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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 285: Untitled

Chapter 285: Untitled

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Cheng Anya was embarrassed. She swatted away the hand of the young kid. What fever? Couldn’t she buy clothes for Third Young Master Ye? What kind of logic was that?

The young kid looked at the price tag of the tie again. At that moment, Third Young Master Ye also came over. The young kid gave him the clothes like they were very precious things with a very serious look and a bit of jealousy.

“Congratulations, Daddy, on being my mommy’s favorite.” The expression of the young kid looked slightly distorted.

Cheng Anya blushed and punched the bottom of the young kid. “Baby, are you asking for a beating?”

Third Young Master Ye’s lips were wide open. He smiled happily and was in high spirits. He looked at the style of the clothes. Not bad, he liked it very much. They matched his beauty standards. Even the tie was to his liking.

It had to be said that little Anya had a unique taste.

This must cost the girl a whole month’s salary, including the bonus. It was not a small amount for her. Besides, with Miss Cheng’s wealth-obsessed character, Third Young Master Ye was really happy that she was willing to spend so much for him. Last night’s frustrations suddenly disappeared and he was so happy that he smiled from ear to ear.

He hugged Cheng Anya, turned her face over, and smiled like a fox. “Wife, I’ll give you a kiss as a reward.”

After that, he moved in for a big smooch on Cheng Anya’s lips. He could imagine how indecisive Miss Cheng was when she was picking out the clothes.

It was extremely cute.

Miss Cheng’s face turned red. She was about to get up when Third Young Master Ye clasped onto her firmly. With a sly smile, he embraced her contentedly in his arms. He felt really satisfied.

“What are you doing? My son is still there.”

“What are you afraid of? Let him learn. Right, baby?”

The young kid checked the other two bags, but there weren’t any clothes that were for him. He sulked and poked Cheng Anya’s face. “Mommy, what about mine?”

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence.

The young kid breathed deeply. His face that turned red from drinking wine had become redder. He was indignant. “Mommy, you don’t need to be so biased. You could have at least bought me a pair of underpants… You’re a bully.”

“Mommy, do you discriminate against children?”

Third Young Master Ye looked at his son’s expression of sadness and indignation, laughed and hugged Miss Cheng, pleased. “Son, this is my wife. Of course she’ll be good to me.”

Cheng Anya turned her head and stared at him. He really bloomed easily when given a little sunlight.

“Baby, believe Mommy, I really wanted to buy you eight, or even ten sets, but something cropped up and I didn’t have the time to.” Cheng Anya grabbed her son’s hand and smiled pleasantly. “Mommy vows that what I said was absolutely true.”

The young kid raised the corners of his lips and was furious. “Mommy, who are you fooling? It was still acceptable if you bought my clothes first before Daddy’s, but you bought his first. Your heart must be aching after spending that much money. Your dinner might even be a treat from Auntie Yun. Why would you spend money on my clothes again… Why? This world is so unfair. I’m so kind to you and I even betrayed…”

“Stop!” The more Cheng Anya heard about what he said, the more frightened she was. This brat even started to threaten her. “Mommy will buy you a new one tomorrow.”

Actually, he was right. She was going to buy clothes for him originally, but she bought clothes for Third Young Master Ye instead. Even if she didn’t go to the hospital, she would not have bought clothes for her son.

Her little baby knew her best.



“I want DR’s new handheld game.”


“Mommy, you’re the best.” The young kid pounced on Cheng Anya’s body and kissed her. Both mother and son were pressing down on Third Young Master Ye.

Third Young Master Ye looked at the treacherous mother and child with a smile and wondered. “Baby, she wouldn’t buy that video game machine that you have been pestering her to for a week. Why did she agree to it so easily this time?”

“Mommy loves me.” Ning Ning blinked lovingly. He would betray her if she didn’t agree to it.

Cheng Anya understood what his son meant. “Tsk, why don’t you buy it on your own since you have the money?”

“It’s different if Mommy buys it for me. It’s a challenge to let Mommy spend money. Baby loves challenges.”

“What a brat.” Cheng Anya laughed and scolded. Her loss was heavy this time.

Holding both the big one and the small one, Third Young Master Ye felt like he was holding the whole world, very satisfied.

“Daddy, you can’t disappoint my mommy. You are really her favorite now.” The young kid was very jealous…

Cheng Anya slapped him. “Kids really like to joke. Can you tell a funnier joke?”

Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows and was very interested. “How do you tell?”

“My mommy’s love is measured by money. You see, all my clothes add up are not as expensive as yours. How biased, how biased… With Mommy’s money-obsessed personality, this algorithm is the most accurate.” The young kid analyzed it seriously and gave Cheng Anya an intense stare.

Third Young Master Ye laughed. He grabbed the embarrassed Miss Cheng and kissed her again vigorously.

He liked that algorithm. It suited his intentions.

Cheng Anya didn’t agree with him. “How can you only consider what you wear? How about what you ate and used? Would I be able to raise you up without 100,000 yuan?”

The young kid held his head and thought. “Right, I’m still mommy’s favorite.”

Third Young Master Ye was embarrassed.

“Mommy, I have wronged you.” He hugged Cheng Anya and confessed.

“If you know your mistakes, you can change them,” Cheng Anya said sophisticatedly. Third Young Master Ye didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He put his arms around her waist and whispered, “Feeling sorry?”

After that, he bit her earlobe and Cheng Anya was all numb. She bumped his elbow back and said, “Are you trying to seek death!”

Our son was still there, you pervert!

“Time to cook…” The young kid stretched his body. “Daddy, go do some grocery shopping.”

“Is Mommy going?”

“No, I’m going to rest. I’m exhausted.”

Third Young Master Ye was just about to go out with the keys when his cell phone rang. He picked up the phone and his expression changed. “What did you say?”

Cold air suddenly spread in the room…

“What happened?” Cheng Anya asked right after he hung up the call. Third Young Master Ye sneered. “The old man called for a sudden meeting for the board of directors.”

“At this time?” Cheng Anya felt that it was very strange. Besides, it was a weekend.

“Not at MBS international but the Ye mansion, saying that we could talk about work even at the dinner table.” Third Young Master Ye smiled coldly.

“What for? To get rid of you?”

“High possibility. He wanted Louis to take over me. I’ve guessed that this day would come, but I didn’t expect that the old man would be so eager to do it so soon.”

Cheng Anya kept quiet. Third Young Master Ye turned around and rubbed the head of the little young kid. “Baby, Daddy can’t go shopping with you anymore. Let Mommy accompany you.”

The young kid smiled gracefully and shrugged, showing that it was okay.

“I will accompany you to the Ye mansion,” Cheng Anya said.

Old Master Ye was really muddleheaded or…

“No, just stay at home. This is my battlefield.”

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