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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 284: Untitled

Chapter 284: Untitled

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Cheng Anya was sweating with pain. Li Yun finally realized something was wrong. She threw away the bags on her hands and held her. Looking worried, she asked, “What’s wrong with you? Does your stomach hurt? Anya, don’t scare me…”

“Pain… Xiaoyun, it hurts…” Miss Cheng was in so much pain that she knelt on the cold ground and supported her body with her hands. Her veins popped out…

Li Yun panicked. She knew how tough Cheng Anya was. She didn’t even utter a word from the pain of childbirth when she gave birth to Ning Ning. The doctors in the delivery room thought that she was unconscious. Hence, the pain she was experiencing now was certainly beyond her imagination. She picked up all the bags, rushed into the store, threw everything on the counter, and hurriedly pulled out 300 yuan, giving it to the cashier. “Help me watch over them for a while.”

She didn’t have time to pay attention to the cry behind her and helped Cheng Anya up the elevator. She moaned and groaned with pain. She was weak and her body was very heavy. Her whole body was basically hanging on Li Yun.

Li Yun was afraid that she would faint. It was definitely faster for them to go to the hospital themselves than to wait for the ambulance. Just when she stopped a car and helped Cheng Anya into the car, her pain ceased.

“Were you acting?” Li Yun can’t help blurting out. She felt very weird. She was just about to faint because of the pain, but within a second, she had returned to her normal state.

Cheng Anya wiped the sweat off her forehead, and her hands were still shaking a little. “Not painful at all!”

“Was it really because of the heartache after paying more than 80,000 yuan for the clothes?” Li Yun couldn’t help but joke. Still, she frowned.

Cheng Anya rubbed… and smiled. “I think so.”

“The pain came fast and acute but ceased fast too. I don’t feel it at all now.”

Li Yun asked anxiously, “Is there something wrong with your stomach? You used to skip meals. Did you damage your stomach?”

“No…” Cheng Anya didn’t know what was going on either. But gastric pain wasn’t temporary like that and it didn’t feel like being poked by needles either…

“Did it happen before?”


Cheng Anya’s shirt was heavy as it was soaked in sweat. Her back was cold and she had an ominous feeling. Her pure face became dull. This was the second time.

The excruciating pain came without warning and disappeared quickly.

Was there really something wrong with her body?

“Well, don’t frown. Just go have a check at the hospital.” Li Yun patted her on the shoulder, paused for a moment, and raised her eyebrows. “Anya, are you sure you didn’t feel the pain because of the heartache?”

“Get out of the way.” Cheng Anya was angry, but Li Yun only smiled. It was funny. The pain came at the right time. She couldn’t help but crack that joke.

“Right, when was your last general medical checkup?” Li Yun asked suddenly.

“It’s been years. I think freshman year…”

“F***, it’s nearly six years. Anya, a set of fashion clothes would be out of fashion in a quarter. You’re really careless.” Li Yun pursed her lips, but she could understand her. Anya had a strong sense of pride. She would not accept the help from others unless she had to. However, she should not be so careless these two years as compared to the past years when she did not have the ability to do the checkup.

“I’m not that old. Who cares?”

“If you want to grow old, you’d better have a physical examination every year. Don’t you cry if you find out later that it’s last stage gastric cancer.”

“…Shut up!”

“Are you afraid now? Stupid bi*ch.”

Because of the special situation of Cheng Anya, the doctor could only give her a comprehensive examination to know the results. According to Cheng Anya, the doctor only said that it might be acute appendicitis, but they’d have to wait for the detailed report to know more.

The preliminary physical examination did not have any problems. The doctor asked Cheng Anya to wait for two days as the report needed two days to be ready.

It was afternoon when they came out of the hospital.

Li Yun asked her anxiously, “Is there any problem? Does it still hurt?”

Cheng Anya shook her head. She wasn’t in pain. Miss Cheng’s expression was gloomy. “I don’t want an operation…”

“Okay, we still don’t know what the problem is. Wait for two days first. Besides, the mortality rate of appendicitis surgery at our age is 1%. Can you be that unlucky?”

“Are you sure you are comforting me?”

“Isn’t this comforting? How do they do it in those Korean campy dramas? When Cinderella and the prince are about to have a happy ending, bad news suddenly comes and most of the bad news would be the female lead contracting some incurable diseases. For instance, leukemia. This probability is very high. I think you have the potential to continue the story this way.”

“I didn’t realize it before you mentioned it. Actually, Third Young Master Ye and I have been really acting out in a campy drama since the beginning. I’m afraid that there is something even campy that would happen next.”

“You just found out?”

“Why do you always talk about me? You and Gu Zhensheng are Cinderella and Prince as well. Why don’t you have any campy dramas?”

“Well, didn’t I tell you that Gu Zhensheng had a fiancée from a young age?”

“What? Are you sure?”

Li Yun laughed it off. “I’m sure. I wouldn’t be called Li Yun if I couldn’t settle Gu Zhensheng. At most, I’ll abandon him to find a better one. The streets are full of men. Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s go back to the mall to get my stuff and then go eat. I’m starving. Since you have spent a lot today, I’ll treat you this meal.”

“Ambitious, I like!” Cheng Anya smiled.

Li Yun looked at her and said, “Anya, you are so overly optimistic.”

“A day passes no matter if you’re sad or happy. Those who have a bitter face are idiots.”

“It makes sense. I really want to see what you look like when you cry. I haven’t seen it for years.”


They went back to the department store to pick up the bags and went for a meal.

It was almost five o’clock when Cheng Anya reached home. Third Young Master Ye was teaching the young kid how to taste wine. There were more than a dozen top-notch foreign wines placed on the bar table. He taught the young kid how to identify all the wines bottle by bottle. There were two wine cups that were holding red wine beside him.

Two heads, one big and one small, were talking together with great interest.

When Cheng Anya came back, the young kid greeted her. “Mommy, why did you shop with Auntie Yun for so long?”

“To give you time to do something bad.” Cheng Anya squinted and looked at the red face of the young kid. “Cheng Ningyuan, who let you drink?”

“Daddy!” The young kid did not even hesitate to sell Third Young Master Ye out. Third Young Master Ye beat him up with his arms wrapped around his head.

“What a brat. It was obviously you who wanted to try it.”

The young kid smiled cheekily and whispered, “Mommy would definitely believe me and not you.”

Third Young Master Ye squinted while the young kid jumped off to the sofa. “What did Mommy buy?”


“Eh? Daddy, Mommy bought you clothes…” The young kid knew how much of a money face Miss Cheng was. He glanced at the price tag immediately. He looked puzzled and reached out to Miss Cheng’s forehead. “Mommy, do you have a fever?”

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