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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 258: Untitled

Chapter 258: Untitled

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Third Young Master Ye suddenly grabbed her and conveniently fell onto the roses. Cheng Anya lost her balance and fell onto him as Third Young Master Ye held her head and passionately kissed her. His agile tongue dug into and her mouth and glided across each inch of her tender skin. He eventually sucked at and teased her tongue.

As though it was something fragile that would give way to his touch, he was gentle and careful with it. Miss Cheng was touched by his gentleness and complied with Third Young Master Ye’s romantic advances.

Ah Chen…

“Dear Anya, it is so good to have you!” Third Young Master Ye smiled gently as he ran his slender fingers across her lips. There was a genuine satisfaction from within him as his good-looking face had a gentle yet alluring hue to it.

“For your entire life.” Cheng Anya did not settle for her praise as she yanked him up by his tie and sat up. “Third Young Master Ye, let’s discuss something…” She smiled.

“Ah Chen!”

“You have to give me some time to get used to it…” Cheng Anya retorted but eased off when she saw Third Young Master Ye’s stone-face. “Okay, Ah Chen, let’s discuss something. Stop sparring with Louis. Just leave him to his devices.”

“How dare he thirst after my woman! There is no room for negotiation on this!” Third Young Master Ye said overbearingly. For him to sit by and simply do nothing as Louis thirsted after Cheng Anya was fat hope for Third Young Master Ye. She was his, and he would not allow anybody to thirst after her.

This was an overbearing way to be possessive.

“What are you doing? The number of women who thirst after you are enough to go around City A once. Did I say something wrong?” Cheng Anya smiled sweetly as she gently asked. Third Young Master Ye suddenly felt his scalp go numb.

“That was the past. Please do not dig it up!” Third Young Master Ye quickly retorted. He was very apologetic for his philandering ways and had he known that he would discover his dear Anya in his life, he would have kept himself pure and quietly waited for her to grow old together with.

“Why don’t you just get it? That’s why you always failed your exams.”

“I am jealous. What about that?” Third Young Master Ye uncontrollably roared and hit the floor hard. He was like an extremely angry beast.

“What is there to be jealous about? I do not even like Louis!”

“I’m just jealous!”

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence…

With such a scene of roses, she seemed exceptionally heartbroken. “What a waste… 9999 roses must have been extremely pricey!”

Third Young Master Ye kept silent.

Damn it! Had he known things would turn out this way, that she was indifferent to his jealousy and instead more concerned about how much the 9999 roses cost… Third Young Master Ye was helpless and at a loss for words. What kind of woman was she!

He suddenly remembered what Ning Ning told him. His mommy even resold the roses she received during Valentine’s Day.

It took him a while to realize that Miss Cheng was indeed thirsting after the roses that filled the room. Even if she sold the roses at a cheap price, she would be able to earn a fair bit from them. Third Young Master Ye could imagine Miss Cheng’s hands cramping as she received money from the sea of roses.

What a miser!

F***, he would murder her if she dared to sell the roses!

As their gazes met the other’s, one could see the yuan appearing in Miss Cheng’s eyes. Both of them looked at each other calmly, seemingly to see who would eventually yield. They suddenly laughed.

Each laugher became more sinister and scheming than the other.

“I will not allow you to sell them!” Third Young Master Ye said through gritted teeth. “Otherwise, I’ll strangle you!”

“Ah Chen, that is why I say you are a narrow-minded person. I was not thinking of selling them but pondering something else.” Cheng Anya smiled gently as Third Young Master Ye’s face eased while she reached out her hand. “Bank cards, including credit cards, wage card, savings accounts—surrender them to me!”

Third Young Master Ye was surprised by her action and his delicate features seemed lost at what was happening. “Why?”

“As you have been a spendthrift, I will manage every single cent in the family. I am confiscating your money!” Cheng Anya said firmly without room for disagreement with a face that screamed ‘ditch you’ if he dared to disagree.

Third Young Master Ye was not calm anymore. Had he known he would lose the right to his own finances over 9999 roses, he would not have bought them in the first place. He could imagine how vexing it would have been for a man’s money to be managed by their wives.

“Wifey, I need some money for a beer!”

“There you go for your beer.” Somebody calmly passed him five yuan.

Third Young Master Ye was softened by the shock of the scene and at that moment, tears streamed down his face…

Cheng Anya appreciated the mime that was playing out and felt incomparably happy at how beautiful the world, the sun, and all things were.

“No!” Third Young Master Ye seemed determined as though he was a rich man’s son making his chastity vows before a pure woman. His expression was timeless.

Cheng Anya laughed until her intestines knotted. Third Young Master Ye was indeed very adorable.

There was, however, a calm on her face as she smiled and said, “Some say that when a man loves a woman, he would give his all to her. If you are not willing to part with such little money, it seems that you do not really love me. I think I might want to bring my son to find a second marriage.”

Was that just a little money?

Third Young Master Ye was so angered by her expression to the point his face turned green, looking like he wanted to devour her. “What do you mean by ‘do not love you’ and ‘second spring’? Damn it, you are just unwilling to spend my money, so why find excuses? You miser!”

“So, are you giving or not?” Cheng Anya smiled as charmingly as she could whilst Third Young Master Ye seemed constipated as though he had swallowed a fly.

The silence, staring…

As two super scheming people intensely collided, the roses that filled the office were about to be knocked into the air. It was all bleak and chilly.

“Will it do if I give them to you?” Third Young Master Ye had lost. Those damn roses cost him his right to his own finances. Damn it, damn it, damn it! He repeatedly stomped the roses.

Cheng Anya laughed contentedly!

A complete victory for her!

How much were all of Third Young Master Ye’s assets… worth? Miss Cheng did the math in her heart and smiled even sweeter as the number grew. Talk about being all pleased which starkly contrasted with Third Young Master Ye’s reaction.

These 9999 roses were timely!

Cheng Anya looked at the entire room of blooming roses and suddenly had an idea. She crawled up back to her seat and made a call. “Hello, this is Cheng Anya. Please put me through to Manager Zhang of the news department.”

Third Young Master Ye’s brows rose. He suddenly had a bad premonition at what she was about to do. His face became sullen and his eyes widened.

Once the call was put through, Cheng Anya smiled and said, “Manager Zhang, please release an internal bulletin to notify MBS workers to each collect ten stalks of roses after office hours today.”

“Ah, why?” Manager Zhang was extremely surprised. He had long heard about the many bouquets of roses being moved to the top floor, and how did it have anything to do with the workers collecting them later?

“Oh, 7/7 is approaching and this year’s Valentine cocktail reception will not be held due to a shortage of funds. The president is apologetic to all staff and it so happens that roses in City A are sold at a discount today. Hence, he decided to make it up to everybody with roses out of goodwill…”

When Third Young Master Ye heard her, various emotions flashed past his face as he suddenly crawled over, wanting to grab the phone. “Do as instructed. It’s an order!” Cheng Anya said.

As she said that, she quickly ended the call. Third Young Master Ye was only able to grab her hand. The goose was cooked.

“Cheng Anya, what are you doing?” Third Young Master Ye roared. He had lost all his face to Cheng Anya. No more Valentine’s cocktail reception? And said reception was replaced by roses? F***, to think she could think about that!

Ahhhhh, his face!

The Valentine’s cocktail reception was an MBS tradition that was always held. Due to a shortage of funds, Third Young Master Ye was considering whether to hold the cocktail reception. He had instructed somebody to draw up a budget for the event and then decide whether to hold it.

He did not expect Cheng Anya to settle it on his behalf.

And it was done in such a shabby manner… Ahhhh, he was about to go mad. It was either go big or go home. When did he, Third Young Master Ye, become so shabby ahh…

“This is the best way to handle the roses.” Cheng Anya smiled sweetly and remained calm. She was not afraid of Third Young Master Ye’s calmness, and the employees would be touched despite Third Young Master Ye finding it embarrassing.

As MBS International was short on funds this year, this year’s cocktail reception was pretty much due to being canceled. For Third Young Master Ye to give each employee ten roses under such circumstances was thoughtful and bright on the president’s part.

Just as Cheng Anya expected, Manager Zhang, who received the news, was first lost then tearing in gratitude. When the news department received the news, every employee felt that President Ye indeed extremely… empathized with his subordinates.

This internal news quickly spread throughout MBS International. Ye Chen’s image amongst MBS International’s workers became much brighter.

Talk about exhilaration!

But some people did ask, “Why not during Valentine’s Day?”

“Wasn’t it mentioned that roses in City A were sold at a discount today? The prices of roses would have flipped several times if they had waited until 7/7.”

“Oh, that seems to be the case.”

“President Ye is… This is really touching.”

“What a good boss!”

The entire MBS International was buzzing.

At this moment, Third Young Master Ye only wanted to commit suicide. He felt his image and dignity were thoroughly dismantled by Cheng Anya. His bright leadership and coldness were… not present.

“I would you rather you sell the roses.” Third Young Master Ye thoroughly regretted what he did and he had totally not expected Cheng Anya to pull off such a stunt. With almost a thousand in the MBS International’s headquarters, ten roses a person was perfect.

“This is almost similar to selling.” Pink yuan notes appeared in Cheng Anya’s eyes. “The budget for the Valentine’s cocktail reception just arrived yesterday and I am still tidying up the information which you will get to peruse in a moment. Since I have used the roses to replace the cocktail banquet, you will have to give me the budget for that.”

Third Young Master Ye kept silent.


‘Dear Anya, you are such a genius!’

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