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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 295: Untitled

Chapter 295: Untitled

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Little Ye Chen, who was injected with hallucinogens, began a terrible period of his drug addiction.

It was a world where depravity basked in its full glory.

Third Young Master Ye, under the influence of drugs, started to live in a period of darkness where the days did not matter to him.

When his drug addiction kicked in, he started to hallucinate. His memories started to alternate between the ten years of a warm, good life and when his days of darkness started. He started to become uneasy and lived in extreme fear.

As Third Young Master Ye went from a bloodthirsty lion to a panicked beast, he often scurried away from people and hid in dark corners. Third Young Master Ye, often in extreme uneasiness, would hack people into a bloody mess with his knife.

The brutality of hacking somebody beyond recognition reinforced Third Young Master Ye’s panic. He became even more irate, angry, impulsive, and bloodthirsty. These outcomes reinforced the effects the hallucinogens had on him.

As Third Young Master Ye lived in a fantasy world for a long time, he, who was already afflicted with a mental illness, suffered an additional mental illness with the injection of hallucinogens: delusional disorder. As the sick old pervert enjoyed seeing Third Young Master Ye in pain from torture, the videos were completely stored over the internet, complete with the analysis of psychologists.

The multiple mental afflictions left Third Young Master Ye muddled. While his body was still resisting the effects of the hallucinogens, he slowly started to develop a persecutory delusion and lashed out violently at the people around him.

He was, even more so, unknowingly hurting himself.

The bloody photos which Ning Ning dug out showed a bloodied Third Master Ye with bloodshot gazes, slashing himself with a knife.

He was like an eagle without wings that was locked in a cage, never to see the light.

He was watched by countless who just looked on as he withered and sunk.

During that time in the Rose Hall, there were a series of sad and shrill screams that left people terrified.

To the old pervert, the thrill was insufficient.

This hallucinogen had a terrible side effect—an acute libido—which Third Young Master Ye did not have. Third Young Master Ye was only twelve and maltreated.

How could a twelve-year-old even have a libido? The old man was unsatisfied and had him tied up. He then injected an aphrodisiac that acted on the CNS into him, hoping that the kid would give him even more titillating scenes.

As Third Young Master Ye was extremely aggressive, that coupled with a relapse of his drug addiction kept people away from messing with him. They saw him hack an able fighter, a 190-cm tall African-American, beyond recognition.

That scene frightened the daylights out of all men.

The young child’s gratuitous violence and madness left an indelible mark on them, and few, even under the boss’ orders, were willing to get close to Third Young Master Ye lest the latter hack them to death.

Besides, Third Young Master Ye, who was already an excellent boxer, was well-versed in weaponry thanks to the training he received in the black market during those two years. His aggressiveness was extremely intimidating.

To the point where everybody kept their distance from him.

The old pervert was already waiting for the aphrodisiac to take effect, with Third Young Master Ye lapsing into madness and putting on a gratifying act with other men for him. As the propensity for wanton havoc still reigned in him, the old pervert could not care for anything else.

The aphrodisiacs in American black markets were different from the other markets. Like hallucinogens, this one was known as ‘The Thrill of Death’.

As an extremely potent drug, it was worlds apart from the hallucinogens in the pubs. Those who used it quickly developed a reliance on it, and even Third Young Master Ye could not resist the effects of this drug.

It had been three months since he was injected with the drug, and he was extremely reliant on it. He started to develop painful hallucinations, the image of Yang Xing’s death forcefully replaying in his mind. Third Young Master Ye’s emotions rapidly changed between panic and fear. He started to develop destructive tendencies and showed signs of schizophrenia and other terrible mental illnesses.

He was reaching his emotional and mental thresholds.

Whether it was good luck or plot armor, the aphrodisiac also turned out to be a CNS agent that not only caused its users to develop an extreme reliance on it, but also interestingly served as a counter to the hallucinogen.

Most drugs have toxicity, and fighting fire with fire surprisingly helped clear Third Young Master Ye’s mind.

He wanted to escape from the Rose Hall, but with its substantial influence in America and strength made it impossible for Third Young Master Ye to single-handedly escape.

Hence, he pretended to be what the old pervert expected him to be. The old pervert was excited, and it so happened that he had a politician to please and then sent Third Young Master Ye over to him.

More than ten years ago, a scandal rocked the American political scene. Although officials embargoed the information, the scandal still made waves.

The Second Minister of Defence was hung from a crystal chandelier naked with kinky whips on his body. The incident was so spectacular that had popular opinion buzzing.

Third Young Master Ye managed to escape from the hotel and was saved by Fourth Young Master Tang. Third Young Master Ye was hunted down since his escape, allowing Fourth Young Master Tang, who was making a timely visit to America thanks to his father, to save him. Master Tang, who was in America for talks, also brought Forth Young Master Tang along to make schooling arrangements in America for him.

The excruciating rehabilitation began!

Since the Tang family was extremely powerful, and how Fourth Young Master Tang and Third Young Master Ye clicked very well, Master Tang used his relations and hid Third Young Master Ye away. He also engaged experts to help him kick his drug addiction, and also psychologists. Third Young Master Ye then was beyond description and his emotions were still extremely unstable. Apart from Fourth Young Master Tang, nobody could get close to him.

As he was injected with hallucinogens for a very long period of time, an extremely huge amount of toxins accumulated in Third Young Master Ye’s body. During the rehabilitation, it was a new round of torture. The physical agony was secondary, while the psychological pain was primary.

After being tortured for three months, Third Young Master Ye suffered from multiple mental illnesses. It was extremely difficult to treat him. Fourth Young Master Tang had to go to the ends to get Third Young Master Ye to even open up.

It took the two psychologists and Fourth Young Master Tang a whole half-year to get Third Young Master Ye to speak.

Once he started speaking, his condition started to improve.

It must be said that Third Young Master Ye’s tenacity and perseverance were extraordinary as he survived all the immense difficulties.

There was a period of time he spoke a little, and whose memories were sealed away.

He eventually persevered.

At this moment, Ye Zhenhua appeared…

Fourth Young Master Tang thought that Third Young Master Ye would not return home, but little did anybody know that he obediently followed Ye Zhenhua home and even became an obedient and yielding son to Ye Zhenhua. Although he was, at times, distant and aloof, he was extremely obedient toward Ye Zhenhua.

Ye Zhenhua then sent him to America for studies, and he ended up in the same middle school as Fourth Young Master Tang. With Fourth Young Master Tang, Lin, and a few others, they started to make their way in the American underground and established the Dragon Gate after three years. Back then, the Dragon Gate was still a small triad.

Over seven to eight years, Third Young Master Ye slowly matured and lived on the edge. After almost dying a few times, he eventually took on the Rose Hall single-handedly. None of the five hundred-over of the Rose Hall survived.

That year was the year Third Young Master Ye’s bloodthirstiness was in full swing. He wasted whomever he had crossed paths with in the black market those years ago.

He had completely buried his past.

After the Rose Hall was taken down, Fourth Young Master Tang planned behind the scenes whilst Young Master Lin injected funds. In a bid to secure control of the black market, they started to take on the larger triads in America whilst the Dragon Gate collected the spoils of the feuds and became the largest mafia organization in Northern America.

This was all that happened to Third Young Master Ye during his few years in America. It was very thorough detective work on Ning Ning’s part as whatever evidence Third Young Master Ye had destroyed was dug out by Ning Ning. They were visceral, brutal…

It was a world where murder calls the shots.

The room was dead silent. Everybody was at a loss for words and not quite knew what to say. Ye Wei was gritting her teeth in extreme pain. Everybody had an inkling of what happened to Third Young Master Ye, Ye Wei included. To her, Third Young Master Ye was not somebody familiar she would do thorough detective work on.

After digging all these out, the experiences that Third Young Master Ye went through were even more terrifying than what she initially expected. The training she had paled in comparison to Third Young Master Ye’s experiences.

Her eyes stung.

Ning Ning’s eyes reddened. While he did look it up a little before, he did not delve into the details. Even he did not expect that his strong daddy had such a youth…

Describing it with ‘hell’ was clearly an understatement…

It was even more terrifying than hell.

Cheng Anya looked on quietly as her gaze grew wide. She stood rooted there for a few minutes, her face scarily pale as her fingers slightly trembled. She suddenly clenched her fists and bit her lip until blood almost came out. While the pain was sharp, her heart ached even more for little Ye Chen.

It was a miracle that he was alive!

Underground boxing, mental illnesses, being injected with drugs, being tortured, the illegal confinement…

What kind of experiences were these?

Just any one of them was unbearable, let alone these many extremely brutal experiences all happen to him…

Cheng Anya…

Her heart was in excruciating pain!

“Mommy, are you okay?” Ning Ning wiped away his tears and worryingly asked Cheng Anya.

He regretted showing his mommy these things. Although his daddy’s world and his world were not the most beautiful, his mommy lived in a much more innocent environment and did encounter anything similar to what his daddy underwent.

Regretting what happened would not turn back time.

“I’m fine,” Cheng Anya said hoarsely as she stood up, slowly walking out of the room and then going up. She had even forgotten the reason she came down.


While Ye Wei looked at Cheng Anya’s silhouette worryingly, she was even more worried about her third brother. “Darling, is your mommy unable to bear all these?”

“No!” Ning Ning said plainly. His mommy would be able to endure these and wake up the next day to be their smiling angel.

“Your daddy reminds me of this creature.”

“A cockroach!” Eleven said as Ye Wei raised her eyebrows.

A cockroach that one could never quite kill.

Ye Wei was at a loss for words.

Ning Ning was also at a loss for words.

Cheng Anya went up the stairs and passed by Ye Chen’s dead silent room. What was he doing? Was it pain? Or was it fear? She secretly wondered the number of times Third Young Master Ye was trapped in these nightmares.

And how many times he would wake up, unable to go back to sleep.

She returned to the room. Just as she closed the door, she heaved a sigh and collapsed onto the floor. As the emotions got to her, she coughed out fresh blood.

The heartache permeated her entire body.

Cheng Anya could not help but break out into tears on the floor…

Ye Chen…

She was hurting!

Her entire body was hurting for what he had been through and for his strength.

She had finally experienced the most excruciating pain in her life…

This very night, Third Young Master Ye was wide awake as he stared at the moon in the night sky.

Cheng Anya was also wide awake, awaiting the first ray of sunlight.

For somebody as optimistic as her to cry because somebody touched the deepest of her heartstrings was heartbreaking.

The next day, Ning Ning, who managed to crack Mo Jue’s defensive programming, prepared a sumptuous breakfast that was laid out on the table. Ye Wei and Eleven did not sleep throughout the night as they studied ways to keep Mo Jue in check.

Cheng Anya and Ye Chen, both a little tired, left the house at almost the same time.

“You did not get a good sleep last night?” Third Young Master Ye asked with a slight frown. Her face looked terrible and was totally pale. Third Young Master Ye knew that he was not in any better shape.

“Li Yun had a love crisis last night and I was playing auntie agony to her.” Cheng Anya smiled as she yawned. “I’m so tired!”

Third Young Master Ye took a glance at her as they both went down the stairs.

Ning Ning smiled sweetly and beckoned them to breakfast. “Third brother, does Ning Ning do the housework at home?” Ye Wei curiously asked.

Ye Chen was adding milk to his coffee as Miss Cheng was having her porridge. Both of them stopped and looked at each other in cohesion before carrying on in sync. “It is better for children to be trained up this way.” Cheng Anya smiled as they carried on with their coffee.

She said it with reason and was not embarrassed about it. Ye Wei secretly applauded her badassery whilst Ning Ning smiled, for his mommy was always right.

The few of them agreed tacitly not to mention what happened the night before or show that something was amiss.

It was business as usual.

“His mommy said that men need to do more housework lest they are unmarriageable in the future,” Third Young Master Ye said.

Ye Wei coughed out of indignation. Ning Ning’s hands manipulated god knew how much money, and to squander them on the mundane affairs of the home was a… colossal waste.

She was aghast!

And hats off to Ning Ning!

Ning Ning took the smile as praise and smiled at the Ye family alluringly. “I dare say that darling Ning Ning’s future wife will be a blessed person.”

“Mommy does not allow me to get married.” Ning Ning stopped for a moment before continuing, “But Daddy allows me to marry a little moron.”

Ye Wei tapped the table and laughed, her laughter bringing everyone who had endured a chaotic night into laughter.

Even Third Young Master Ye could not help but smile.

“Third brother, Eleven and I will protect you today. I am not at ease as Louis is in MBS International,” Ye Wei said. That was the main reason she stayed over at the Ye family the night before.

“Focus on recuperating from your wounds!” Third Young Master Ye said plainly. “What can he do in broad daylight?”

Since he had yet to act, what was Louis’ basis for action?

“It’s a flesh wound. I’ll be fine,” Ye Wei said. “With Eleven around as well, this will be it. Also, what’re third brother’s plans?”

“To run MBS International into the ground.” Ye Chen let out a cold humph.

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