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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 286: Untitled

Chapter 286: Untitled

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The silver Rolls Royce drove into the Ye’s mansion. There were nearly ten top-grade cars parked in the courtyard. Third Young Master Ye raised the corners of his lips and smiled coldly. It looked scary in the dark.

“Third young master, the master had ordered to not let anybody else enter,” Chen De said awkwardly. The old housekeeper had always been good to him. When he was young, he would secretly apply medicine on him after he was beaten and scolded by Ye Yutang. He was the only one in the Ye family whom Ye Chen didn’t feel disgusted by.

Ye Chen took off his sunglasses and smiled coldly. “Uncle Chen, did Dad ask you not to let me in?”

Chen De frowned.

“Uncle Chen, you’d better not be involved in our matter,” Third Young Master Ye said coldly, pushed him out of the way, and entered the mansion. Chen De frowned awkwardly and followed him.

The round table in the big living room was surrounded by all the directors of MBS International. There were seven people, including Louis and Old Master Ye. They were discussing something before they went silent upon seeing Third Young Master Ye enter the house.

“Dad really has the mood to invite so many uncles here for dinner. What were you all talking about? You all looked so happy.” Third Young Master Ye smiled gracefully and pulled out a chair to sit down. He happened to be sitting opposite Louis. He threw his sunglasses on the table and crossed his legs. He was kind of like the leader of the gang.

His deep eyes looked around and he gave a forced smile. “Why are you all so quiet? It’s so boring. Continue what you were discussing earlier on. I’m a member of MBS International’s board of directors too.”

Old Master Ye was furious. Damn, how could he receive the news so quickly? He came only ten minutes after the directors had arrived. Who on earth informed them, or was he keeping an eye on the Ye mansion?

He didn’t have time to guide them on what to do and merely said what he had in mind, so the chance of winning was a little lower.

Louis smiled and his jade green eyes were still a little melancholic. He toasted Third Young Master Ye and played with the red wine in his glass…

Several directors looked at each other. Some bowed their heads, while some looked at Old Master Ye. For a moment, everyone just laughed awkwardly. No one could predict what the Third Young Master, who had always been weird and iron-fisted, would do next.

“Ye Chen, I don’t remember inviting you here.”

“Dad, this is your bad. All the directors have arrived, so how could I miss this? Besides, this is my home. Was I wrong to come home?” Third Young Master Ye sneered with a great amount of sarcasm.

Ye Zhenhua was angry while Louis chuckled. “Since Third Young Master Ye has arrived, uncle, we’d better continue. He has to know anyway.”

Third Young Master Ye’s slender fingers knocked on the table, neither slowly nor quickly. Ye Zhenhua hesitated for a moment and said, “Give up your management right.”

It was expected. Several directors watched Third Young Master Ye cautiously as Ye Zhenhua had mentioned this before. Several of them were struggling in their hearts. All seven directors began to work with Ye Zhenhua since he was young, and they were very close to each other.

Although Third Young Master Ye had taken control of three of them, there were still variables. After all, there are too many people that would go with the flow in this world.

“Change the management right…” Third Young Master Ye lengthened his voice and looked at Louis. He was a little indifferent. “I didn’t expect you to be so eager. Do you think this is the right time?”

This was directed to Louis. Ye Zhenhua looked at them. “Any opinions? I am the chairman of MBS International. I have the right to dismiss you.”

“Is it?” Third Young Master Ye smiled and looked around. “Then, can I also use my power to let them vote and decide who the most important director of MBS International is? I’m afraid that the results may shock you. Dad, what do you think?”

“With the power on your hand? Do you think it will still work?”

“Oh, right, I’ll be dismissed and Louis would take over. Under the pressure of the godfather of the Italian Mafia, people would definitely go with the flow. I understand. I really do…” Third Young Master Ye chuckled. “I’m curious. Will MBS International be swallowed by the Mafia when Louis takes office?”

Some directors were shamed by him. Some hung their heads, whereas some drank wine to cover up the paleness on their faces.

“Third Young Master Ye, you don’t need to stir trouble within us. Uncle and I have our own agreement. We are talking about the change of management right today.” Louis pointed out the problem sharply and did not allow Third Young Master Ye to change the topic.

“What are the thoughts of the directors? Isn’t it to make money? I’m the president of MBS International. You all know very well how much money you all have earned these past few years. I think you all are clear of how much money will flow to the Italian Mafia if Louis becomes the president of MBS International. As a businessman, righteousness is the least valuable word and to make money is the most important. I bet you won’t do things that benefit other people and not yourself.” Third Young Master Ye was a master of negotiation. His distorted character was very suitable for negotiation, and he knew how to manipulate the mind of others, no matter how firm the person was. He could see through the cracks and gradually disintegrate their minds.

Old Master Ye was slightly angry. Several directors who swore that they would support Old Master Ye were starting to hesitate. What Third Young Master Ye said was true. MBS International’s performance in recent years had been climbing year by year, and they were earning loads. If Louis came to power…

No one could tell what would happen. Perhaps MBS International would be hollowed out by the Mafia. Moreover, they had a godfather of the Mafia as president. The clean image of MBS International might be damaged, and its position in the industry might be lowered in the future.

Not beneficial to the development of MBS international.

“How does Third Young Master Ye know that my management skills are not as good as yours? I can control the whole Mafia, let alone MBS International.” Louis chuckled.

Third Young Master Ye pursed his lips. “It’s easier said than done. Mafia? What is that? What did you use to control the Mafia? It’s the money from the Repulse Bay project that helped you pull through and win the hearts of the people. Do you think I’m a fool? Because of the money that the CEO gave you secretly, you were able to become the godfather of the Mafia. Also, because you joined hands with Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise to fight with MBS International, that sum of money that was given to you had almost made MBS International bankrupt. You were already destroying MBS International before becoming its president. How long do you think MBS International would survive after you take office? Moreover, doing business is different from the underworld. If we don’t agree with each other, we can’t possibly use knives and guns to settle the problem, right?”

“Third Young Master Ye, your analogy is biased,” Louis said coldly.

“Who compared MBS International to the Mafia first? It’s you. Comparing the underworld with the business world? How stupid.” Third Young Master Ye did not hold back at all. Every sentence of his had hit the nail on the head.

“Old Master Ye, was what Third Young Master Ye said true? Did you really give Louis the money that was meant for the Repulse Bay project?”

“…This must not be true. It was more than ten billion yuan. How did the third young master make up for it then?”

The directors were in a mess…

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