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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 262: Untitled

Chapter 262: Untitled

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Third Young Master Ye and Old Master Ye both turned their heads at the same time to see the media and reporters rush toward the entrance with their cameras. The commotion intensified and almost immediately they heard…

“Old Master Yang…”

“President Yang…”

Third Young Master Ye’s face became solemn as though a storm was brewing.

Yang Yun and Yang Zekun’s presence pushed the banquet to a new climax as almost everybody’s gaze focused on the grandfather and grandson. When the grandfather and son of the Yang family walked like father and son of the Ye family, the flashlights were going off nonstop and a cryptic atmosphere started to form.

The keen media were quietly waiting for what seemed to be major news.

Old Master Ye, who had not appeared for commercial banquets for years, had also appeared like Old Master Yang, who appeared to pass the seat to Yang Zekun and ignore the affairs of the world. All eyes were on both Master Yang and Master Ye, who had fought for almost a lifetime and became rivals over a woman.

The two masters who ruled the marketplace their entire lives.

Once again had an unavoidable confrontation.

Yang Zekun’s female partner was Third Young Master Ye’s previous fiancée. Hearsay had it that Yun Ruoxi, who once had Third Young Master Ye’s child but was duped by Third Young Master Ye, was now Yun Enterprise’s general manager.

It was extremely interesting that all the news-worthy figures in City A had gathered together today.

“Who invited them here?” Third Young Master Ye bristled as he turned to look at Chen Juan, only for her to shake her head as she did not know. She had seen the guest list, which clearly did not include Old Master Yang and his grandson. Third Young Master Ye frowned and looked at Old Master Ye to see his calm face and sharp gaze.

Everything cleared up that moment.

“Father, you are surely vicious enough.” Third Young Master Ye coldly laughed as his gaze grew cold and a storm brewed in his eyes.

Old Master Ye smiled and did not say anything. Cheng Anya saw the three of them smile as she did not expect Old Master Yang, Yang Zekun, and Yun Ruoxi to attend this banquet because Louis’ collaboration with them did not work out and he chose to settle with MBS International.

In theory, Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise were merely pawns of Louis that he intended to do away with after expending them, so what brought them here? She suddenly thought about Old Master Ye and Old Master Yang’s feud, and then about her relationship with the Yang family. She suddenly had a bad premonition.

Third Young Master Ye was silently raging as Cheng Anya secretly grabbed Third Young Master Ye’s hand. He turned around to be greeted by Cheng Anya’s sweet smile. In the dead silence, flowers seemed to bloom and lose their hue.

She was the only hue that he needed.

Third Young Master Ye held her hand instead and Cheng Anya quickly let go of her hands. He calmed down and became the cold and determined Third Young Master Ye. The action of anybody in rage was unpredictable.

She only wanted him to relax and not tense up too much.

“Congratulations!” Yang Yun was the first to reach out to congratulate Ye Zhenhua with a smile. “Thank you!” Ye Zhenhua extended his hand.

Amid his terse reply, the reporters rushed up and the flashlights did not stop flashing.

“Old Master Yang, were you invited?” a woman asked.

“How could I not be invited amidst such strict security? Did I have to fly in?” Yang Yun laughed.

His humorous exchange eased the cryptic atmosphere of the scene as the reporters laughed. Someone then asked Old Master Ye, “Old Master Ye, we heard that you were rivals with Old Master Yang for a lifetime. Why did you invite him to an MBS International banquet?”

“There are no permanent enemies in the marketplace!” Ye Zhenhua lightly mentioned. His typically serious and lack of laughter was indeed intimidating. He was not as polished as Yang Yun who was loved by the media.

“Does that mean that Old Master Ye and Old Master Yang have indeed reconciled?”

“When did we not reconcile?” Yang Yun smiled as he asked in return. No tom, dick nor happy was allowed to enter the banquet. Only established reporters who were aware of the subtleties were present. Seeing Yang Yun say this, everybody laughed it off.

The media surrounding Old Master Ye and Old Master Yang got into a flurry as it was a hard-to-come-by chance.

“How hypocritical!” Third Young Master Ye coldly laughed. He was disgusted at how the two people he hated the most got all pretentious in his view.

A female reporter focused on Yun Ruoxi and asked her, “Miss Yun, despite having a terrible marriage affair with Third Young Master Ye, aren’t you sad when you have to congratulate him today?”

“Even if we can’t be together as a couple, we are still friends.” Yun Ruoxi smiled and deliberately walked over to greet Third Young Master Ye. “President Ye, it has been a while.”

Third Young Master Ye took a glance at her as though he just bumped her palm and moved on. “Even though time has passed, I must see you differently. Congratulations to you.”

“It was all thanks to you.” Yun Ruoxi smiled. “If it weren’t for you, there wouldn’t be today’s Yun Ruoxi.”

Third Young Master Ye coldly harrumphed.

In the eyes of the media, the former lovers were still like good friends who had buried the hatchet. Cheng Anya, on one look, knew that the short exchange was loaded with barbs and bloodied with hatred. Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman.

A female reporter was determined to get an answer and directly asked, “Miss Yun, was Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise’s collaboration against MBS International revenge against Third Young Master Ye due to a failed romance?”

“How could that be? With me in control of Yun Enterprise today, there is inevitable competition in the marketplace. Everybody here is mistaken. Why would I make my presence at this banquet if I were intent on getting revenge?” Yun Ruoxi smiled.

Cheng Anya was surprised that Yun Ruoxi had indeed grown up despite looking so petite, weak, and pity-inducing. Her mannerisms were very different from before.

It was as though she seemingly had the ambition of a leader of an international organization. Had this been a month ago, Yun Ruoxi would have shown pain.

“Third Young Master Ye, do you feel that Miss Yun is telling the truth? Is this really a competition and not malicious revenge?” The female reporter turned to ask Third Young Master Ye. The fierce competition, which was still underway, had sent many family-owned corporations into ruin and the stock market in shambles.

It was very clearly a case of malicious revenge rather than competition as she had described it to be.

Third Young Master Ye’s cold gaze swept. “Since you already have the answer, why are you asking me?”

The female reporter was suffocated by his gaze and did not pursue the question further. Another reporter took an interest in something else. “Miss Yun, you are recently spotted to be very close with President Yang. Can we expect good news soon?”

“We are just friends.” Yun Ruoxi smiled as she covered her mouth shyly and seemed to imply both were possible.

“President Yang, is Miss Yun telling the truth?” The reporters looked at Yang Zekun. He had become quite haggard and his gaze had darkened despite his gentle prince charming-like image. His gaze, from the start, had always been on Cheng Anya.

He only retracted his gaze after hearing the reporters pose him the question. “We are friends.” He smiled.

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