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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 253: Untitled

Chapter 253: Untitled

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A hectic morning went by quickly. Third Young Master Ye, Fourth Young Master Tang, and Lin had lunch together in the afternoon. It was their usual lunch date. The news of him working with Louis had already spread all over the world, which meant that he had settled the issues regarding Louis peacefully. They took the opportunity during lunch to come up with the most effective way to take over Fire Beacon Hall’s territories in the shortest time possible. Without disruption from the mafia, it would be easy for them to do so.

He looked at Cheng Anya subconsciously when he came out of the room. The girl who wore an old-fashioned outfit was focused on organizing the data. Cheng Anya’s serious face had a slight calm smile that was as wonderful as the spring breeze and as pure and calm as a piece of jade.

She placed her black colored glasses at the side. Her slightly curled eyelashes were fluttering like feathers, making Third Young Master Ye’s heart bittersweetly painful. It seemed like the only cure to the pain was to go over and bite her.

He felt like pouncing over and kissing her.

Cheng Anya had always said that he behaved like a beast. For heaven’s sake, he started being beastly only after he had met her. He had encountered women more beautiful and charming than her, but none of them gave him the crazy feeling of wanting to kiss and hug them without a care in the world.

Cheng Anya sensed his passionate gaze and looked up. She was stunned by Third Young Master Ye’s green and beast-like gaze. The corners of her eyes twitched. It was as if he would pounce on her anytime soon.

‘Third Young Master Ye, you are not far from being an animal that tends to obey their sexual impulses.’

Damn, he even said that he couldn’t face her anymore. He should stop deceiving himself!

However, she was proud of herself that she could turn Third Young Master Ye into a beast, as it meant that she was attractive.

Liu Xiaotian and Guan Rutong looked at Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya with a strange stare. Then, they looked at each other, speechless. Adultery was written all over their faces!

In their impression, Third Young Master Ye had always liked to pick on Cheng Anya. It was weird that he would stare at her for so long. Perhaps they were behaving like kindergarten kids? Was it true that he would annoy her to attract her attention because he liked her?

This was too… shocking!

Chen Juan and Lin Yali went to deliver the documents and saw such a scene.

“President Ye, is there anything else for us to do?” Cheng Anya asked and smiled. She was secretly glad that Guan Rutong and Liu Xiaotian were standing opposite of her, and thus didn’t see Third Young Master Ye’s passionate gaze.

“How are you feeling now?” Third Young Master Ye had originally wanted to introduce Cheng Anya to his two friends, but he reckoned that the things they would talk about were too bloody and dark, which was unsuitable for her. Hence, he dropped the idea and changed the topic.

“I’m okay!” Cheng Anya’s heart felt warm and she smiled even more brightly. Third Young Master Ye nodded and went into the lift after telling them to organize the documents needed for the meeting in the afternoon.

Liu Xiaotian’s mouth was so wide open that it might even fit an egg. It was unbelievable. “Anya, why is President Ye so concerned about you? Oh my god, tell us! Is there any secret between the two of you?”

It was purely a joke between friends. Cheng Anya only smiled and said, “I had gastric pain when I sent the documents to his office earlier on and he saw it. He might have just asked me about it casually. He doesn’t care about me. He only cares if it would delay my work progress.”

Indeed, this might be the case given Third Young Master Ye’s personality.

Both of them seemed to be enlightened suddenly. Guan Rutong was concerned and asked, “Is your gastric pain okay now?”

Cheng Anya nodded.

Chen Juan and Lin Yali went out to eat after work. Cheng Anya did not bring her lunch box out that day. Therefore, she went to the employees’ cafeteria with Liu Xiaotian and Guan Rutong. It was her first time stepping into the employees’ cafeteria.

The environment was clean and the interior looked comfortable and extravagant, not worse than the restaurants outside. The food tasted good as well. The staff welfare of MBS International was really not bad. Even the chef hired was of five-star skills and they had a wide variety of food. There were Western, Chinese, Japanese, Korean food… Very refined…

Even Cheng Anya said that it was not bad. Third Young Master Ye was really a great boss.

“Delicious, right? It’s so much better than the restaurants outside. Look at our staff. Almost of all them eat here. Those who go out for meals are those who have a date.”

“Delicious!” Cheng Anya was full of praises. “I’ve decided. I will come here for meals twice a week!”

“Wise decision.” Liu Xiaotian laughed. “Come and eat with us next time. If not, you’ll be bored eating alone.”

Cheng Anya choked on the steak. Eating alone? She hadn’t eaten alone even before she got together with Third Young Master Ye. Especially after she got together with Third Young Master Ye, her afternoon lunch was always full of surprises…

Recalling those obscene times, Cheng Anya’s face went red and she tried to hide it by drinking her juice.

Cheng Anya didn’t know because she hadn’t been to the cafeteria. She only knew that she had many admirers when she went to the cafeteria. Actually, she had caught the eyes of many people in the company because she had a pure and beautiful face. Moreover, she was always smiling and looked gentle and calm. Rumor had it that Cheng Anya was the goddess of all men in MBS International.

Cheng Anya had heard this before from Guan Rutong and Liu Xiaotian’s mouth, but she just laughed it off. She never paid attention to her own gossip.

Because she was Ye Chen’s head secretary, she was with Ye Chen most of the time. During work, anybody who dared to flirt with Third Young Master Ye’s secretary would be butchered by him. He didn’t like to see staff discussing personal issues during working hours.

After work, Cheng Anya would disappear. Even if they wanted to woo her, how could they do it without being able to see her at all?

There were rumors of Cheng Anya being Yang Zekun’s girlfriend at first and the news had broken many hearts of the men in MBS International. The rumor died down eventually, and since Yao Hua and MBS International started the fight, they all assumed that Cheng Anya and Yang Zekun had broken up after witnessing how Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye worked together to retaliate.

Therefore, the broken hearts of the men began to turn passionate for her again.

Some of the managers whom Cheng Anya had met frequently and some young talented men that she hadn’t met before came over to say hello. Everyone was very straightforward and daring. The people in MBS International were all elites of society. Therefore, they did things fast, effective, and accurate. Everybody was used to applying that way of doing things to everything, including in a relationship.

All the men who dared to say hello to Cheng Anya were the most important and skilled people in MBS International. How would a nobody dare to approach her? Men still had that bit of pride left.

Miss Cheng looked innocent and pure like an obedient girl and they had always regarded her as someone mysterious, as if she was a flower in the fog. The flower was natural, elegant, and beautiful. Although she was competent in her work, it didn’t mean that she was good at everything.

Those people had confidence that they would conquer a pure flower easily as they thought they were competent, had great social status and rich life experience. Who knew that Miss Cheng was not an easy figure as well and she was difficult to deal with.

She had a smile right from the beginning until the end and did not reject anyone. Her faint smile and politeness had no feelings of hostility, but they could sense that there was a void in her kindness and elegance that they couldn’t get in.

Both business cards and phone numbers were given and they even talked to her and tried to impress her with their charms. However, they felt frustrated.

Director Li of the jewelry design department pulled Liu Xiaotian out of the crowd of men to be all lovey-dovey at the side, while Guan Rutong sat at the side to watch the show with the vice-president of the sales department who was wooing her as she did not want her meal to be interrupted.

Only Cheng Anya stayed to deal with those men with a smile.

“They must have thought that Anya was easy to woo.” Liu Xiaotian mocked.

The talented designer, Director Li, raised his eyebrows coldly. Could a nobody fit to be Third Young Master Ye’s head secretary?

Suddenly, the whole cafeteria went silent!

The men crowding around Cheng Anya automatically made way. Louis’ handsome face appeared in front of Cheng Anya. His pair of jade green eyes were gentle but melancholic.

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