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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 294: Untitled

Chapter 294: Untitled

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Cheng Anya heaved a long sigh of relief as he had regained his senses. It was worth her hitting him and her hand aching as a result. Ning Ning touched his daddy’s face. It was swollen, and Mommy sure spared no expense.

“Daddy, it’s okay. It’s okay.” Ning Ning softly consoled Third Young Master Ye as Cheng Anya went to the kitchen to get him water.

Third Young Master Ye drank the water emotionlessly. “You sure?” he asked after a while.

“Yes. If you really hate him, I will waste him,” Ye Wei said coldly. Not being able to defeat Mo Jue did not mean that Louis was untouchable. To Ye Wei, she did not have to be up close to somebody to kill them. That was child’s play to her.

Third Young Master Ye remained silent. Nobody knew what was on his mind. He was emotionless, and a deep hatred that covered an emotional hurt for ten-over years flashed through his gaze.

Ye Yukun…

Ye Yukun was still f***ing alive?

He was still scot-free after many years his mommy died? That damn Ye Zhenhuao deceitfully maneuvered his dealings with Louis all these years, and to think he was unable to recognize it.

Given how advanced technology was these days, who would even be able to associate Louis with Ye Yukun.

If he had not wrecked Ye Yutang and gone against Ye Zhenhua, the latter would not have taken the risk to call Ye Yukun back to have him duke it out with him over the control of MBS International.

Very good!

As Third Young Master Ye crushed the cup, fragments of the cup splintered, a tinge of coldness flashing through his gaze. “I will handle this personally.”

“Brother!” Ye Wei was a little panicky. Since Louis had maintained his cover for so many years and was meticulous and crafty, nobody knew what plot lay in ambush for him. She was uneasy at the thought of her third brother exchanging blows with Louis.

To Ye Wei, she felt that comparing her third brother with Louis was an affront to the former.

“He walloped you?”

“Not really, somebody else did.” Ye Wei subconsciously distinguished between Mo Jue and Louis. Although their relationship did not seem straightforward, Mo Jue and Louis were not on the same path. “Third brother, you can let go of MBS International. You have the Dragon Gate, and your power base is overseas. It’s about time MBS International ends its stranglehold on you. Without you, MBS International is no different from a collapsed MBS International.”

“I have my own limits,” Third Young Master Ye said with a cold frown. He went upstairs quietly and closed the door with a loud slam.

Ye Wei wanted to say something but was stopped by Cheng Anya. “Stop convincing him otherwise. When your third brother has made up his mind, he is as stubborn as a bull and nothing would stop him. Let him be himself. Ye Yukun is his deep mental burden, and he will not recover from his deep mental burden in his whole life if he does not face it.” Miss Cheng smiled.

“Calling the cops would not work as Louis already knew that I blew his cover and would be on the alert. Calling the cops would only waste resources, and I’m worried that he will directly take out third brother next. With his so many years away from home and being forced to adopt Louis’ identity, he is more likely to hate third brother to death thanks to this lifestyle.”

“He deserves it,” Cheng Anya said plainly. As she recalled Louis’ snake-like gaze, she felt utterly disgusted. How could such a vicious person exist? Moreover, there was also Ye Zhenhua’s ploy.

How vicious!

Third Young Master Ye was kept in the dark from start to end, and Yang Xing committed suicide to protect Third Young Master Ye lest the police suspect something and implicate Third Young Master Ye. Louis did not even die.

With the manslaughter charges not established, Yang Xing was fine as long as Ye Zhenhua did not press charges!

She… died in vain!

Ye Chen and Ye Wei’s hatred was understandable. Had she been in their shoes, she would have hated Louis and Ye Zhenhua to the core as well.

How did Ye Zhenhua even make such a decision? Did he not anticipate Yang Xing’s actions, or…

Ye Zhenhua, the most vicious father ever!

“Ye Zhenhua, how vicious of him indeed.”

“That sicko, both old and young.” Ye Wei’s rage could not be restrained. “Nothing good comes out of the Ye family.”

“Auntie, the three of us are part of the Ye family too,” Ning Ning coughed and said coolly.

Ye Wei was at a loss for words.

Cheng Anya smiled. She still felt a little upset as she looked upstairs, deep in thought.

She would rather Third Young Master Ye hurt excruciatingly another time. Just that once, so that he could face it without fear.

Although it was crueler, it was the more effective way out.

As the sky darkened, Ye Wei was also worried about Third Young Master Ye. Cheng Anya prepared the guest room for them and then went up. Ye Wei and Eleven entered Ning Ning’s study room as there were still things to be checked out.

Third Young Master Ye stood before the French window, his body tense. The wind rustled his unkempt hair. As the wind blew, his deep and cold gaze showed itself transiently, intimidating those around him.

That was a pair of eyes that belonged to the darkness.

The memories from his childhood roiled in his mind. Third Young Master Ye clenched his fists and opened the floodgates of his memory. He allowed the terrible memories of the past to repeatedly eat away at his heart.

Although seventeen years had passed, he still clearly remembered all that happened that day.

He had forced himself to forget the past, but this memory was locked away and he did not touch it.

He dared to recall the terribly painful years in America but not what happened on the day Yang Xing died.

Cheng Anya went downstairs to get a cup of water and found the light in Ning Ning’s study room still on. Ye Wei and Eleven crowded around the computer and Cheng Anya could not help but walk over. There were photographs and words on the screen.

Her gaze suddenly widened.

It was a bloody child.

It was Ye Chen!


Ye Wei and Eleven were paying attention to the screen and did not notice Cheng Anya coming by. All of them were taken by surprise and Ning Ning was subconsciously about to turn off the computer when Cheng Anya yanked his hand away.

“F*** off.” Cheng Anya coldly barked. Ning Ning obediently got up and gave the seat to his mommy.

Ye Wei panicked. If Cheng Anya saw all these and developed a bias against her third brother, or disliked him as a result…

“Third sister-in-law, it’s better if you do not see it!”

“Wei Wei, shut up!” Cheng Anya moved the mouse and scrolled down the screen.

She was expressionless.

“Ning Ning, do you mind explaining this?” Cheng Anya looked at the screen and asked Ning Ning.

Ning Ning utterly regretted it. Since Cheng Anya had discovered it, he did not conceal it any further. “These were the things that happened to Daddy during the few years he was in America…”

During his few years in America, he started off in an asylum. Ye Zhenhua sent him into the harshest asylum in America. The asylum had an extreme treatment method that entailed locking up a group of mental patients together and letting them kill each other.

Most of the patients in the asylum were suffering from severe mental illnesses and would not live to see the day they would be free from the asylum. To put it differently, the patients in the asylum were the research subjects for the doctors.

To the doctors, they were guinea pigs whose lives they had no responsibility for.

Most of the patients were African-Americans and Jews who were tall and big. Ye Chen, who was only ten then, would be beaten to an inch of his life whenever he was incarcerated with them.

Little Ye Chen started to fight back, from knocking down one to two. He was so tenacious and extremely explosive. How he looked when he did not murmur a word was extremely frightening. Apart from locking up patients together to see them fight, the doctors even employed several perverted methods to torture said patients.

After then, Little Ye Chen could no longer endure the days in the asylum and plotted to escape. Ye Chen was extremely smart, his intelligence many times higher than a normal child. Despite a few failures where he would be brought back before he could reach the gate, he eventually escaped.

However, after escaping, a strange combination of circumstances let him be sold into the black market. In order to survive, he took part in underground boxing.

He would be carted off the boxing ring half dead.

These days carried on for another two years.

By then, little Ye Chen had already made a name for himself and was the most famous figure in the black market. Although he was young and small, his bursts of force were explosive. He also had a sharpness that nobody could stop.

Ye Chen was twelve then and had a set of looks that complemented his pale skin. He was agile and had a vicious gaze that hearkened to a harbinger from hell.

The twelve-year-old Ye Chen did not know how to temper his prowess, and with the extreme hurt that was inflicted on him, he remained totally silent for three years after breaking out of the asylum.

Such an attractive kid, in the eyes of the big boss in the black market, inevitably roused them.

His attention-drawing prowess, like the sharpest sword ever found, along with his gaze that brimmed with bloodlust, would cleft anyone into two anytime, made him even more wanted by others.

Ye Chen drew so much attention. His prowess set off a chain of events that caused his near-demise.

A big boss in the black market, the master of the Rose Hall, was in his sixties and rotund. His days indulging in sexual desires left him impotent earlier than expected. Although he had erectile issues, he, however, took a liking to sexually violating teenagers. As the black market survived due to his blessings, nobody had qualms with him when he wanted to bring little Ye Chen away.

Little Ye Chen was taken away by the perverted old man for the latter’s pleasure.

While the old man suffered from erectile problems, little Ye Chen, who was like a bloodthirsty and prideful beast who took on anyone, would not quietly suffer this insult.

He hence did something terrible.

With a swipe of the knife, he chopped off the old man’s genitals.

While little Ye Chen almost escaped the Rose Hall, he was overpowered by four others due to his age and lack of strength. This was when his darkest days began.

As the master of the Rose Hall was sent to the hospital for treatment, little Ye Chen was locked in the darkest dungeon in the Rose Hall. A few of the hotter-blooded subordinates of the master started to abuse him, and beatings became a run of the mill.

Once the master was discharged, worse torture was to follow.

To torture little Ye Chen, the master found a new method. He wanted to see others viciously abuse little Ye Chen. This felt much better and inflicted more pain unto little Ye Chen than killing him outright.

Ye Chen fought back with near-rage, but the pervert in the master enjoyed the process.

He, however, felt that was still insufficient and took to a new method of torture. He injected little Ye Chen with drugs.

It was a drug that acted on the central nervous system.

These were more commonly known as hallucinogens.

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