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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 255: Old Cucumber Putting on Green Paint, Acting Young

Chapter 255: Old Cucumber Putting on Green Paint, Acting Young

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Louis smiled gently but he was also domineering. “I don’t have to ask if you like it or not!”

“Oh, you are on a different level from us. I can understand!” Cheng Anya smiled faintly and drank the juice leisurely. Since she could no longer walk away, she might as well let things go naturally. Louis could not do anything since they were in MBS International’s cafeteria.

Louis spun the cup and smiled. “Anya, you are really similar to Third Young Master Ye. Both of you are so sharp when scolding people.”

Both of them had a really wicked tongue and were quick-witted.

“Sorry, I ate too much of his saliva.” Cheng Anya smiled and said it without blushing, looking as if she was very proud. She said it very softly, so only Louis heard her. A trace of shock flashed past his emerald eyes and Cheng Anya could feel the atmosphere around her becoming colder.

But Louis was still the melancholic prince.

Cheng Anya felt that there was a chill down her spine. Provoking Louis was definitely not something that a smart person would do. However, his face really made her feel uncomfortable and she could not help but spill out those words.

“What do you think about becoming my private secretary?” Louis asked while smiling. The cold gaze that lasted for a second disappeared and he quickly regained his calmness. Cheng Anya was wondering why he had such a stable mask and what caused his expression to change.

“What I think is not important. It is more important to know about what President Ye thinks. I’m his chief secretary, so you should ask him about it. If he is willing to send me to you, I will listen to him without any objection,” Cheng Anya said faintly. If Third Young Master Ye dared to send her to Louis, she would fire him without saying anything.

Louis was shocked. Where did this woman’s confidence come from? How was she so sure that Third Young Master Ye would reject his request?

Louis did not believe that the feelings between Anya and Third Young Master Ye would be so stable to the point where nobody could affect them. To Louis, no relationship in this world was stable forever, be it between brothers, or parents and children.

Much less the fragile romantic love.

At the table near them, Liu Xiaotian tugged on Director Li’s sleeves and asked, “Hey, does the vice-president like Anya?”

“I don’t know!” Director Li replied coldly.

“He looks so gentle and beautiful when he smiles!” Liu Xiaotian was in a nymphomaniac state and smiled in a perverted manner. “Why is there no such handsome man wooing me?”

Director Li turned his head slowly and his usual cold gaze looked very gentle. “Sweet doughnut, say it again.”

Liu Xiaotian’s hair stood on end and the atmosphere was cold. She smiled sheepishly and Director Li, who had a weird temper, suddenly stood up and slammed the table before pulling up his sleeves and left. His hair was tossed in a graceful manner.

The sound of slamming on the table was very loud in the silent room and it successfully attracted the attention of others. Liu Xiaotian was so regretful. Why was she so stupid?

“Anya, I shall go back first!” Liu Xiaotian immediately rushed out as if there was oil under her feet.

Cheng Anya could not help but laugh. “Louis, look at how flirty you are. You have caused the young couple to get into a fight. It is really your fault.”

“Too bad, I only want to attract you,” Louis said affectionately. “Anya, how am I not comparable to him?”

‘You are not comparable to Ye Chen in all sorts of ways!’ Cheng Anya thought to herself secretly.

“There is an old Chinese saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You must have heard it before, since your Chinese is so good.” Cheng Anya smiled. “Given a Chinese’s standard of beauty, you are indeed not as good-looking as Ye Chen.”

Louis raised his eyebrows. How was this related to their looks?

“There is indeed a gap between us. After all, there is a problem of communication between people from different countries.” Cheng Anya explained kindly. “I am someone that judges people by their appearance and I covet Ye Chen’s beauty. You should blame your mom for not giving you a more handsome face. This is an inborn issue and it is useless no matter how hard you try.”


Judging people by their appearance, coveting Ye Chen’s beauty, and he was not as handsome as Ye Chen?

These few phrases flashed past Louis usually-sharp mind, but he was confused. His expression kept changing and it was hard to understand his expressions. Cheng Anya smiled. She knew that she could not handle Louis as he was a persistent pervert that would not harm her. It was a pity not to play around with him since he was a toy that delivered himself to her.

The group of men that was coveting Miss Cheng’s beauty and capability raised their thumbs. She was too doughty for daring to talk to Louis in such a manner. She was very courageous and she instantly became their queen from the innocent and cute Miss Cheng.

They could even see the arrogant look of the queen waving the whip. They had totally misjudged this woman.

At least, none of them dared to sneer at Louis.

“The two of you are cousins.”

“You are really old-fashioned. There are many cousins marrying each other in Italy.” Cheng Anya smiled and did not mind Louis mentioning her family’s relationship at all.

“I am really happy to talk to you,” Louis said faintly and his emerald eyes darkened with a determined look.

“I am not happy at all.” Cheng Anya smiled and waved her hands calmly. “Of course, you don’t have to care whether I am happy or not.”

He only cared about his own motive. This was Louis.

“You’re right!” Louis smiled faintly and supported his chin with one hand. He swirled the wine in his cup and had a forced smile. “What should I do when I’m getting more interested in you? It seems like I have to fight with Ye Chen until the end.”

He was very charismatic at that moment. He was the melancholic prince and very elegant at the same time. He was very charming and captured the hearts of another batch of female workers. They all looked at him in a nymphomaniac manner.

Cheng Anya suddenly smiled in an elegant manner. “Mister Louis, I have a question that I have always wanted to ask. How old are you?”

He looked like he was around thirty years old.

However, he had a fair complexion and was beautiful. He was an extreme example of not judging people by their appearance.

“I am thirty-six years old,” Louis said without hiding. Men this age were the most matured, charismatic, and calm. A young man could not be compared to them and Louis always knew that he was very charismatic.

“Thirty-six?” Cheng Anya smiled in a gentle manner. “Why are you wooing me when you are already so old? Are you an old cucumber putting on green paint? You’re acting young!”


This was the second time that Louis was speechless.

Everyone around them was shocked. Those elites opened their mouths wide and were stupefied…

Old cucumber putting on green paint, acting young…

This sentence was like an echo that kept replaying in their mind.

Louis was the godfather of the Italian mafia, yet Miss Cheng dared to sneer at him in such a manner. She was too courageous. Her image had turned from a queen to a goddess.

Too doughty!

Louis was very shocked as this was the first time someone dared to speak to him in such a manner.

Cheng Anya stood up calmly and smiled. “Vice-president, it is time for me to go back to work. I shall excuse myself!”

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