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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 265: Untitled

Chapter 265: Untitled

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In the impression of many, Miss Cheng was the type whose barbs were to the point, simple, and instantly deconstructed people. In spite of her charming smile, she had never been so sharp in her criticism.

Louis’ laughter, like the spring wind in the midst of a harsh winter, broke the silence as his emerald gaze beamed with approval. “Anya, hats off to you. Now I know how gentle you were in the cafeteria in the afternoon.”

He felt that she was pure and agile at first sight only to learn that she was smart and composed at second sight. Today, he felt that she was a bright pearl whose radiance blinded him.

Third Young Master Ye looked at the woman in his embrace deeply as his gaze carried a smile, gentleness replacing all the frustration and anger. This was his dear Anya.

She was his absolute beloved.

He did not need to rebut Yang Yun as his dear Anya had spread her wings and strongly protected him in them.

Men should shelter women from the elements and create opportunities for them. While he did not need Anya’s protection to face the ‘ruin’ that Yang Yun wanted to bring upon him, being protected by Anya in this way felt different.

It was an endearing and touching feeling he wanted to treasure very much.

As she held his hands and stood close to him, a familiar scent lingered around his nose and engulfed him. Amidst the murkiness of the world, her fragrance was the clarity that cleansed him.

To stand by his side throughout their lifetime.

Not too far away, two beautiful ladies listened on with exceptional interest. “Eleven, baby Ning Ning’s mommy is really too OP. Look at how wonderful Yang Yun’s face is now!” Ye Wei, in a blue dinner gown, laughed extremely happily.

“She is very badass!” Eleven curled her lips.

“This spectacle is so good that we’ve not made a wasted trip. The recent days have been boring and it’s not easy to get something to laugh about. This is so much better than a Hollywood film.” Ye Wei laughed merrily.

“Wei Wei, don’t get too cocky. Black Eagle saw how you look like from a distance, so thread carefully lest extreme joy begets sorrow,” Eleven said as she looked in Black Eagle’s direction.

“Why are you so afraid? He has yet to discover anything! Besides, I was playing with giant pythons in the African jungles for three days before I ran into him and he did not recognize me in my filth. Am I, so gorgeously beautiful, in the same league as those beggars?” Ye Wei retorted like a boss.

Eleven grew silent!

They had received news in the evening that all the major players in City A would be gathering for a banquet in the evening. Feeling it would be interesting, Ye Wei insistently dragged Eleven along to observe the spectacle.

Both beauties—one in a sky-blue dress akin to a lost sapphire, and the other in a black dress—were like opium poppies, beautiful yet deadly. They had a cold which kept people away from them.

As killers, it was taboo for others to see their faces.

However, Ye Wei and Eleven were not worried as they were, firstly, strong enough to stand above all, and secondly, Ye Wei and Eleven would be in disguises whenever they were out to kill somebody, which contributed to rumors about them in their thirties.

“Baby’s family is indeed over the top, especially his parents. They are not just badass.” Ye Wei smiled as some images flashed through her mind that she did not manage to grasp.

She did not quite mind and shook her head.

“Don’t you feel that Cheng Anya’s character resembles somebody we know?” Eleven asked in her typical coldness.

“Rong Yan?”

Eleven nodded as Ye Wei smiled. “Scheming Chu Li’s kryptonite… Yes, they are quite similar.”

As the two of them watched on, Yang Yun was angered by Cheng Anya to the point he almost had a heart attack. His pale face flushed red as he breathed hard. His trembling hand pointed at Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya’s hands.

This was the first time in so many years that somebody dared to talk to him in such a manner. That person was his granddaughter, whom he took to but thoroughly deconstructed him.

Yang Yun’s rage was over the top.

“Well, very well, very, very, well!” He forced his praise through his teeth as he stared at Cheng Anya angrily. “You are willing to fall into depravity, eh? Very well then. I will teach you what regret is!”

Yang Yun suddenly walked toward the reporters and Yang Zekun ran to stop him. “Grandfather, don’t do this. Things can be talked out.”

To bring everything down with him was not the outcome he wanted.

If he ruined Third Young Master Ye, Third Young Master Ye could return the favor. In the marketplace all these years, nobody’s hands were clean and he could not understand who would eventually benefit.

“Grandfather, don’t act on impulse. Anya is merely having an angry outburst. Don’t take it to heart.” Yang Zekun took a glance at Cheng Anya as he persuaded Yang Yun. He warned her not to go overboard or Yang Yun would flip out and everybody would perish with him.

Cheng Anya was slightly worried that Yang Yun would expose Third Young Master Ye’s wounds in broad daylight and tucked her lips. Ye Chen smiled at her and hinted to her not to worry as he was around.

“Yang Yun, even though you may plan to expose what I had done to the media, shouldn’t you also consider whether you have been above and abroad as well?” Third Young Master Ye said calmly and coldly. “Do you think that I do not know why Yao Hua was able to grow to be comparable to MBS International in such a short time?”

Yang Yun was shocked and suddenly turned around. He shot a gaze at Third Young Master Ye. Had gazes been able to kill, Third Young Master Ye would have been killed no less than a hundred times.

“I have no qualms about that.” Third Young Master Ye shrugged. “I can leave City A and still rise, but can the same be said about you? You are of substantial age, and the gentlemanly image you have cultivated over the years will crumble. How do you think your circles will perceive you? Besides, you are old. Ruining you would also mean ruining your life. Are you able to keep the game up with me?”

“Do you think that I don’t dare to?”

Third Young Master Ye laughed elegantly and charmingly as his dark gaze turned devilish. “If I am ruined, my old man will not be worried as MBS International will still stand tall. That’s nothing to him. If you are ruined, I am sure somebody will care, no? And… would Yao Hua, under those circumstances, still be a substantial rival to MBS International?”

Ye Chen turned to Yang Zekun and flashed a brilliant smile. He did not believe that Yang Yun did not care as he could not be compared side-by-side to Ye Chen. Ye Zhenhua was indifferent to his circumstances, but his hopes were on Yang Zekun.

Yang Yun’s face changed as Yang Zekun looked at Cheng Anya. “Anya, even if you do not want to acknowledge your grandfather, how could speak to him so presumptuously?” he said coldly.

“Senior, respect is two-way. Since he is unwilling to respect my intention, why should I respect his intention? Didn’t I tell you the night before that I will neither leave him or return to the Yang family? Have you respected me?”

“Anya, you two are cousins!” Yang Yun roared as his voice reverberated across the banquet. The once lively banquet fell silent and the opportunistic reporters rushed over as they saw the conflict between the Ye and the Yang families.

In the other corner of the banquet, a woman’s cold voice suddenly rang out that was followed by a scream in pain. A man had his elbow broken by a beautiful woman.

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