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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 279: Untitled

Chapter 279: Untitled

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At that moment, the replies on the forum surged and the thread stacked. As Cheng Anya helped herself to some water, she watched the fights go on. Since Miss Yun was not somebody who would play it big on the forums, it was more likely her supporters in the socialites’ club.

Since taking on the internet alone would mean dying without dignity, and how Miss Cheng only had Li Yun as her only helper in the forum, she hence took aim at Some Rich Man’s Daughter and decided to make every attempt, including employing her son’s brilliant internet talent to cheat, to get some extremely valuable information.

Some Rich Man’s Daughter was openly being bought over, and her good impression of her increased proportionately. Since a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet, Miss Cheng could have her way on the forum with said Some Rich Man’s Daughter’s blessing and became somebody famous on the forums.

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: All ye angsty people, hear me out. Are people in love your business? Is it your matter that they are siblings? Aren’t you getting envious because you are simply unmarketable?

Many people fell in line and agreed in unison.

There’s only one word to describe you: Strong!

What was typically Miss Cheng’s style, along with the anonymity the internet afforded, allowed Miss Cheng to become even more impolite.

Just as she read on excitedly, Some Rich Man’s Daughter sent her a personal message. “How mean of you!”

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: Just a token.

“Dear Miss Rain, you are sure not nice enough to comment on the camp that I took thirty minutes to come up with. You are sure not nice enough…”

To be able to create such a decadent and over-the-top campy 5-sided love story in just thirty minutes surely showcased Miss Some’s editorial talent, speed, and gossipy nature. Miss Cheng was awash with respect for her.

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: Didn’t I say that the photographs were very beautiful?

Some Rich Man’s Daughter: You have to critique the campy drama.

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: Ms, there are already over five thousand replies. My reply will simply get drowned out.

Some Rich Man’s Daughter: That’s true too. How did I write? Was it sensational enough?

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: You have always been sharp, and even more so than Brother Sharp.

Some Rich Man’s Daughter: Ah, yes, even I find him a bit too sharp.

Cheng Anya gritted her teeth and pounded the table. ‘Damn it! How dare you ask me whether it’s gossipy enough when you are the gossip! You sure are asking for it!’

She had an impulse to call her son up to hack the forum. As she thought about it, hacking the forum would mean way less fun in the days to follow. Hacking Miss Some was the real deal.

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: Miss, aren’t you afraid that Third Young Master Ye would embargo you with your scoop?

Some Rich Man’s Daughter: He wouldn’t.

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: Is he your lover—no, your past lover?

Miss Cheng clenched her fists in front of her computer as her inner universe was aflame. She should have realized that something was amiss as she said she disliked Yun Ruoxi because Yun Ruoxi snatched her man from her. That man was Third Young Master Ye.

To put it slightly differently, was she saying the truth?

Some Rich Man’s Daughter: No answers for you, hehe.

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: …

Cheng Anya squinted and felt sourness in her mouth. ‘Damn you, gallivanting Third Young Master Ye, for running into your ex-lovers wherever you go.’ Cheng Anya took a deep breath and calmed down…

The more time one spends on the internet, the more relationships are revealed. She endured that and suddenly recalled that most of the socialites on the forum would have had a tryst or two with Third Young Master Ye.

Chen Anya’s smile stiffened!

Some Rich Man’s Daughter: Wow… Miss Rain, look at reply #5678. Something’s cooking…

Out of gossip, Cheng Anya went to reply #5678 only to be stunned as her eyes twitched. This person surely fulfilled her deepest fears and made the relationship even steamier. It was a photograph of Cheng Anya taking the initiative to kiss Third Young Master Ye.

The post went as follows: Incest is a characteristic of the 21st century. That has nothing to do with me.


Who would have been so all-knowing?

The poster: “The Evergreen Tree”

F***, this person was also a master at starting arguments in the forum as he took on differing viewpoints on his own. Miss Cheng once exchanged blows with him, and it clearly left an impression. That was before she cohabited with Third Young Master Ye and gossip tied them together, their argument stemming from differing viewpoints.

After over an hour of exchanging blows, the people replying to the thread could not care less and it became a to-and-fro between them. Hearsay had it that she was a beauty and Miss Cheng’s first argument was because of this ‘Evergreen Tree’.

Since then, The Rain Stops in Jiangnan and The Evergreen Tree were sworn rivals.

Since confrontations were unavoidable on the forums, they were bound to exchange blows with each other.

As said person had not appeared online for a while and was such a tinderbox on making his appearance, Cheng Anya was a little stunned.

The purpose of the post was to prevent the forum trolls from beating each other up. While it was quite in Cheng Anya’s intention, she was not too calm about how that photo had leaked.

There would be nobody else in a moment.

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: To the idiot who posted reply #5678, did you create this composite picture?

The Evergreen Tree: Miss Rain, don’t you agree that people should be in love with each other? Why are you picking on me when it’s so difficult for us to agree on something?

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: No, I was saying that photograph of yours… The photograph looks extremely blurred. Are you trying to fool somebody?”

The Evergreen Tree: Calm down. I am scamming somebody else instead of you. Don’t get agitated, lest you burst a blood vessel…

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: F*** (and a series of expletives)

The Evergreen Tree: How vulgar.

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: …

The Evergreen Tree: Miss ‘The Rain Stops in Jiangnan’, allow me to school you in what ‘manners’ are. How childish of you.

Miss Cheng took deep breaths.

The Rain Stops in Jiangnan: I will hack you!

The Evergreen Tree: You are welcome to take me on.

Some Rich Man’s Daughter: The two of you don’t get too agitated, okay? Calm down. Being calm trumps everything else.

Miss Cheng broke into a slightly unsound smile as she unplugged the power source and carried the computer downstairs where she kicked open Ning Ning’s study room. Poor Ning Ning, who was designing a detonation system, was shocked and he clicked the wrong place as his hand trembled. The program started to run wildly and the code on the computer repeatedly refreshed itself. Ning Ning gave up saving the program and turned around with a perplexed look on his face. “Mommy?”

Who pissed her off?

“Darling child, come here and help Mommy waste this person,” Miss Cheng said with an elegant smile while her fists cracked with atypical savagery.

Ning Ning, the filial-to-a-fault son, took over Cheng Anya’s computer. After a glance, he logged into the gossip forum with Cheng Anya’s username and password.

“The Evergreen Tree, eh, is dead meat for messing with my mommy.” Ning Ning elegantly tapped on the keyboard as he looked up the IP address and tried to console Miss Cheng. “Mommy, watch baby show his hand and waste him.”

“It’s all up to you!” Cheng Anya laughed treacherously. Both mother and son looked at each other and smiled, both equally scheming.

“Mommy, you are, however, cheating.”

“You fool, why should I not cheat when I can cheat in the exam?”

“…Fine!” Ning Ning said.

“Eh, he is also checking you out.” Ning Ning smiled as he added three protection programs and initiated a second tracking system. This person’s skills were not too bad and they were quick.

“Don’t let him discover me.”


As time passed, Ning Ning was unable to smile. When he managed to look up The Evergreen Tree’s IP address, his tender face twitched irregularly.

‘Oh, God, save me!’

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