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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 251: Untitled

Chapter 251: Untitled

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Third Young Master Ye was looking for Cheng Anya when she returned to the office. He cut to the chase and asked, “What did the old man say to you?”

She spread her arms and told him honestly. “He told me to leave you!”

Third Young Master Ye’s delicate and pretty face tensed up instantly and it seemed like a storm was going to break out in his eyes. Cheng Anya smiled slightly. “President Ye, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go and work first!”

He looked at her with his cold gaze, then proceeded to open the documents and continued to work. Cheng Anya turned around to leave the room. After the door had closed, Ye Chen lifted his head and smiled coldly. He didn’t need to ask Cheng Anya how she replied because he knew that she would definitely throw barbed remarks at Old Master Ye with her little mouth.

He was guessing from his experience. The thought of Cheng Anya making Old Master angry and speechless made him really happy.

His bad mood that was caused by Louis was instantly busted.

In the next meeting with the board of directors, the new vice-president, Louis, would be officially introduced.

Third Young Master Ye used his usual ruthless means to put down resentful voices raised within the board of directors and soon held a press conference. Within an hour, the news of Louis, the godfather of the Italian mafia, was going to invest in MBS International, had spread throughout the world.

The black and white joined powers and the cooperation between two strong powers was announced.

Everyone, including people in City A to the people in the business world, was excited. They secretly conjectured the relationship between MBS International and the mafia, the future of MBS International, etc… That afternoon, all finance channels and international TV channels were reporting about it.

Everyone could sense what the hot topic in City A was.

During the press conference, Louis and Third Young Master Ye stood side by side. The two were about the same height. One was an oriental delicate enchanting pretty man, while the other was a western beauty. Both of them caught the eyes of the world immediately.

They were as dazzling as a bright pearl, radiating brilliant light.

The topic of the admirable prince and the melancholic prince had instantly filled all entertainment channels.

Anyway, City A had livened up again!

In Columbia.

Jason was discussing the cooperation with a local arms dealer when he saw Louis’ annoying melancholic face on the evening news. He raged and saw that the mafia had joined hands with MBS International.

It looked like they could overpower both the black and the white with their powers.

In the meantime, Chu Li, Bai Ye, Blackjack… Sir, Ye Wei, and Eleven had received the news as well. It was a mess in the number one terrorist organization.

Everyone went online after Jason’s call. They were all in different countries and time zones. It was three o’clock in the morning in the US, the time most people should be asleep. Sir and Blackjack looked really annoyed. Chu Li, who was in London, was also angry as he was woken up by him two o’clock in the morning, just when he was going to fall asleep. However, he was all awake after the shock he had received from the news.

They were not sleepy anymore. Eleven and Ye Wei were getting a suntan on the beach leisurely and they each carried a laptop to surf the net.

Two sexy ladies in bikinis were holding laptops instead of handsome guys. It looked really weird. A handsome man struck a pose that he thought was attractive and approached them. In the end, Eleven raised her eyebrows and everywhere turned cold instantly. That handsome man escaped as fast as he could.

The murderous vibes were heavy!

The young kid, who was the only one absent, was sleeping soundly at home. His phone’s battery was flat but the computer in his room had automatically switched on and logged in. The alarm rang, but the young kid covered his ears and continued to sleep.

He woke up immediately when the alarm rang as he thought that something urgent had happened. He only knew that Louis had invested in MBS International and joined hands with his daddy after he read the group chat.

Desire to see the world in chaos: Ning Ning, aren’t Louis and your daddy enemies? Why did he suddenly decide to invest in MBS International?

Jason: I dare to say that they must have reached an agreement in secret given that they are so ambitious. Dragon Gate has such great influence in North America. If the mafia wants to make use of our power to kill someone and push the blame to us, we’ll be at a big disadvantage.

Black J: Ning Ning, what is your daddy doing?

Genius doctor: I’m confused too.

Clouds floating in the sky: Hi, handsome men, are you interested in coming to City A? I’m getting a suntan right now. Oh, how carefree…

Smiling angel: Someone wouldn’t dare to come.

Clouds floating in the sky: Oh, right, it seems like you all still owe us money.

Everybody: …

I am an anti-terrorist elite: It’s a mess. What is happening? Are you all really going to start a fight with the mafia? My ancestors, I beg you all. I still want to work until I retire. If I get busted, who will cover you all, huh?

Floating clouds and flowing water: I am not expressing my opinion. How about Ning Ning?

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: I just woke up. I don’t know anything.

Everybody: …

Clouds floating in the sky: Honestly! Baby has just woken up. Kids can’t grow tall easily if they don’t get enough sleep.

Everybody: …

Desire to see the world in chaos: Ning Ning, the situation between us and the mafia is a bit tensed now and any movement would get us killed. Louis has involved Dragon Gate and MBS International in the fight. We know that you are on good terms with Third Young Master Ye, and thus we know about the situation. However, the other masters of all the halls and altars don’t. If the news spreads outside, they will assume that the mafia has collaborated with Dragon Gate and MBS International. Our men will definitely think of ways to disrupt Dragon Gate’s activities, and if anything goes wrong, both sides will suffer from great losses.

I am an anti-terrorist elite: But if we succeed, North America will still be Dragon Gate’s territory. Haha, I’m looking forward to it now.

Jason: Sir, get away from us.

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: Wasn’t Daddy being one of the heads of Dragon Gate a secret?

Black J: There is nothing like an absolute secret. The news we received must have been recorded in the document and every master of the halls and altars will know about it. What exactly is happening between your daddy and Louis?

Ning Ning frowned and stayed silent.

After a long time.

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: I’m sure that Daddy won’t harm us. It’s night time now in America and the news hasn’t spread fast enough to reach them. All of you quickly spread the news to the masters of the other halls now and tell them to ignore it and do whatever they should do.

Jason: Baby, are you sure?

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: Yes!

Desire to see the world in chaos: Okay, we’ll listen to you. I’ll call them immediately and tell them to keep an eye on their men. You have to ensure that your daddy won’t act recklessly. If not, we won’t be able to take control of the situation.

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: Okay, I understand.

Clouds floating in the sky: Damn it, this Louis is so cunning. He obviously wants Dragon Gate and our forces in North America to be in conflict with each other so that he could benefit from it. Dragon Gate can’t avoid the fight as it has to either protect itself or defend itself from the attack. This move is really excellent and you won’t be able to figure it out unless you analyze in detail. Jason, it was not your fault when he had taken advantage of you then. You are really no match for such a sly and ruthless person.

Louis was such a cunning, devious, and toxic person.

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