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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 260: Untitled

Chapter 260: Untitled

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The party started at seven-thirty in the evening. Third Young Master Ye entered the venue with his five secretaries at eight. They became the center of attention when they walked in.

The crowd went silent.

Only one word could describe them.


Third Young Master Ye, who was walking in the front, wore a black Armani suit. It was a classic style, low-key but luxurious. It fully showed Third Young Master Ye’s hegemony and nobleness. The wine red tie added a hint of attractive evilness to this luxury and nobleness.

Their aura stunned everyone.

The five beautiful women walking behind him were all as gorgeous as peaches and plums, as if they were goddesses from heaven. Chen Juan was mature and pretty, Lin Yali was sexy and charming, Guan Rutong was bright and radiant, Liu Xiaotian was as gorgeous as a lily that just bloomed, while Cheng Anya looked pure and beautiful.

There was nothing to be surprised of if there was only one pretty woman. Five women of different styles together with an attractive prince? That’d be totally different.

Absolutely 100% of the audience was stunned.

The spotlight that was originally on Louis, the godfather of the Italian mafia, was suddenly taken away.

They had become the center of attention of the party.

Third Young Master Ye did not need many people around him. Simply with his five secretaries, he could shock the whole party.

Old Master Ye was furious as he had worked hard for the party that was meant for Louis, not Third Young Master Ye.

“Dad, I’m sorry that I’m late. There was a traffic jam!” Third Young Master Ye greeted him. There were several uncles chatting around Old Master Ye and he simply said hello coldly in his usual style.

All of them exchanged greetings. Old Master Ye was silent and stared at Third Young Master Ye. He was very angry. Traffic jam? It was already past rush hour. What kind of traffic jam was he in?

He was obviously late on purpose to stir up trouble at the party.

“You obviously knew that you had to give a speech once the party started. How can you come so late? Were you late on purpose?” Old Master Ye asked furiously.

Third Young Master Ye chuckled in mockery. “Since you know what you know, you should hide it. Why did you say it out loud?”

As Old Master Ye was about to get angrier, Louis came over with a glass of red wine and greeted Third Young Master Ye with a smile. Third Young Master Ye showed a kind and affectionate look and shook hands with him.

Not far away, someone kept pressing the shutter and took photos of this scene.

The cooperation between MBS international and the mafia, the two important bosses shaking hands and talking while laughing and Old Master Ye who had not been attending parties appeared in person—all showed that MBS international regarded the cooperation with great importance. The rumors seemed even more reliable.

After exchanging greetings, Louis’s gaze soon fell on Cheng Anya.

“Third Young Master Ye is very… charming!” Louis chuckled, his calm eyes full of appreciation.

“Mister Louis is not bad too,” Third Young Master Ye said coldly. The so-called love enemies had met. They looked calm on the surface but had mixed feelings inside as if they were all separated by a void that no one could enter.

“My father hasn’t been to such an occasion for a long time. Mister Louis, it’s a great honor for you. You are the main lead today. This party was also carefully planned for you. Please enjoy… MBS chairman’s treatment.” Third Young Master Ye had a cold gaze that was aggressive. He wasn’t smiling although he had raised the corners of his lips.

Snowy and chilly—it was as if the place was covered with ice.

The five beauties behind him could feel the coldness clearly.

“It’s my pleasure!” Louis chuckled and said, successfully calming the anger of Old Master Ye. Maybe the father and son had gotten used to interacting like that since they were young. Hence, they always exchanged sharp words or scolded each other between the lines.

Third Young Master Ye intended it, so how would Old Master Ye not sense his sarcasm?

He was very unhappy, but he had to endure. That day was the day to welcome Louis. If they quarreled on such an occasion, the cooperative would look suspicious to the outside world.

At that time, anything could be rumored, which was not good for MBS International.

He must endure his provocation.

Old Master Ye hadn’t attended such a commercial reception for a long time, but after all, his connections were still there. In addition to their business partners, there were also senior government officials that day.

Third Young Master Ye sneered in secret. He had never underestimated the influence of the old man.

Because he was late, someone had already delivered a speech and saved Third Young Master Ye from the trouble. The atmosphere at the party was considered peaceful.

But there was a faint tension.

He knew that there were many pairs of eyes looking at him in the dark. There were people of Dragon Gate and people of the mafia.

After greeting Louis, Third Young Master Ye and several business customers went to greet each other. The beauties around him, one by one, were taken to the dance floor, except for Cheng Anya.

“Such parties are boring,” Cheng Anya said faintly. She didn’t like the luxurious venue and the luxury of the upper class. Or maybe, it was because of Louis.

She did not feel so stressed and depressed when she attended such a party with Third Young Master Ye in the past.

“President Ye, it has been a long time since we last met!” A fifty-year-old man came to greet Third Young Master Ye and they toasted each other with a glass of wine.

“CEO Zhang, you’re too old to remember. I just met you last week.” Third Young Master Ye smiled. A director of an international investment bank who had a rich family background. He had power in city A and considered to have a long-term cooperative relationship with MBS International. He had remembered what this CEO had said when he wanted to make a loan not long ago.

Followed by a series of sneers.

CEO Zhang was embarrassed, but he stayed strong.

After the two exchanged greetings, CEO Zhang’s gaze fell on Cheng Anya, and he smiled lecherously. “President Ye, is this your chief secretary?”

Third Young Master Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, concealing a trace of danger and leaned toward her quietly. “Yes!”

“I’ve heard for a long time that President Ye’s chief secretary is both talented and good-looking. She’s really brilliant. President Ye is so lucky.” CEO Zhang smiled unkindly.

Cheng Anya had worn a black dress that night. It was neither exposed nor conservative. It made her look generous and calm, which seeped into her pure beauty. The unexpected harmony of beauty was very striking and attractive.

Cheng Anya was extremely unhappy. Such words sounded harsh.

Because Third Young Master Ye was a romantic and a member of the Appearance Association, all his secretaries were young and beautiful. Everyone had thought that Third Young Master Ye had dirty relationships with all his secretaries.

She hated it when people judged Ye Chen this way.

This CEO Zhang… Cheng Anya sneered. A serious case of hair loss, beer belly, height less than 165, a pair of eyes that looked really indecent.

‘Ah… Why are billionaires mostly dwarfs and perverts?’

Third Young Master Ye smiled. “CEO Zhang, what do you mean by that?”

CEO Zhang seemed to be aware of his displeasure and laughed. “I mean, Miss Cheng is very beautiful.”

Cheng Anya was always full of smiles.

Third Young Master Ye sneered and glanced at Cheng Anya. “Indeed, she’s beautiful!”

But at that moment, all he wanted to do was to dig his eyes out. ‘Can’t you tell whose woman is she? Don’t you dare to ogle her!’

CEO Zhang struck a pose that he thought was very elegant and charming. “Miss Cheng, can I have the honor to invite you for a dance?”

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