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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 282: Untitled

Chapter 282: Untitled

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With Louis in MBS international, there was a very strange atmosphere. All the meetings held in the first conference room were filled with wars. In view of Louis’ unusual desire for Cheng Anya, every time his jade green eyes looked at Cheng Anya, Third Young Master Ye felt very uncomfortable. His woman was being coveted and no man would be happy about it, let alone someone domineering like Third Young Master Ye.

Third Young Master Ye hardly allowed Cheng Anya to enter the first conference room and always took Liu Xiaotian or Guan Rutong with him.

But even so, he could not stop Louis’ pursuit of Cheng Anya.

MBS International’s recent hot topic was Louis and Cheng Anya. Even the ladies in the office had begun to gossip about how likely Cheng Anya and Louis would succeed. Because of the increasingly gloomy face of President Ye, they did not dare to gossip openly anymore but secretly gossip about the complicated relationship among the three of them.

What a campy drama. Cheng Anya was at a loss as to whether to cry or laugh. It was said that the cooperation between Mafia and Louis was just a cover. The godfather’s biggest goal was to pursue Miss Cheng Anya.

He looked soft and had a pair of melancholic eyes. Always with a slight smile, he was like a man that had suffered from pain, which intrigued the motherly instinct of the females of MBS International. They were moved by his passion of love and how they wished they were the ones whom Louis liked.

Therefore, his image of being deeply in love and loyal had spread throughout the company via the females in the company.

After hearing this, Cheng Anya laughed it off and made a comment—boring.

Third Young Master Ye smiled coldly and commented, “Shameless.”

After Louis entered MBS international, Third Young Master Ye was obviously getting busier. There were a lot of things happening in both the underworld and business because he peacefully settled Louis and Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin started to take over Fire Beacon Hall. Within a short time, Dragon Gate swept and took over all the dark forces in City A. The Mafia avoided them, and Dragon Gate replaced Fire Beacon Hall as the largest dark force in City A.

It was well-known that the leader of Dragon Gate was Fourth Young Master Tang and Third Young Master Ye and Lin were the two masters helping him in the dark. Hence, during this period of time, Fourth Young Master Tang had carried out numerous secret transactions with the government of City A.

Fourth Young Master Tang was taking up a lot of roles as he only trusted a few people. Ye Chen and Lin could only secretly help out the business of the Tang family. Not only that, although Louis became the vice-president of MBS international, he had a diamond and arms trade with him. Third Young Master Ye had forced Louis to give free diamonds to MBS International in the name of him being the vice-president. Louis readily agreed.

The diamond was from him and he had a background in the underworld. Even if something went wrong, Third Young Master Ye would not get into trouble. He just had to deal with the arms trade.

It was the last time he would be involved in an illegal business with Louis.

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Therefore, Third Young Master Ye was very careful. He worked all night in the military factory of City A, packing and waiting for the time to arrive. It all ended when he had transported them to the wharf and watched the boat sail out.

He was used to this kind of thing, but he felt uneasy this time. Third Young Master Ye seldom made use of Dragon Gate to escort the transaction. Because of the relationship between Ye Wei and him, he was not in danger of being assassinated anymore. Black Eagle and others naturally didn’t need to protect him 24 hours and could look after the transaction.

If Louis dared to play him, he wouldn’t mind that Black Eagle shoot his head off on the spot.

At most, he would let Ning Ning ask Chu Li and Jason for help to control the mafia. They had done that kind of thing many times.

After Louis withdrew his capital, Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise were still cooperating with each other, but they stopped the war with MBS International temporarily. Yao Hua was headed by Yang Zekun, who was different from Yang Yun, who would risk everything. Moreover, he hated the Ye family because Yang Yun told him that his parents’ plane crash was secretly planned by Ye Zhenhua.

But when investigating Cheng Anya’s past history, Yang Zekun also investigated his parents’ accident. There was no evidence that Ye Zhenhua did it.

However, he was shocked by what Yang Yun had done. It was understandable that Third Young Master Ye hated him. The resentment between the Ye and the Yang family was just a disorderly chess game stained with blood.

Yang Zekun did not want to go on.

After Louis withdrew his capital and settled in MBS international, Yang Yun thought it was Ye Zhenhua who played a trick in secret. He purposely robbed Louis, his big backer, which made him hate him even more. However, he didn’t have the capital and didn’t dare to take the risk to confront MBS international.

In addition, he was very upset about Cheng Anya. The grandfathers and grandsons of the Yang family didn’t make a move for a while. If the Yang family didn’t make a move, the Yun family naturally wouldn’t have the ability to take action either.

Yang Yun thought that Yao Hua would face great trouble this time as Louis had betrayed them. It was easy for Ye Chen to destroy Yao Hua.

But Third Young Master Ye didn’t play his cards according to reason. He didn’t budge at all. Firstly, MBS international was also suffering from a great loss and it would take a while to recover. Secondly…

Ye Zhenhua ordered Ye Chen to take action against Yao Hua, which made Third Young Master Ye very disgusted. Even if Ye Zhenhua didn’t say it, Third Young Master Ye wouldn’t let Yang Yun off. However, he was naturally rebellious and didn’t like being told what to do. Moreover, the person who ordered him to do things was Ye Zhenhua. Third Young Master Ye ignored his words stubbornly.

Ye Zhenhua called several times, but Ye Chen just collapsed the phone on the desk and worked as if nothing had happened. When he was tired of speaking, Third Young Master Ye then hung up the phone and continued to work. Cheng Anya was secretly impressed as it needed a huge amount of perseverance which no ordinary people could have.

But she was still very happy that the matter between Old Master Ye and Old Master Yang had finally calmed down.


In fact, Cheng Anya did not understand the biggest reason why Third Young Master Ye stopped the fight with Yao Hua.

Although Third Young Master Ye refused to admit it, he had still thought of it in his subconscious mind.

Yang Zekun had taken care of Cheng Anya and his son for seven years without any complaints. Anya and Ningning were very grateful to him, and no matter what his identity was, this relationship was hard to get.

He now had Cheng Anya and Ning Ning by his side. If he ignored Yang Zekun’s seven-year efforts, he was not worthy to be called a man.

Third Young Master Ye had always been clear about gratitude and resentment.

Revenge is revenge, grace is grace.

When Ning Ning was suffering from pneumonia, Cheng Anya had nobody to ask for help from. Yang Zekun was the one who called the hospital for help. He rushed to the mother and son to accompany them overnight, through that difficult time.

Without him, Cheng Anya would not be able to finish her studies. She might not even be able to keep Ning Ning, let alone graduate, work, improve living conditions, and bring Ning Ning home to meet him.

For the sake of returning the favor, he didn’t want to treat Yang Zekun too harshly. If he hadn’t participated in the fight between MBS international and Yun Enterprise and started the fight, he wouldn’t have retaliated.

When you really fall in love with a person, you will find that you would want to care about all her emotions.

He didn’t want Cheng Anya to be put in a difficult spot.


He had to pay back the kindness owed by his wife and son. With this, the debts were being paid off.

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