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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 281: Third Young Master Ye’s Love Education for the Young Kid

Chapter 281: Third Young Master Ye’s Love Education for the Young Kid

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The next day, Ning Ning made breakfast. His daddy and mommy came downstairs together. One was full of energy while the other was pale. Ning Ning smiled and gave a morning kiss on Anya’s face. With a smile, he asked Ye Chen, “Daddy, didn’t you sleep well last night?”

His voice was tender and he looked worried. Ye Chen’s gaze darkened and replied forcefully, “No!”

He looked up and tossed a few knives to Miss Cheng with his gaze. Ning Ning could see the flying knives shooting out of his eyes, but his mommy drank porridge as if nothing had happened. She even smiled and requested, “Baby, the porridge is not soft enough. Boil a little longer next time.”

“…Okay,” Ning Ning said.


I worship Mommy!

Third Young Master Ye narrowed his eyes. “Make whatever you want to eat yourself. What right do you have to order my son?”

Miss Cheng smiled. “Your son has been serving me for several years. Do you have any problems with that?”

Third Young Master Ye kept silent.

‘Daddy, you are really simple-minded.’ He felt a little guilty but his face showed his excitement. He was guilty that he had betrayed Daddy but was glad to see Daddy and Mommy flirting and fighting with each other again.

‘What a dilemma! It’s hard to be a son!’

Cheng Anya got up and went to the kitchen for more porridge. Third Young Master Ye kicked the young kid and frowned. “Son, I heard that you want to find a wife like your mommy?”

“What’s wrong with that?” The young kid asked lovingly. He thought that his mommy was decent. Black-bellied, a little money faced, cute, knew when to be soft and when to be firm. She’s the best choice for a wife.

What a cute Oedipus complex. Third Young Master Ye was torn. With his utmost heartfelt words, he educated him. “Baby, let me tell you. You’d better not find a wife like your mommy. Just look at how your daddy is suffering now. You have to learn from my mistake. How wonderful would it be to find an obedient girl whom you can bully and do whatever you like? That is the meaning of perfection, do you understand?”

“Daddy, aren’t we supposed to dote on and cherish our wives?” The young kid held his chin and his eyes were bright. He was very curious. Which husband marries his wife to bully her? Was his family special?

Third Young Master Ye smiled and touched his son’s head like the little gray wolf that kidnapped the Little Red Riding Hood. “Baby, when you grow up, you will understand that there is always a woman you don’t need to be gentle with. You’ll just feel like bullying her, the harder the better.”

Ning Ning looked at the ceiling as if he had understood something. ‘Daddy, you are really special.’

“Daddy, but I think that Mommy is very good. Didn’t you make her devoted to you too?” Ning Ning was puzzled. In his opinion, Mommy was obviously not as black-bellied as his Daddy.

“Your mommy…” The thought of the tortuous cold water bath which he had experienced thrice last night made Third Young Master’s mind distorted. In order to avoid his son from repeating his tragic story, he thought that it was necessary to educate him. “Son, the boat would always capsize at the gutter. You need to hold each other firmly to ensure that your boat will be stable, okay? Don’t look for someone similar. It’s enough to just look for someone stupid. She wouldn’t dare to go to the west if you tell her to go to the east. How comfortable would your life be, huh?”

Ning Ning continued to look at the ceiling while holding his chin up. His face was full of confusion. Why was it different from what his mommy had taught him? Mommy said that a wife should be doted on.

“Mommy said that a wife is to be cherished while a husband is for stepping on.” Ning Ning unconsciously betrayed his dear mommy.

A husband was to step on? Very well. Third Young Master Ye ground his teeth. Don’t let a woman fall into his hands in the future, or she would die. Third Young Master Ye smiled. “You don’t want to be trampled on, right? So, listen to me.”

“Oh…” Ning Ning lengthened his voice as if he had understood him. He then asked curiously, “Why didn’t Daddy marry a stupid one? Why Mommy?”

Third Young Master Ye, “I thought she was stupid when I fell in love with her at first sight.”

Ning Ning blinked. So, it can be said that Daddy’s eyes were bad and had made the wrong choice? The eagle had been hunting chickens for its whole life but was accidentally poked in the eye?

Third Young Master Ye frowned. He thought what he said was strange. When did he fall in love with her at first sight? That was because they had Ning Ning and he had no choice, right?

“You can’t say that. Normal people go through steps of knowing each other first, then fall in love, get married, and have children. Our steps are reversed, so we are a special case.”

“Daddy, are you sure you’re looking for a wife?” There was a very strange look on Ning Ning’s pinkish face.

“Son, education should be started from childhood. Because you have been staying together with Miss Cheng since you were young, that’s why you were brainwashed by her. Listen to me from today on.” Third Young Master Ye was domineering.

‘Daddy, won’t I become a little pig if I listen to you?’

Ning Ning looked at Third Young Master Ye with a smile. ‘Daddy, can you prank her back if Mommy pranks you? You have the keys to every room in the house. It’s not difficult to go in secretly.’

Didn’t you think of this method? Daddy, what should I say about you?

So, being stupid is a lifetime thing.

Stop struggling!

How can baby be embarrassed like you?

Even if he found someone as tough as his mommy, he had the ability to control her until death. Of course, it was possible to let her do what she wanted occasionally, but in general, he could 100% achieve what he wanted.

“Do you understand? Avoid girls like her and catch a dumb girl home.”

Big gray wolf looking for Little Red Riding Hood? Ning Ning looked at the ceiling as if he had understood something. The seven-year-old felt that his daddy was definitely that big gray wolf, who was specially used to abduct pure white rabbits like him.

When the young kid was old enough and met a woman, he finally understood how important and true his father’s teachings were. He was truly impressed.

He regretted that he didn’t listen to his father’s advice much when he was younger.

“Don’t lead my son astray.” Cheng Anya smiled and stared at Third Young Master Ye. “Was it easy for me to raise my son to be an all-rounder? I have to keep him by my side for the rest of my life.”

Ning Ning looked at his daddy’s sinister eyes and continued eating. He couldn’t express his opinion. His daddy was jealous.

“Baby, let’s not find little idiots as wives. It would affect our genes.” Cheng Anya patted the young kid’s head, smiled very kindly, and educated him as if nothing had happened.

“You aren’t that smart either, but your son is still a genius. So, our son’s genes are enough.” Third Young Master Ye smiled extraordinarily elegantly.

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence.

‘Third Young Master Ye, are you saying that I’m stupid?’

Ning Ning would rather not express his opinion, but there was something that he felt made sense. He should have listened to his father’s advice on love relationships.

Of course, he could only take his father’s love advice with a pinch of salt. After all, he was black-bellied and loved being jealous over him, which might get him into trouble.

If his daddy was reliable in love, pigs could fly.

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