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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 277: Untitled

Chapter 277: Untitled

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Cheng Anya went upstairs and dried her hair after a shower. She went online to prepare the documents needed for the next day’s meeting, saved them, and replied to a few emails. She had received an email from Yang Zekun.

She slightly squinted as she thought of Yang Yun’s disgusting look at the banquet earlier. Oh, how distasteful it was!

It was not because Yang Yun was her grandfather, but it was what he said about Ye Chen that left her disgusted. The airplane mishap that befell Yang Zekun’s parents was not necessarily Ye Zhenhua’s doing, and to pin the blame onto Ye Zhenhua without proof was laughable.

He had no reason to hate Third Young Master Ye, and one could only say that hatred had utterly distorted his heart.

He would achieve his goals by all means necessary.

She disliked Yang Yun. It was her first time hating somebody, as rare as it sounded, whose shamelessness knew no boundaries.

She hesitated and then opened the email that Yang Zekun sent as she did not associate Yang Zekun with Yang Yun. Although Yang Zekun revelation of her relationship with Third Young Master Ye during her birthday left her awkward and upset, he was, however, the Yang Zekun who took care of her and her son those years ago.

When it came to the marketplace, he and Third Young Master Ye were no saints. Although she took Third Young Master Ye’s side in the Yao Hua-MBS International feud, that was because Third Young Master Ye was Ye Chen and not because she had no qualms with either side’s despicable moves. After all, she knew that Third Young Master Ye’s moves were even more vicious and she had no right to call the kettle black.

It was just that the closeness between them was much less than before.

The contents of the email were simple, Yang Zekun apologizing to her on behalf of Yang Yun and deeply expressing his apology. Yang Zekun told her that Yang Yun only intended to bring her with them during the banquet, but he did not expect the matter to blow up nor expect Yang Yun to make life miserable for Third Young Master Ye during the banquet.

He felt extremely bad about it.

Cheng Anya’s thoughts were complicated and she could not think about how to reply to him a long time after pressing the ‘reply’ button. To accept his apology? Miss Cheng was not some skin-deep person as she could not just forgive Yang Yun for what he had done to Third Young Master Ye.

‘Senior, why are you so good at so many things, save your grandfather?’

And Yun Ruoxi…

Given Yang Yun’s character, he really wanted Yang Zekun and Yun Ruoxi to get together as their union would imply collaboration between Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise against MBS International. Yang Yun was definitely capable of that.

When she saw Yang Zekun bring Yun Ruoxi to the banquet, she kind of guessed Yang Yun’s intentions. How the hell was he even a grandfather… Maybe he did not care about senior’s happiness as he had spent his whole life dealing with Ye Zhenhua and topping MBS International.

Given how filial Yang Zekun was, what Yang Yun hoped to see was more likely to happen.

This was really… a clusterf***. Even until today, Yun Ruoxi and Third Young Master Ye’s affair were still mentioned by others with glee. Had she married Yang Zekun, and given the feud amongst these families, she would definitely become a laughingstock of upper society.

“Let’s end this relationship, damn it.” Why should she worry herself with the affairs of others? Whatever would happen was senior’s own choice to make and she was in no position to call the shots. It was more of how Third Young Master Ye would duke it out with Louis and Old Master Ye.

This was something that was just as troubling.

There are times that women cannot fathom what goes on amongst men.

In her speechlessness, Cheng Anya closed her email inbox and went onto the forums in vexation to find a punching bag.

Once she logged onto the gossip forums, Cheng Anya was in for a shock as the top headline on the search engine read ‘A Decadent 5-Sided Romance’.

Cheng Anya clicked the link out of curiosity.

“F***! Who could be so talented to give it such an arty-farty title?”

The post was about the MBS International banquet as a lot of sensational news came from the banquet. The finance section paid attention to the collaboration between MBS International and the Ye family, MBS International’s growth direction, as well as Louis’ opinion about the Mafia collaborating with MBS International. The entertainment section focused on the sensational image of Third Young Master Ye and any other entertainment news from the banquet. The international section focused on the gunplay between Ye Wei and Black Eagle, as well as speculations about who was next on Ye Wei’s hit list.

What about the tabloids then?

It was a deliberately selected scene, akin to a screengrab from a long and drawn out Korean drama.

Firstly, Third Young Master Ye led his five secretaries out in style with each of them gorgeously looking and individually styled. Next was the bloody footage of Third Young Master Ye beating up CEO Zhang as Miss Cheng watched on coolly.

And there was a designed dialog that went as follows:

Miss Cheng: Hubby, you are great!

Narrator: Third Young Master Ye, you are so moe! If you are a woman, marry him… I love you to your death.

Miss Cheng shuddered as she continued reading down amidst her goose bumps. Next was a photograph of Yang Zekun leading Yun Ruoxi out. The photography techniques used to take the photograph were stunning and captured them in their beauty, portraying them as a match made in heaven.

The designed dialog for this photo went as follows:

Master Yang: We are friends.

Miss Yun: We are friends.

Narrator: That we know. An explanation is a cover-up.

What followed was Master Yang admiring Miss Cheng like a fool despite the pain in his gaze as Miss Yun and Third Young Master Ye made small talks. Miss Yun was all polite and elegant but betrayed a little resentment.

Designed dialog:

Miss Yun: Why did you ditch me? Why? Why? Why?

Narrator: Miss Yun, where is your child? Where is your child? Where is your child?

Miss Cheng stood aside and smiled. The designed dialog:

Miss Cheng: You are not going to snatch my man from me, hehe.

Cheng Anya planted her face on the keyboard and pounded the table out of her stifling boredom. F***, f***, f***! Who the hell was just so able to grasp their thoughts so well? That person was so damn talented!

She went to the top of the thread to take a look and was stunned. The poster was ‘Some Rich Man’s Daughter’.

“This damn woman is too damn talented.”

She had always felt that this woman had some beef with Yun Ruoxi as she would never gossip about Yun Ruoxi whenever the latter appeared.

She then scrolled down to see Louis appear as the melancholic prince, slowly sampling a glass of red wine whilst his emerald gaze taking a sideways glance at Miss Cheng not too far away. There was jealousy that burned in his gaze.

Designed dialog:

Louis: This woman is my type.

What then followed was Yang Zekun speaking to Cheng Anya as the latter smiled whilst Master Yang was struggling amidst his pain.

Designed dialog:

Yang Zekun: Dear Anya, just yield to me, will you?

Miss Cheng: I already belong to somebody. Let’s call it quits.

Narrator: Master Yang, just hug Miss Yun, will you? Stop splitting the couple up and be a generous man. Be a generous man…

Cheng Anya almost lost it as she recalled this scene being the moment Yang Zekun was convincing her to return to the Yang family. She had to take her hat off to whoever analyzed the scene to that level of detail.

Indeed, whenever there were photos, gossip was bound to follow.

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