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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 274: Untitled

Chapter 274: Untitled

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Ye Wei smiled. The young kid really looked scary when he smiled in such a manner. His aura was strong although he was just a kid. But, geomancy would always rotate. Ye Wei always rejected things that brought sorrow after joy, and she immediately changed her words.

“Third brother, your son is so cute! He is even cuter than you when you were young.”

Third Young Master Ye smiled. Ye Wei pointed at Eleven, who had been looking at the magazine all these while. “Eleven, you have heard of her.”

Eleven raised her eyebrows and nodded at Third Young Master Ye before looking down at her magazine. Third Young Master Ye secretly thought that he had seen the top two female killers at one go. Was it his luck?

Ye Wei did not look like a killer at all and she seemed dissolute on purpose. She was a beauty that looked big-hearted and elegant. Her smile was seductive and had the nobleness of a lady from a wealthy family. But, Eleven looked just like a killer as she looked cold. She looked like the death god that had survived many life and death experiences from the Acheron. He knew that Ye Wei was like this as well, but Ye Wei showed the other side of her personality and hid the attributes of her being a killer.

“Where do you live?” Third Young Master Ye could not help but ask Ye Wei. Although killers were usually without definite residence, given Ye Wei’s and Eleven’s abilities, they should have a permanent home.

“Sweden.” Ye Wei smiled and did not mind letting Third Young Master Ye know about it. “Actually, most of the time, I will be traveling around the world to play. If I am in a good mood, I will take on some cases.”

Eleven curled her lips as Ye Wei had not been working for the past two years as she was looking for something more exciting, which was to flirt with men. As long as she liked the person, she would definitely flirt with them. However, she would dump them after they were seduced by her.

What a bad hobby.

Ye Wei would only work when Jason, Chu Li, and Black J needed help.

“Good mood…” Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows with a forced smile. Ning Ning drank the cup of juice as if nothing had happened. “Just like this time around, you are here to kill me because you are in a good mood?”

“Brother, it is a misunderstanding. It really is a misunderstanding,” Ye Wei immediately said in a coquettish manner. “Brother, you look so handsome and you have a good figure. Even if I’ve forgotten about you, given that I have not flirted with you, I will not kill you.”

Eleven coughed and Third Young Master Ye smiled even deeper. On the principle that she had not flirted with him, she would not kill him? So, was she going to kill him after flirting with him?

“You almost killed me.” Third Young Master Ye smiled. He was very doting on his sister. Although he knew that his sister was not weak, he still doted on her sincerely.

“But I still didn’t kill you in the end. I don’t dare to kill you. If not, I might not be able to live.” Ye Wei stuck out her tongue and Ning Ning narrowed his eyes. She hugged Ye Chen to ask for forgiveness. “If I kill my own brother, I will kill myself too. Third brother, don’t be angry…”


The young kid felt that the family’s acting skills were really good. He and his daddy were already very skilled, but his auntie was even better.

“Why are you interested in my life?” Third Young Master Ye asked curiously.

“Human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food. Your life is worth two billion pounds and I was greedy. Moreover, I heard that third brother has good skills and I wanted to challenge you. Can’t I?”

“Let’s find some time to challenge each other.” Third Young Master Ye expressed that he was alright with it. Ye Wei wanted to cry. Her brother was the best when he was younger as he would always listen to her. Now, he was really difficult to deal with.

“Third brother, don’t be like this.”

Cheng Anya just so happened to come downstairs after changing her clothes. Ye Wei called Cheng Anya sweetly. “Hi, third sister-in-law, I am Wei Wei.”

Cheng Anya smiled. “I am still observing your brother, so I am not your third sister-in-law.”

The young kid’s eyes twitched. Third Young Master Ye gritted his teeth. Damn girl.

Ye Wei reacted quickly. “Third sister-in-law is smart. You should observe the men more, especially for flirty ones like my brother.”

Third Young Master Ye slapped the back of her head. “What nonsense are you talking about.”

“Well said!” Miss Cheng smiled. The young kid immediately gave her a seat and his juice. Cheng Anya took the juice and asked, “Wei Wei, why did you appear at the banquet? Were you there to kill him?”

Ye Wei…

She was indeed sharp! Third brother had a special taste. Usually, men would not like such a badass woman. She was sharper and more straightforward.

“Third sister-in-law, you really like to tell jokes. I was on vacation and just walked around. Why would I want third brother’s life?” Ye Wei’s smile looked natural and perfect. “Really, I heard that tonight’s banquet would be fun, so I went. Third sister-in-law, your reaction just now was great.”

“Thank you!” Miss Cheng accepted the compliment sheepishly and said, “Your performance was great too. You showed off your firing skill which is even better than in movies.”

“Third sister-in-law, Wei Wei can teach you if you like.”



The two women quickly got into a conversation and seemed like they were from the same family. Third Young Master Ye was happy that his lover and sister could get along well.

“Ye Wei, don’t try to change the topic. Who is the one that wants your brother’s life?” Miss Cheng was not someone that was easy to deal with. Even if Ye Wei was good at talking, it was not easy to bluff her. Miss Cheng knew that Ye Wei was trying to divert her attention, but it seemed like Ye Wei would be disappointed.

“Third sister-in-law, it is not suitable for you to listen to such bloody stuff,” Ye Wei smiled and replied. “Anyway, I will not kill third brother.”

Third Young Master Ye leaned against the sofa and smiled in a leisurely manner. “Wei Wei, since you are not killing me now, can’t you tell us who it is?”

“What do you want to do after learning about it?” Ye Wei hesitated for a while before asking.

Third Young Master Ye did a killing posture. “Ask you to kill that person instead.”

Ning Ning, who was drinking his juice, stopped. He put the juice in his mouth and took a deep breath before drinking it. He created a loud noise and Miss Cheng turned her head toward him. “It is already so late. Why are you drinking so much water?”

She finally realized that her dear son had been drinking the juice nonstop. Ning Ning smiled elegantly. “It is nice.”

“No, brother, it is bad for me to kill my employer,” Ye Wei said in an awkward manner, but she was actually very happy to see the young kid acting as if he was very calm. She had finally won one round.

It was not a good thing to always be threatened by this young kid.

The young kid wondered what she meant by it was bad to kill the employer. She was just talking nonsense. There were many people that offered money to kill Chu Li, Jason, and Black J, but why were they always safe in the end?

It was because Ye Wei and Eleven accepted the deal but killed those people after getting the money. The two of them were specialized in doing such things and were happy to do it as well. Therefore, Chu Li had said before that Ye Wei and Eleven voluntary helped them kill people. Both of them had received a lot of money from those who wanted to kill the three of them.

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