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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 257: Ah Chen

Chapter 257: Ah Chen

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As Third Young Master Ye was one who walked the talk, Liu Xiaotian and Guan Rutong did not dare to disobey and really ordered 9999 roses to pile up the entire floor. All the roses in City A were almost sold out that day.

MBS International was a spectacular scene that afternoon as bouquets upon bouquets of roses were brought to the top floor.

Cheng Anya could not keep up her smile!

She helplessly saw the pale-colored floor being colored rose-red.

She tried to convince Third Young Master Ye to change his mind, but he coldly replied that he liked it!

He had a cold look and an arrogance that wanted to duke it out with Louis for her favor. Had Cheng Anya tried to add another word, she would have stopped her in her tracks, speechless.

‘Third Young Master Ye, this is not the way to spend money even if you are so damn romantic!’

Everybody in the secretariat looked at each other, speechless. Liu Xiaotian and company could not think of any other words than ‘adulterous’.

“This… feels like a wedding hall… Uh, that…” Liu Xiaotian feigned a laugh in the silence and shrugged. She did not know what to say and Guan Rutong shot her a glance, hinting to her to pipe down.

Cheng Anya rubbed her slightly aching eyebrows and quietly maintained her typical smile.

A wedding hall… Whose wedding hall was so over-the-top?

The fragrance of roses filled the office and caught Third Young Master Ye a little off guard when he stepped out. He was greeted with a wall of rose-red as roses covered the entire place. His secretaries were almost engulfed in this sea of roses.

“I say, why don’t the four of you go get some coffee?” Third Young Master Ye coldly said and the four ladies looked at each other, speechless. After spending this much time with him, they knew that he was issuing an eviction order to get them to scram.

It felt even more adulterous this time.

Miss Cheng still calmly sat down as she saw Liu Xiaotian and company leave.

“I have this feeling that there is something going on between Anya and President Ye?”

“Like duh! People sent 99 roses and he sent 9999, a hundred times more, in return. He is clearly after her affection and there isn’t anything strange about that.”

“President Ye did not specify it was for Anya, though?”

“Even an idiot would be able to tell that it was meant for our dear Anya.”

“Wow… How romantic is that!”

“And prepare your popcorn, for President Ye and the vice-president have both taken a fancy to Anya. The competition is intense, and it will be fun.”

“Didn’t President Ye have a wife and child? What is it with Anya then?”

“Oh, yes…”

“Could it be…”

“Oh my god, did our dear Anya keep it under wraps so well?”

“This is amazing!”

“Do you want to… hang around?”

“Do you have the guts?”


Apart from a little path in the entire floor, the entire floor was piled with roses. Third Young Master Ye was extremely pleased with the outcome as Cheng Anya removed her glasses and slowly looked up. “Are you bored?” she asked plainly.

“How is it so boring and stuffy for me to give my beloved woman roses?” Third Young Master Ye gently laughed as he sat on Cheng Anya’s office table with a hand on the documents Cheng Anya was tidying and laughed extremely happily. “Dear Anya, do you like it?”

“Do you think I look like I like it?” Cheng Anya smiled gently.

“Whoever said during yesterday’s date that roses must be given?” Third Young Master Ye teased as he looked down and grabbed Cheng Anya. He connected with her mouth and kissed her hard. Cheng Anya was almost out of breath when he had enough and let go.

Third Young Master Ye seemingly laughed as he touched her lips and pecked her. He felt that Cheng Anya had the softest lips in the world that one could not get sick of kissing. He was already infatuated with this sensational feeling.

“I have fulfilled your wish,” Third Young Master Ye said passionately. “A movie used to have a saying that a man must give his beloved woman a rose because it represents love. If he does not even give a rose, it means that he is a coward.”

That bouquet of roses last night did not count!

“I’ll just treat you as childish for wanting to keep up with Louis. I do not even like him.” Cheng Anya was not fooled by the deep emotions in his face. “President Ye, please get up. You are pressing on my documents.” She smiled plainly.

Third Young Master Ye kept silent.

F***. Could she be nice as it’s not easy for him to be so romantic?

‘Dear Anya, I really feel like strangling you!’

“How old are you, kid?” Cheng Anya took the documents on the table and clobbered him on the head with them to vent her frustration. “Please get rid of all of these.”

“I do not take back what I give,” Third Young Master Ye said coldly as he avoided Miss Cheng’s clobbering and suddenly hugged her. Both of them fell onto the roses and the fragrance of roses engulfed them. Cheng Anya turned her body, only to feel Third Young Master Ye pinning her onto the roses. The vibrant color of the roses competed with her pale skin.

It was very mesmerizing.

“Tell me, do you really like it?”

Cheng Anya was caught off guard for a moment and pushed his chest away. “What are you… trying to do in the office? Surveillance downstairs must have caught everything.”

Their compromising posture, along with the position of the camera, would have left anybody who saw the footage with the impression they were not innocent.

“Don’t worry. I have already told them to turn off the CCTV cameras on this level.”

“…What are you up to?”

“I am jealous at Louis sending you roses, okay? I should warn you that if he dares to send you roses again, I will send you another 9999 roses. Let’s see who’s more awesome than the other.” Third Young Master roared boldly and straightforwardly.

Cheng Anya pushed him to sit up and conveniently helped herself to a rose. The rose looked nice and it bloomed beautifully. Honestly, she was not unhappy that Third Young Master Ye had given her so many roses. It was just…

“Ye Chen…”

“Dear Anya, let’s discuss, shall we? Can you stop calling me by my name when we are together? How distant and apart that sounds…”

“…What should I call you then?” Cheng Anya asked curiously.



“What’s wrong with calling me husband? Those in relationships are already addressing their boyfriends as such.” He was unhappy and he really wanted to hear Cheng Anya call him ‘husband’. Thinking of how that word would sound like in her tender voice made him all mesmerized and drunk.

Since people in love were fools, Third Young Master Ye felt that he was not too far away from being a fool.

“If you cannot bring yourself to call me that, let’s change it up a little. How about Chen Chen?” Cheng Anya trembled at the thought. To call Ye Chen by his name felt a little distant, and whoever allowed his mom to give him such a name.

“Are you my mother?”

“That does it then. Stop calling me Third Young Master Ye or Ye Chen. No more calling me by these names.”

“Okay, okay, whatever works for you!” Third Young Master Ye petulantly turned around and Cheng Anya was at a loss as to whether to cry or laugh. Looking at the office filled with roses, and Ye Chen, who was aside fuming, Cheng Anya’s heart softened into mush as though her life was filled with this romantic sea of roses.

“Ah Chen…”

Ye Chen’s stifling frustration was relieved by her calling him ‘Ah Chen’. His heart was all tender as though the most beautiful moonlight had shone into the depths of his heart.

He smiled.

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