped his slender fingers on the office table and it was rhythmic. He asked, “What is the second condition?”

Louis smiled gently and turned his head to look outside the door. Third Young Master Ye had a bad feeling and he heard Louis saying gently. “I want Cheng Anya to be my personal secretary!”

Third Young Master Ye’s gaze darkened and he had the urge to ruthlessly punch that disgusting face. His exceptional self-control made him control himself and he clenched his fists tightly. He spat out two words coldly. “No way!”

“Third Young Master Ye, you’re in the wrong. This is considered as a public affair. I have just joined MBS International and am not familiar with the company, so it is normal to request for a personal secretary. How could you mix public and private interests together?”

“It is your problem if you are not familiar with the company. If you want to complain, you can scram back to Italy and not complain to me. This has no link to you wanting Cheng Anya. You are incompetent if you are not familiar with the company. Do not drag me into this.” Third Young Master Ye sneered and his words were cold. Louis was shocked by him.

In terms of poison tongue, it was hard for Third Young Master Ye to meet an opponent!

Louis did not react for ten seconds after he was scolded. Third Young Master Ye sneered. There is no room for negotiation for the second condition!

Third Young Master Ye would never give Cheng Anya to Louis no matter what. Louis was perverted and coveted Cheng Anya’s innocence. If he sent Cheng Anya to Louis, she would definitely be tortured. Once Third Young Master Ye thought of the way Louis looked at Cheng Anya, he wanted to dig out Louis’ eyes.

“It seems like you are not really keen on negotiation?” Louis smiled. His emerald eyes seemed cold.

Third Young Master Ye sneered. “Who’s the one that’s not keen? The men are doing business. Why do you have to drag a woman in? You are the godfather of the Italian mafia. Do you always do this when doing business?”

“You are someone that does great things yet not willing to sacrifice a woman. Third Young Master Ye, you are nowhere better!” Louis rebutted as he refused to admit to being inferior.

Third Young Master Ye smiled elegantly. “People say that brothers are like your limbs and women are like clothes. I’d rather lose a limb than to run around naked. You are used to running naked, so you want to snatch other people’s clothes. You still dare to talk back?”

Louis was shocked by Third Young Master Ye’s doughty metaphor!

The melancholic prince’s face that was usually gloomy had a trace of astonishment.

Louis smiled coldly and his gaze was strong. “So, the negotiation has fallen through?”

Third Young Master Ye said coldly. “Yes!”

“Do you know what this means?”

Third Young Master Ye sneered. “I know. If I use the woman I love to deal with you, then I am worse off than a dog and should be struck by lightning!”

He said every word determinedly and protected his love in a domineering manner. He wanted to protect his little Anya and nobody could hurt her. If not, he would rather stain his hands in blood to kill the person.

Nobody could cross his bottom line.

Louis looked at Third Young Master Ye deeply and thinned his lips. He smiled in a mystifying way. “Who would have expected that the Ye family has another lady’s man. I should give you an award.”

Ye Chen frowned. “Louis, it seems like we have nothing else to talk about. I shall not send you off!”

“How could it be? Since Third Young Master is so faithful, I shall not be too despicable. Since you are not willing to, I will not force you. The deal will still be on, but I will not give up on Miss Cheng.” Louis smiled and stood up. He walked a few steps before going back and smiling in a meaningful way. “Third Young Master, you’d better watch closely over her.”

He left after he finished saying his piece. Third Young Master Ye sat inside the office, looking as if he was about to kill someone.

“Damn it, Louis!” Was he determined on getting Cheng Anya?

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