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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 263: Untitled

Chapter 263: Untitled

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The saying ‘we are just friends’ was the most conservative and imaginative answer possible. Speculations of couples in the entertainment circles, with even intimate photographs as proof, could be easily refuted with this very statement.

They were JUST friends.

The reporters lingered on Yang Zekun and Yun Ruoxi’s question for a long time before returning to the battle between MBS International and Yao Hua. “Third Young Master Ye, will MBS International and Yao Hua still be locked in competition against each other in the future? Or will they become partners?” a reporter asked Ye Chen.

Third Young Master Ye’s elegant smile had a trademark elegance and coldness. “I feel that the answer to this question lies not in what you hear, but what you see.” He gave a very figurative answer.

The reporters looked lost and did not understand what they had heard. Should they use their eyes? What should they look out for?

“Are we looking out for how MBS International and Yao Hua will maneuver in the future?” Several microphones raced before Third Young Master Ye. Everyone was curious about the answer to the question as both companies affected the economic development of City A.

“You should use your eyes and take a good look at when I have collaborated with Master Yang.” Third Young Master Ye broke into a cold, seeming smile.

“…” The reporters chattered among themselves.

The floor fell silent as they looked at each other, speechless. A wave of brief anger flashed through Yang Zekun’s calm gaze, whilst Yun Ruoxi’s calm and measured facade slightly gave way. Cheng Anya’s lips broke into a slight smile.

This was undoubtedly the unrestrained, arrogant Third Young Master Ye who had his way!

There’s only one word to describe him: strong!

Yang Yun and Ye Zhenhua fell silent and they frowned at each other in sync as their sharp gazes turned toward Third Young Master Ye. Louis, the melancholic prince, broke into a smile.

“Third Young Master Ye… That was a good one!” Some established reporter mediated and the reporters broke into laughter that sounded cryptic at the moment.

The reporters asked some other questions around the main figures and eventually left one by one to dig for other newsworthy stories. As many big shots were present today, they had substantial news value.

“Couldn’t you just play along in such a situation?” Ye Zhenhua raged. He was tempted to kill this rascal of a son with his crutch. Rebellious children were never good to parents, especially with a father and son duo like them.

“Sorry, I can’t learn to be a hypocrite like you all!” Third Young Master Ye coldly harrumphed and led his five secretaries as he was about to leave. “Liu Xiaotian, you all go ahead and do what you need to do.” They were held back by Old Master Ye.

“Are you not listening to me, the CEO?” The ladies looked toward Ye Chen as Ye Zhenhua raged.

Third Young Master Ye coldly smiled and nodded. Then, the ladies left. Following Third Young Master Ye’s assault, the visiting of Grandfather Yang and his grandson, the banquet resumed its happy atmosphere as people started to dance away in the dance pool.

“Yang Yun, bring your people away and do not appear in front of the Ye family again,” Ye Zhenhua coldly said. Third Young Master Ye understood what happened once Ye Zhenhua said that. Was he leveraging on this opportunity to get Yang Yun to lead Cheng Anya away?

Fat hope!

“Daddy, that is so funny. Who is ‘his people’?” Third Young Master Ye coldly laughed as he mocked him. “How could a broken grandfather like you, who is so estranged from her, have the right to tell her to leave with you? Are you embarrassing yourself?”

“Ye Chen, you…” Yang Yun raged and Yang Zekun was also extremely displeased. Yun Ruoxi, however, was laughing in mockery as she knew that nothing good would come out of Ye Chen and Cheng Anya. Once she knew they were cousins, Yun Ruoxi was so ecstatic that she was screaming karma.

Yang Yun knew that he would not be able to outwit Third Young Master Ye in a direct confrontation and his gaze softened as he looked at Cheng Anya. “Anya, follow grandfather home. The Yang family is your family.”

Third Young Master Ye lips curled into a cold smile as he looked at how much of an eyesore his grandfather was.

“I’m sorry. Your surname is Yang whilst mine is Cheng. Did Old Master Yang make a mistake, acknowledging a stranger as his kin?” Cheng Anya smiled.

“Whether you know me or not, I am your grandfather. Anya, listen. Stop following Ye Chen. He will eventually ruin you,” Yang Yun said as he directed his sharp gaze at Third Young Master Ye. “Since you clearly know our relationship, why are you still so stubborn?”

“Yang Yun, take yours away. My son does not need to be lectured by you!” Ye Zhenhua coldly harrumphed. How he treated Ye Chen was his business. Did Yang Yun think he was worthy of manipulating his son?

“Your son? How can you have a son without my daughter?” Yang Yun coldly laughed.

“Did you treat Xing-er as your daughter? Stop playing this merciful father card. It’s disgusting,” Ye Zhenhua coldly said as hatred oozed from his eyes.

“I did not treat Xing Xing as my daughter. At least, I did not drive her to her death!”

Yang Yun’s armor-piercing statement stabbed into Old Master Ye’s heart as Ye Zhenhua’s face paled at that moment.

“Are you done with it?” Third Young Master Ye quietly roared. “Shut up!”

They were not fit to mention his mother, especially so for Yang Yun. He was the least fit as he never acknowledged him as his grandson.

“I am not arguing with you today,” Yang Yun coldly said as he mercifully tugged at Cheng Anya. “Anya, follow me home. You will become the princess of the Yang family, and all that I have will belong to you and Zekun. Why let Ye Chen ruin you?”

Cheng Anya wrestled herself out of his hand but kept her smile. “As much as you may want me to be your princess, you have to ask me whether I am willing to be your princess. My prince is here, and I will be his Cinderella and stay put.”

Princess? Who would want to be the princess of the Yang family? All that would suffice for her was for her to be Ah Chen’s princess.

“Shameless!” Yun Ruoxi coldly mocked. At that moment, three sharp gazes looked in her direction: Third Young Master Ye, Louis, and Yang Zekun. Their gazes were loaded with rage, and Yun Ruoxi quietly piped down but deep down, she was extremely jealous.

As Cheng Anya, Third Young Master Ye, and Yang Zekun were cousins, they were unlikely to protect her. But the godfather of the Italian mafia, Louis, even protected her as much… Hmm, what was so good about her?

That so many men were fighting to be her knight in shining armor.

“Anya, if you keep this up, you will only hurt each other. Is that even necessary?” Yang Zekun looked at her in pain. He really did not understand why she did not give up despite knowing about their relationship.

“That is my life, and whether I want to fall into depravity is none of your business, no?” Cheng Anya smiled.

“Look at your so-called granddaughter. Humph!” Ye Zhenhua was actually quite happy to see Yang Yun be humiliated as he was once humiliated by her.

Knowing how sharp she was, he had tasted defeat right in front of her. Besides, Yang Yun was too eager to acknowledge her.

He would not get a polite response in return.

No, it should be said that whoever treated Ye Chen poorly would not earn favors from her. This lady was stubbornly onto Ye Chen.

It was like Yang Xing years back. If she was able to love Ye Chen, she would not be the granddaughter of the Yang family and even force Ye Chen to marry her.


While possibilities remained as possibilities, reality was cruel.

“Anya, do you think that I will allow him to fall into ruin if you are that insistent?” Yang Yun coldly asked as he pointed at Third Young Master Ye.

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