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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 259: The Wedding Date

Chapter 259: The Wedding Date

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After work, MBS International’s employees were obedient enough to collect the roses. Floor by floor, they were very organized. Third Young Master Ye’s five secretaries, including Cheng Anya, helped give out the roses in person. They took an hour to finish giving them out.

Liu Xiaotian had the best relationship with Cheng Anya. She secretly asked her, “Aren’t these roses from President Ye for you?”

The other three women had the same question as well.

In the afternoon, 9999 roses were sent to Cheng Anya. They had thought that they were from President Ye. To their surprise, they received a notice after a while for everyone to go and pick up ten roses each as an early Valentine’s Day gift.

This… was getting a bit mysterious. They were very curious.

Cheng Anya smiled and shook her head. “Well, if a man gives me 9999 roses, I would marry him without hesitation. How romantic.”

She didn’t pay attention to her surroundings when she said this. She happened to see Third Young Master Ye standing there with his fists clenched when she turned back. He looked very fierce, as if he would kill anyone at any time.

It frightened a few people except for Cheng Anya. She was smiling as always.

‘Come on, appearing silently like this would definitely frighten people. I guess Third Young Master Ye wouldn’t like to hear these words.’

Yes, Third Young Master Ye was mad. He was jealous and bought 9999 roses. As a result, he lost a lot of money and financial power. The roses were even given out as a Valentine’s Day gift. He lost all his face and was ripped off by little Anya.

Now, she casually said that she would marry someone who was willing to buy her 9999 roses?

F***, why didn’t she marry him although he had bought those roses?

How could he hold back?

“Are you all the guardians of the door? Don’t you know that the party is starting at seven-thirty?” Third Young Master Ye’s gaze was cold, and his whole body radiated an evil vibe. All of them bowed their heads and listened to him scolding them obediently.

‘It’s bad. What a strong murderous vibe!’

In order to welcome the new vice-president, MBS International did not dare to make any mistakes, especially so when the status of that vice-president was special. Under the command of the CEO, Ye Zhenhua, MBS international would have a large welcome reception at night.

Other than inviting elites that were important managers of MBS International, Old Master Ye had also invited many large business partners to attend the reception. The lineup was more impressive than when Ye Chen took office as the president.

“Yes, President Ye!” Several people replied at the same time and went to dress up at the shop which Third Young Master Ye had picked. Cheng Anya was stopped by him. “Miss Cheng, pick up some documents before you leave.”

Liu Xiaotian and others saw that Third Young Master Ye’s expression was very bad. They gave Cheng Anya the ‘I sympathize with you’ look and abandoned Cheng Anya.

“I think that there must be something going on between President Ye and little Anya, no?”

“Agree!” The other three spoke in unison.

“If someone gives you 9999 roses, will you marry him?” Third Young Master Ye turned less angry and asked with a fake smile. His delicate facial features had a hint of evilness, as if he was born with it.

It was like an attractive devil that would enchant everyone with its sexiness.

“Chen, you didn’t propose to me, so how could you blame me?” Cheng Anya smiled. She had been with Third Young Master Ye for a long time. Although she was used to his evil appearance, she was still attracted to his smile. What a demon.

But her expression was very calm.

Third Young Master Ye was not a pushover either. He forced Cheng Anya to retreat to the table step by step and locked her in his arms. His deep eyes were affectionate and full of charms.

Cheng Anya sighed. ‘Third Young Master Ye, I know you are charming. You don’t need to show off like this. You will be dead meat if I have a heart attack.’

What a demon…

“If I send you 9999 roses to propose again, will you agree to marry me?” Third Young Master Ye asked slowly and gently.

The fragrance of the roses filled the air.

It could be faintly smelled. Mixing with the grassy smell of the man, it formed a charming aroma.

Cheng Anya felt that even the tip of her nose had become sweet.

She smiled, held Third Young Master Ye’s face, and kissed him on the lips. “Chen, I was just joking. How can you be so childish?”

Third Young Master Ye really wanted to strangle her, really… His hands were clenched tight and the enchanting prince became a ferocious devil in an instant.


‘This woman can really torture people well.’

She thought that saying it with a kiss would make him say yes. Who knew that her saying that he was childish would trigger him so much. He was as affected as Louis when she mocked him.

He had a deep understanding of how Louis felt at noon because he almost couldn’t breathe.

Cheng Anya pushed him away slowly, patted the angry Third Young Master Ye, and said with a smile, “If we don’t leave now, we’ll be late for the party!”

Third Young Master Ye was bent on trying to strangle her and had forgotten about the party. Cheng Anya whispered in his ear and the gloomy Third Young Master Ye became bright again, like how the sun appears among the dark clouds.

He quickly caught up with her and his voice couldn’t help but sound joyful. His anger was extinguished by her words. “Are you serious?”

“When did I ever deceive you?” Cheng Anya entered the elevator with a smile.

“Didn’t you feel guilty when you said that? Didn’t you lie to me many times before?” Third Young Master Ye sneered and went into the elevator with her.

“It’s up to you whether to believe it or not.” Cheng Anya looked away. Third Young Master Ye grabbed her and pinned her down at the corner of the elevator, avoiding the CCTV. He looked domineering. “Do your words count?”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m not very patient. I’ll teach you a lesson here in the elevator if I don’t get a promise.” After saying that, he pretended to want to undress her and went in close to her lips. Cheng Anya was shocked by his bravery.

There was a CCTV in the elevator… Damn it, this pervert. She suddenly remembered that a few months ago, on the hospital bed, he also forced her to admit that Ning Ning was his son using this method.


“Fine, fine. I’ll keep my words. Happy?” Cheng Anya pushed him aside. “I say, why are you so perverted? Are you used to forcing women to confess on bed?”

“Oh, is someone jealous?”

“You really bloom easily when given a little sunlight.” Cheng Anya couldn’t help but laugh. Third Young Master Ye wanted to hug and kiss her, but the elevator had reached the first floor.

He was in such a good mood. Although he was still cold and cool, he could not hide the gentle smile between his eyebrows. His delicate features made him look gentler, like a real elegant prince.

Cheng Anya said that they would get married once things had settled down!

After waiting for such a long time, Third Young Master Ye was finally satisfied with the one sentence she said.

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