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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 254: Untitled

Chapter 254: Untitled

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Cheng Anya’s first reaction was to smile coldly. Her second reaction was to smile slightly. She had calmed down!

Everyone in the restaurant looked at them curiously. Some of them were rubbernecking and the noisy restaurant became quiet all of a sudden.

Louis, MBS International’s newly appointed vice-president. His position wasn’t a secret in MBS International. Especially to the people in the news department, he was like a bomb which had bombarded all of them that morning.

That iconic pretty face and his jade green eyes had an absolute attractiveness.

What a prince!

That was what all the female staff of MBS International had swooned over him about. He was such a prince.

A perfect face, a melancholic aura, was chivalrous and talented. He was definitely a prince that attracted a bunch of women.

Because they were shocked, unfamiliar with him, and minded his position as the godfather of the mafia, the staff of MBS International kept quiet. After all, they were people of two different worlds.

“Hi, Anya, we have met again.” Louis sat down opposite Anya slowly. His smile was so charming and bright that it caught the eyes of all the people in the restaurant. Some female staff almost screamed.

“Vice-president, I’m not so happy to see you,” Cheng Anya smiled and said calmly. Her eyebrows were full of feelings of distance and indifference. She looked around and found out that the other colleagues were staring at them curiously.

Including Liu Xiaotian and Guan Rutong.

Louis raised the corners of his lips and looked at her. As always, he was gentle and harmless. Everyone proceeded to do what they were doing and the men who were crowding around her left immediately and sat in different corners of the restaurant in order to eavesdrop on what they were saying.

Cheng Anya secretly thought to herself. ‘This must be the so-called aura!’

‘Some people just don’t resemble a king even though they are wearing the clothes of an emperor. Some people aren’t fierce at all even though they look fierce, and some people look harmless, but in fact, have a great aura that is dangerous.’

‘The difference between humans is big.’

“Why are you so heartless? I’ve missed you so much.” Louis smiled. He signaled to the staff as though he was in a proper restaurant and asked for a glass of red wine. By right, the staff of the company were supposed to take the food themselves. However, since Louis asked for it, the chef had delivered it to him promptly.

The display of splendor was almost the same as how they treated Third Young Master Ye.

“Vice-president, you speak Mandarin so well that I would mistake you for a Chinese if not for your pure western face,” Cheng Anya said while smiling. It was rare for foreigners to speak Mandarin this well.

Louis smiled and stayed silent. Cheng Anya wanted to stand up and leave but was stopped by him. Cheng Anya’s face turned cold. Louis pulled Cheng Anya down with so much strength that she was pulled down back to her seat. Louis ignored her angry gaze and said calmly, “Miss Cheng, the break hasn’t ended yet. Sit down and chat with me for a while.”

“Vice-president, I think I still have my human rights!” Cheng Anya smiled lightly, but the corners of her lips were full of sarcasm.

He appeared in the employees’ cafeteria so openly and even chose that timing to talk to her, which would definitely make her the center of attention in MBS International. Cheng Anya hated that feeling.

She had always been low-key and never once thought to be the center of attention.

“I’ve made so much effort in order to work in the same company as the woman I love. Anya, aren’t you touched?” Louis smiled lightly and asked.

What a joke! Cheng Anya laughed coldly. “Vice-president, it’s your own freedom. Do whatever you want.”

“How heartless!”

Cheng Anya smiled. “Louis, if you want me to save the world, you’ll have to ask me if I like the world first.”

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