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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 280: Almost a Beast

Chapter 280: Almost a Beast

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Ning Ning felt that life was occasionally a tragedy as the lovely and innocent him having to decide whether to sell out a person was an extremely painful decision. This was on top of having to see his mommy and daddy have a go at each other.

There was actually nothing particularly bad about that. It could be a form of teasing as well.


The young kid tucked his lips and thought, ‘To sell out or not?’

“Have you managed to check out who it was?” Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows and interestingly wondered who The Evergreen Tree actually was. Having exchanged blows with her several times, the photograph posted did piss her off.

She was almost certain that said user was somebody she knew.

“Mommy, I feel that you do not quite want to know who he is.” The young kid showed a very troubled mommy-do-not-force-me look that was yet excited. All that was left was for him to show how conflicted he was with a tiny handkerchief.

“Darling, Mommy is double certain that she wants to know who he is. Out with it.” Miss Cheng squinted.

The young kid, still conflicted, smiled like a little fox. Cheng Anya seemed to see a purebred white fox wagging its tail as the young kid pointed toward the ceiling. “Mommy, actually, why don’t you go see what Daddy is up to?”

He decided to sell out his daddy as firstly, Mommy was the biggest. Secondly, anybody who messed around with Mommy was asking for trouble. Thirdly, he wanted to see what happened.

Cheng Anya took a deep breath and suddenly smiled as Ning Ning moved his chair away from her.

Uh oh, she’s got a murderous intent!

“Did you just say that our ‘The Evergreen Tree’ is called Ye Chen?” Cheng Anya asked gently.

“It seems so!”

“Is he the Ye Chen who is upstairs?”

“Should be!”

Cheng Anya closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She then made a cutthroat hand sign and said, “Hacked!” through gritted teeth.

“Mommy, are you serious?” Ning Ning’s face twitched.

“That’s a yes!”

“…Okay then!” Ning Ning curled his lips into a smile. He managed to hack Third Young Master Ye and gave his mommy an additional protection program to prevent his daddy from checking her IP address up. His tiny heart thumped.

“Now that you’ve hacked him, how long would it take him to recover?” Cheng Anya asked with a smile.

“Given Daddy’s abilities, about a few hours.”

“Lock him out of his account.”

“Mommy, surely you don’t have to be so heartless, right?” Ning Ning shuddered. “Actually, he is unable to track you down. Spare him so that you get to enjoy more popcorn on the forum in time to come. For example… teasing? Hehehe… Mommy knows.”

The young kid laughed so schemingly that Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows and squinted dangerously. That was a very good idea.

“Darling, you are really smart.”

“Mommy has taught me well.”

As mother and son looked at each other, they laughed cunningly. Ning Ning made the sign of a cross over his heart. Daddy, may the Lord protect you!

When he suddenly heard Third Young Master Ye come down the stairs, Ning Ning closed the webpage and Cheng Anya cooperated by opening a program for Ning Ning to teach her about. Before Third Young Master Ye could come in, both were serious at work. One was teaching whilst the other was learning seriously.

“What brought you downstairs? Third Young Master Ye turned around and Miss Cheng recalled what Some Rich Man’s Daughter had told her, then The Evergreen Tree. She scrutinized Third Young Master Ye from head to toe.

“Daddy, Mommy has something she did not understand and came down to ask me.” Ning Ning smiled.

Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows as he pinched Miss Cheng’s nose. “Why didn’t you come by next door? I was there.”

That was a joke. Thankfully, she did not get him to hack anybody. If not, that would have led to a bed scene… Cheng Anya deeply applauded her brightness. There was no other way out as she was used to finding Ning Ning to solve her computer problems, which included trolling people.

“You are not as professional as our darling child,” Miss Cheng said as she pushed away Third Young Master Ye’s hand.

‘If not, you would not be hacked by your son,’ Cheng Anya secretly thought to herself.

Ning Ning smartly chose to remain silent. When the adults are speaking, the children stay out.

“Who said that? I can take a look as well.” Third Young Master Ye coldly looked at her. This damn lass sure knew how to discourage people.

“What’s there to look at? They aren’t as saucy as the posts on the gossip website.” Cheng Anya smiled sweetly as she brought her computer up.

Ning Ning broke into a smile as he planted his face onto the keyboard and pounded the table.

His mommy’s train of thought was just too quick.

Third Young Master Ye was aghast and instead dope-slapped his son. “Shut up”.

“Don’t stay up too late and sleep early.” Third Young Master Ye reminded him and followed Miss Cheng up the stairs. That damn lass, weren’t there saucy threads on the gossip website for him to read?

Very good!

He was going to teach her a lesson!

As Miss Cheng carried the laptop back into her bedroom, the door was locked from the inside. She then thought about it and then unlocked the door. With raised eyebrows and a smile that cracked of wisdom, Third Young Master Ye, who had just plugged his computer in, entered.

“Weren’t you playing with your son downstairs? What brings you up?” Cheng Anya calmly searched Baidu for information about the banquet earlier today. Although the major press outlets were yet to make a move, photographs were appearing on a few of the entertainment magazines.

Luckily, she only occupied an insignificant portion of the papers.

The press was all eyes on Third Young Master Ye, Miss Yun, Yang Zekun, as well as Louis. The latter was described as the most heart-aching melancholic prince. Cheng Anya remained silent as she was reminded about that gossip forum.

This particular entertainment magazine was not as skilled as Some Rich Man’s Daughter. If she were some paparazzi, there would be loads of gossip in the entertainment section daily.

“I am not as nice to look at as those gossip posts?” Third Young Master Ye asked, arms akimbo and seemingly laughed at her. He seemed to be laughing heartily at her if one overlooked the intention to settle the score in his gaze.

“You sure have foresight,” Cheng Anya smiled as she closed the webpage. “Aren’t you tired? I am sleeping soon, so bug off.”

Third Young Master Ye suddenly turned his chair around and put his powerful hands on the armrests of the chair, trapping her. He leaned down and there was a hidden rage in his gaze. That seeming smile was somewhat like a douche teasing a good woman and about to turn into a beast with a face-turn.

“The night is still young, no?” Third Young Master Ye sounded gentle. He was hell-bent on teaching Cheng Anya a lesson tonight and ran his hands over her face. Miss Cheng’s skin was extremely tender, and Third Young Master Ye could not bear to let his hands off them. He raised Cheng Anya’s chin like a douche and leaned down, his scent leaping into her face. That burning desire in his eyes became even stronger, and with it, an urgency to undress her and pin her down was restrained by his self-restraint that he took pride in. “When do you unwrap your birthday presents?” He was hell-bent on teasing his dear Anya.

“I do not mind opening my birthday presents ten years or even eight years later.” Miss Cheng already saw through his intention and steadied her heartbeat as she gorgeously looked at the bed beside her and smiled. “I do not mind leaving my birthday presents as they are.”

“That time I was teased by you was the time I did not show it. I do not mind you immediately opening it.” Third Young Master Ye’s breath deepened. As he was bent down, his collar was wide open and revealed his well-chiseled chest.

He was pretty well-sculpted.

Cheng Anya secretly thought to herself that she knew from long ago that Third Young Master Ye had a good figure from when they were by the seaside. She had touched it, and it felt good. A few impure images flashed past her mind and Miss Cheng slightly blushed as she looked down. As Third Young Master Ye was wearing oversized pajamas, she could not see anything. Miss Cheng’s lips were a little parched and she could not help but stick out her tongue and moisten her lips. The naive her did not know that her action was such fatal arousal to men.

As she looked up, Third Young Master Ye pulled her up a little roughly, and without saying a second word, grabbed her by her lips and kissed her roughly.

Third Young Master Ye hurriedly brought her onto the bed but Cheng Anya naughtily hid aside. She was suddenly bitten on him on the lips. “Damn it, you’re really a beast,” Cheng Anya said in pain.

It’s not as though this idiot had not had experiences with women. How could he be so violent and urgent, like a hungry wolf pouncing onto sheep?

“If men are not like beasts at this juncture, they are abnormal,” Third Young Master Ye replied hoarsely as he pecked on the lips that he kissed until they became swollen. Miss Cheng’s face was flushing, her eyes coquettish, and her lips moist and red. She seemed extremely alluring…

He felt that every encounter with her was like his first awakening interest in sex.

Third Young Master Ye wanted to undo her nightgown but Cheng Anya hooked her arms around his neck and smiled sweetly. “Ah Chen, do you know why I am taking the initiative today?” she said gently with an alluring look.

“Hungry for me?” Third Young Master Ye looked at her with a seeming smile as he kneaded her chest with a perverted and horny smile.

Cheng Anya smiled and then kissed him twice. She was as alluring as she could get, and Third Young Master Ye was dazed by her. Miss Cheng took the initiative and kissed him until he was all dazed.

And she suddenly kicked him out of the door, closed it, and locked it.

“Not hungry for you, but as punishment. Damn it, go reflect on what you did!” Cheng Anya shouted through her pants. She could imagine how Third Young Master Ye’s face would look.

To any man, being denied of one’s desires was a terrible thing…

“F***, Cheng Anya, open the door! Where did I cross you?” Emotions flashed across Third Young Master Ye’s face as he had thought he would have his way with Cheng Anya…

That was… stifling!

“Be a good boy and let’s call it a day. I’m tired! Goodnight!”

Third Young Master Ye stood at the door, dangerously squinting…

‘F***! Cheng Anya, you are sure mean!’

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