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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 250: Untitled

Chapter 250: Untitled

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Cheng Anya sent Old Master Ye down and she was very respectful of him throughout. Old Master Ye was silent and did not say anything. Therefore, Cheng Anya kept quiet as well. She had a presentiment of what Old Master Ye wanted to say. It must be about her being cousins with Ye Chen.

Old Master Ye must have hated her as she was Lin Xiaoyue’s granddaughter. She was a living example that Lin Xiaoyue had betrayed him.

Cheng Anya was smart and knew something from Old Master Ye’s silent coldness. However, what did it have to do with her? Her mom was not even born when they were in conflict at that time.

Old Master Ye kept walking down and Cheng Anya was just about to say something when Old Master Ye said, “Let’s go have a cup of coffee.”

He did not wait for Cheng Anya to reply and walked toward the cafe on the other side of the road.

Cheng Anya had no choice but to follow.

Inside the cafe, they sat opposite each other and Cheng Anya was calm like water. Old Master Ye was silent and looked at her and the window occasionally.

“I should have thought of it earlier that you are related to her,” Old Master Ye looked at Cheng Anya and said. Cheng Anya looked seventy-percent like Lin Xiaoyue. She was not like how Yang Xing’s charm looked like that of Lin Xiaoyue, but her features looked like Lin Xiaoyue. However, her charm was not like that of Lin Xiaoyue at all.

Lin Xiaoyue was demure and gentle, while Cheng Anya was smart and calm.

When Old Master Ye was at the hospital, he only thought of her being Lin Xiaoyue’s daughter. However, her age was not right and he did not think that Cheng Anya would be Lin Xiaoyue’s granddaughter.

Cheng Anya did not reply and allowed Old Master Ye to look at her. After a while, Old Master Ye sighed and asked, “Do you have any impression of your grandmother?”

She shook her head and was shocked. Was he concerned about Lin Xiaoyue?

A few decades had passed. If he still cared about Lin Xiaoyue, it meant that he still had a heart.

“Did your mom ever mention her before?”

Cheng Anya shook her head again as her mom had rarely mentioned her grandmother and grandfather. Even if she did, Anya could not remember as she was too young at that time. Her childhood was a difficult period and she was always thinking of how to earn money and whether there was food for the next meal. Therefore, she did not remember such trivial things.

“Old Master Ye, you can go check it out if you want to know more about my grandmother. I heard that she led a very happy life with my grandfather when they were living in the village.”

“Really?” Old Master Ye looked down, not sure what he was thinking about. He suddenly smiled coldly. “Yang Yun had missed her for his lifetime. It is his retribution for the ending to be like this!”

Cheng Anya did not make any comments on it.

Old Master Ye looked at her and sneered. “Since you already know about your relationship with Ye Chen, do you still want to continue to be with him?”

“Why not?”

“You are cousins with him. Did he not tell you?” Old Master Ye smiled coldly, as if he was taking revenge. They had been tangled together for their whole life, yet in the end, the evil was all on their children.

Yang Xing, Ye Chen, Yang Zekun, Cheng Anya…

He thought that Cheng Anya would be devastated and in pain, but he was disappointed. Cheng Anya’s face was calm like water. Her aura was determined, but she was gentle like the spring wind when she smiled. “So what if we are cousins? Who said that cousins can’t be together?”

“Miss Cheng indeed came back from overseas. The education that you received is different. It is legal to marry your cousin in the UK, but it is not allowed in China. Do you know that?” Old Master Ye said coldly.

Cheng Anya smiled. “We shall live our lives and not harm anyone. Why would you give us such a big accusation? Moreover, we already have a son. Isn’t it too late to say this?”

“Nonsense!” Old Master Ye was angry. “You are shameless!”

Cheng Anya smiled in a perfect manner. “Old Master Ye, you have not cared about Ye Chen for more than a decade, so why do you have to care about him now? Since you already cannot control his marriage, it does not matter to you who he marries.”

“Given the fact that you are Yang Yun’s granddaughter, I will not allow you to marry Ye Chen.” History should not repeat itself. He felt guilty for Yang Xing forever. It was not that he did not want to dote on Ye Chen, but he just could not bring himself to.

Whenever he saw Ye Chen, his hatred for Yang Yun would surge over him and he would pass the hate to Ye Chen.

“Just because you did not have a happy ending with Ye Chen’s mom, you are trying to break us up?” Cheng Anya said without fear. Old Master Ye narrowed his eyes and warned her coldly. “Cheng Anya, I advise you not to mention this.”

This was a taboo that everyone in the Ye family knew about.

Cheng Anya remained smiling throughout, but her smile did not reach her eyes. Old Master Ye sneered. “You really do not want to leave him?”

“I’m not leaving!” Cheng Anya said. “Never!”

“Even if he will lose all his reputation if you are together with him?”

“Hehe, I should say something disrespectful. Old Master Ye, do you still think your son has any reputation to lose?” Cheng Anya said bluntly. Moreover, who would care? How much was this thing worth?

Old Master Ye could not say anything and Cheng Anya opened her mouth again. “Old Master Ye, what position are you using to talk to me? Ye Chen’s father? You have never treated him as your son, so what right do you have to tell me all these? You have neglected him for more than a decade and have suddenly remembered to care about him? What a joke!”

“Shut up!” Old Master Ye was frustrated. It just so happened that the waiter was serving them coffee and was shocked by his anger, causing the poor waiter to almost drop the tray. The waiter put down the coffee in a terrified manner and fled quickly.

Old Master Ye was angry as Cheng Anya stepped on his pain with one sentence. He did not understand why a lady that looked so smart and innocent could say the most hurtful words in such a calm manner.

Straight to the point!

Cheng Anya smiled and kept quiet while maintaining her smile. She had a confident charisma. Although it was not a showy display, one could not ignore it.

After a long time.

“I will not be the second Yang Xing,” Cheng Anya said slowly in a nice voice. Old Master Ye thought that she said she would not betray Ye Chen, but who knew that she said, “I will not leave him no matter what. Ye Chen is not like you. He will not let go of me either. Therefore, we will have a different fate from you.”

“Cheng Anya, where did your confidence come from?” Old Master Ye sneered. “Do you know how many people there are in City A that are waiting to laugh at Ye Chen? Do you know how many knives are pointing at him? Do you really think that he will not let you go at this time? I guess he will not have the courage to face you. As long as there is someone behind him to push him, both of you will be separated.”

Cheng Anya was heartbroken. She knew that Old Master Ye was saying the truth.

She sneered. “I know. Ye Chen is really honest. So what if he cannot face me? If a cow doesn’t drink water, I will force him to drink. I also know that you are also holding to one of these knives and you are the culprit too.”

Cheng Anya’s smile seemed cold. “Old Master Ye, you are really a failure as a father. Let’s not talk about Ye Yukun that has passed away and Ye Yutong who is still young. Ye Yutang is an incompetent and useless person while Ye Chen is really capable. However, Ye Chen hated you deeply and you are the worst example of a father. Yet, you want to team up with others to bully him? Old Master Ye, allow me to say something. Even a monster would not hurt its own children. Where has your kindness gone to?”

This was the first time someone dared to talk to him like this. She told him about his failure and coldness in such a blunt manner. Old Master Ye was ashamed and angry. However, Cheng Anya stood up and looked at Old Master Ye coldly. “You will regret one day for ill-treating Ye Chen.”

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