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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 272: Untitled

Chapter 272: Untitled

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“Auntie?” Ning Ning raised his eyebrows and looked confused. He smiled. “Wei Wei, although your surname is Ye and my daddy is also Ye, you guys are not related. Do not try to act like we are relatives.”

Ye Wei smiled in a seductive manner with a trace of banter and regret. “Why did you not look up about your daddy’s life when he was young? You only know about what happened when he was in the US. If not, you would have known about my existence and there is no need for us to beat around the bush. Whose fault is this?”

It was actually easy to search about Third Young Master Ye’s past. Even if the past was covered up, Ning Ning would still be able to search for it as long as there were some records given his ability. Comparing it to Ye Wei’s age, it was easy to link her and Third Young Master Ye together.

But nobody went to check and Ning Ning did not want to open up Third Young Master Ye’s scars. Ye Wei would not search about Third Young Master Ye out of the blue. Therefore, nobody knew about it.

But, nobody would have guessed that it would be such a coincidence.

They were actually a family.

Ning Ning touched his chin and looked at Ye Wei from head to toe. Eleven recalled that Ye Wei also looked at Black Eagle like this just now and she could not help but sigh that their blood relationship was a special one.

“Really?” Ning Ning still did not believe her entirely. Ye Wei always spoke with a sense of dissolute and did not sound trustworthy. However, people who knew her would know that sometimes, her words were more real than pearls.

“Why are you so suspicious? You are not a good child if you question what the adults say.” Ye Wei smiled and asked Ning Ning to sit beside her. “You really look like my third brother when he was young. No wonder I always felt that you look familiar in the past. But, I could not remember who you look like. Now, I’ve finally figured it out.”

“My daddy has never mentioned that he has a sister,” Ning Ning said. Their family had interacted with each other for so long, but he had never heard Ye Chen mention that he had a sister. Therefore, Ning Ning did not believe Ye Wei when she said that she was his aunt.

“That’s because third brother lost me when we were young. Therefore, he was guilty and did not want to mention it.” Ye Wei smiled. “Are you going to call me auntie after saying so much?”

Ning Ning shivered and smiled in a strange way. It was weird to call her auntie. Thinking about it, it was weird to call a woman that always teased him and said that she wanted to marry him online ‘auntie’.

“Hey, don’t give me a blow! Are you really not calling me? I treat you so well.” Ye Wei thinned her lips and pinched Ning Ning’s cheeks. “Are you going to call me or not?”

Ning Ning felt pain after she pinched his cheeks. He stepped onto Wei Wei’s legs and jumped onto the sofa. His delicate face was red and Ye Wei laughed. “You look like you have put white powder on your face.”

Ning Ning rolled his eyes and rubbed his red cheeks. He stared at Ye Wei and suddenly asked, “Why did you not mention this last time?”

“How would I bring it up if I did not remember it last time?” Ye Wei copied Ning Ning and rolled her eyes.” I just remembered about it, and look, I came all the way here to be acquainted with you. Are you touched?”

Ning Ning smiled elegantly at her and he was not touched at all. But, he did not say it and secretly guessed that the party tonight must have been very interesting. It would definitely appear on the news again tomorrow.

“Did you appear at the party openly?” Ning Ning was shocked by her daringness. He had heard that there were many Interpol police that chased after her to City A and all of them wanted to catch her.

“It was more than openly. She even showed off her shooting skills. Everyone in the room was shocked.” Eleven was leisurely flipping through a magazine and it happened to be the gossip that Miss Cheng had kept as she was interested. Eleven was very engrossed in it and replied to Ning Ning without even looking up.

The young kid covered his eyes and whined in his heart. Why did things turn out like this…

“Be good and don’t be too agitated. They are not skilled enough to catch me yet.” Ye Wei smiled as if she did not care. She was very arrogant as if she had dominated the whole world and nobody could deal with her.

But she indeed had such a capability.

Ning Ning smiled as if he did not care. His delicate face looked like a weird little rabbit. “I’m not worried that you will be caught. I’m afraid you might cause trouble for my daddy.”

Eleven raised the corners of her lips and Ye Wei stared at him. Ning Ning did not see how they moved but they were already seated on the sofa and looked like they wanted to hit him. “Young brat, you deserve to be taught a lesson.”

The young kid quickly asked for forgiveness and thought of something. “Well, could it be that you have betrayed me?”

He would be in deep trouble if his daddy knew that he was the one behind it. The young kid looked innocently at Ye Wei and he shouted in a seductive and affectionate manner. “Auntie… My dear auntie…”

Ye Wei laughed until her intestines were tied together. She really liked this kid who understood the predicament he was in.

“Be good. How would I betray you when I have not talked to your daddy?” Ye Wei smiled in a polite manner and she was calm. She also looked innocent, the type one would not suspect even if she sold them and was counting the money.

It was classic.

Ning Ning heaved a sigh of relief and hugged Ye Wei’s hand. He smiled in a cute and cunning way. “Auntie, you will not betray me, right?”

Ye Wei supported her chin and acted like she was thinking. A trace of cunning look flashed past her eyes. “If baby is willing to help me with something, then I will not betray you. How about that?”

“Tell me the condition first.” Ning Ning smiled without showing his expression. Usually, the condition would not be good under such situations.

“This kid is very alert. You have a bright future.” Eleven commented without raising her head.

Ye Wei smiled. “Of course, you should see whose nephew this is.”

Ning Ning whined in his heart. His life in the future would definitely be filled with a lot of drama. Although his daddy was scheming, his mommy could deal with him. But his auntie had no one to control her and she was used to doing whatever she liked. Her dangerous index was very high.

“It is actually very simple. I have something to settle with the scheming Chu Li and you had better wash your hands of it. I know that the two of you are used to colluding with each other.” Ye Wei smiled in a fierce manner. “Let’s not talk about him owing me a big sum of money. I will not let him off simply with the fact that he did not let me get Su Man.”

Ning Ning, “…Okay!”

“Baby, you only hesitated for a second and decided to betray Chu Li?” Ye Wei blinked and asked in a surprised manner. But, she looked happy in a cunning manner.

“Chu Li is not as important as auntie. Of course I will listen to auntie.” The young kid smiled in a flattering manner and hugged Ye Wei affectionately.

Ye Wei screamed. This boy was worth teaching!

Eleven raised her eyebrows. It was as if she saw a little fox wagging its tail to fawn…

The masters were playing with each other and it was not sure who had won. Therefore, she did not comment much.

There was a car outside the villa. Ye Wei’s eyes lit up. Her third brother was back!

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