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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 298: Untitled

Chapter 298: Untitled

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Third Young Master Ye’s announcement of his resignation at the MBS International conference sent shock waves across the shareholders and media at the scene.

Not sparing Louis and Ye Zhenhua. Once Ye Zhenhua finished his speech, Third Young Master Ye stood up and announced that he would no longer be the president of MBS International, that he sincerely wished MBS International smoother days ahead.

As Cheng Anya stood aside and looked at Third Young Master Ye while she held the documents. Third Young Master Ye in formal attire seemed gentlemanly. His charming and elegant smile showed itself from time to time as he stood erect. Like an oak tree in the torrent rain that stood tall for eternity, he was somewhat aggressive and seemed tall, strong and untouchable to outsiders.

Such an aura could not be developed overnight.

When people saw such a Third Young Master Ye, could they imagine that little boy who was once incarcerated, injected with drugs, and humiliated?

He was finally standing up against it all, right?

Although she had no idea what Third Young Master Ye’s plans were, she knew MBS International was a gone goose, thoroughly and completely gone. Ye Zhenhua’s era had long passed, and Third Young Master Ye was the soul behind MBS International.

A corporation without its soul would collapse in a matter of time. And given her understanding of Third Young Master Ye, he would definitely give Ye Zhenhua a chance to reorganize. He would definitely drive MBS International into the ground in the quickest, most vicious, and thorough manner possible.

Cheng Anya’s heart ached sourly. Third Young Master Ye’s aim was to make MBS International and Yao Hua things of the past, seizing what Old Masters Ye and Yang respectively prized. However she looked at him, why did his smile seem so heavy?

And made her heart ache terribly?

If Ye Zhenhua did not drive him to that, if he did know that Ye Yukun did not die and how Yang Xing had died for naught, could a Third Young Master Ye filled with love just stop there and leave this place of hatred for good?

And live their happy lives.

While it was not necessary to totally destroy MBS International, the coldness Cheng Anya saw in Third Young Master Ye when she first met him and the murderous intent he had at Yang Yun’s banquet made her heart ache.

Ah Chen, did you even have the slightest expectation…

That they would love you?

If Ye Zhenhua and Yang Yun were willing to give him that bit more love, he might not have become that vicious.

Men are weird at times. Their reasoning and emotions are never on the same level. Yang Yun was his maternal grandfather whilst Ye Zhenhua was his father…

Cheng Anya could imagine how a young Ye Chen asked his mommy why his daddy disliked him. She could also imagine how little Ye Chen would wait by the window each time for his daddy.

She could also imagine how little Ye Chen would shyly hide in the corner of the room and sneak a look at his father.

Even if Ye Zhenhua did not like him, and even detested him, he still anticipated his arrival and gave one more look at him.

With blood thicker than water, kinships are indeed hard to sever.

This was every child’s desire for parental love, and even a smart and strong Ning Ning also anticipated that father’s love but did not express it out of not wanting to hurt her.

How could Ye Chen be an exception?

However, Ye Zhenhua in each move forced him to give up his last hope. Ye Chen’s outburst and insanity the night before told her that he had completely severed all relations with the Ye family. The fact that Ye Yukun did not die almost drove him insane.

This was Ye Zhenhua’s sins.

She hated Ye Zhenhua even more than she hated Yang Yun. The brutal experiences and bloodied photographs she saw were all Ye Zhenhua to blame.

And she now saw the shock on his face.

Cheng Anya somehow enjoyed the revenge and waited to see how the MBS International he took pride in crumbled. Even with Louis’ help, MBS International was not going to make it out of this alive.

Ye Zhenhua underestimated Third Young Master Ye too much.

Or rather, he overestimated himself.

All the media outlets covered this shocking development in real-time.

It was too sudden!

Nobody expected Third Young Master Ye to announce his departure from MBS International when it had just collaborated with the Mafia.

With the announcement of the news, Tang’s Enterprises, the Lin family, and GK International Media made their advances on MBS International. With massive behind-the-scenes manipulations underway, a new commercial war quietly brewed.

It was as though three beasts with sharpened claws pounced at MBS International.

The Tang family, Lin family, GK International Media, and MBS International were MNCs on the same level. If they went against each other one-on-one, the odds were relatively even. If it was three of them against one…

Like in mahjong, when three of the payers collaborated against one, said player was due for a humiliating defeat.

Ye Zhenhua looked at Third Young Master Ye in shock. He did not expect Third Young Master Ye to announce his retirement and it caught him off guard. While that was part of his plan, Third Young Master Ye taking the initiative to give up the management rights to MBS International should have made him happy.

But why did he felt a cold come upon him?

He clearly remembered what Third Young Master Ye had said the night before, which was what drove him to come up with as comprehensive a plan as possible so that Third Young Master Ye had no chance to retaliate. With Third Young Master Ye giving up the president’s position at MBS International, even Ye Zhenhua felt incredulous.

He could also feel that Third Young Master Ye would not call it a day that soon.

A rage glinted in his gaze.

With the announcement of his retirement in such a setting, all the media outlets had spread the message across the whole City A. It would not be too long before the messages would spread around the world and add a new development to the collaboration between MBS International and the Mafia.

This was something he did not expect and also something that would not end as peacefully as he hoped to. Third Young Master Ye would harden his heart and not give him a chance to re-consolidate his plans.

Damn it!

A shred of surprise flashed through Louis’ gaze. Was he really hell-bent on wiping out MBS International?

Did he misjudge the situation?

As the entire conference fell silent, only Third Young Master Ye’s voice repeated itself through the speakers. Everyone could feel the coldness in his voice reverberate around the conference hall.

Something big was going to happen.

“Anya, is President Ye serious? If he leaves, what about us?” Liu Xiaotian was getting a little jumpy.

They had acknowledged a master and were loyal to him from the start. With such an unexpected development, she did not want to work for Louis…

And neither did she want to leave MBS International, a place where her many years of memories and love were.

Along with the memories of her slogging with her friends.

Years ago, You Lili led them to OT for an MBS International project. For Ye Chen, everything was as perfect as possible. She was used to the life in MBS International.

“I also just knew about it as well.” Cheng Anya spun a lie and smiled. “Don’t worry. All will be fine!”

Although she did not know his plan, she was confident in him.

It was impossible for Ye Chen to have a shred of feelings for MBS International as he brought many working teams into MBS International and also developed numerous talents in MBS International. All of these were unrelated to Ye Zhenhua in any way.

As Liu Xiaotian saw Cheng Anya looking at Third Young Master Ye mesmerizingly, something clicked in her mind. “Anya, are President Ye and you…”

“Shh, quiet. The conference is still going on.” Cheng Anya smiled and blinked as she beckoned Liu Xiaotian to quiet down.

Liu Xiaotian was quietly shocked. Third Master Ye and Anya? Things were getting quite flighty here. It was not that she had not suspected anything before, but the two of them… just didn’t seem like an item. If they were, they had concealed that fact too well.

After Ye Chen announced his resignation, he smiled and said to Ye Zhenhua, “Mr. CEO, haven’t you confirmed the identity of the next president? Would you like to formally introduce him to everyone as well? To directly announce his appointment, I believe, would not be a challenge for you all.”

Third Young Master Ye smiled elegantly as he sat down. There was a moment of silence at the conference. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for Ye Zhenhua to tell Third Young Master Ye anything. Besides, he had privately confirmed Louis’ appointment.

Some of the directors who were privy to developments smiled in excitement as they had finally driven Third Young Master Ye out. A few other directors frowned uneasily and pondered deep in thought. Nobody knew the reason behind his sudden resignation.

While he had made his stand clear last night, it was impossible for him to simply leave MBS International. While Third Young Master Ye was arrogant, cold and iron-fisted, his words carried even more weight than a pearl. For him to change his decision overnight meant that something important had happened.

Whispers followed the silence in the conference hall. They were relatively soft, like rocks impacting the sea and kicking up some small waves.

However, the whispers became louder and louder as questions raced toward Ye Zhenhua and his company.

Third Young Master Ye sat still and maintained his smile. He was not as scorned as those below the stage.

He painted a very nice picture for everybody present.

He expected the discussion amongst them to center around whether he was forced to step down, whether the mafia intended to absorb MBS International, and whether the next president was Louis. He guessed that most of the people were standing up for him.

To think that the person who brought MBS International to a new level had stepped aside and gave up all his good work to somebody else.

Would they really empathize with him?

Third Young Master Ye coldly smiled in his heart, seemingly even more at ease. Cheng Anya secretly shook her head. He was sure one of a kind. The more elegantly he smiled, the more people felt that he was wronged.

It was the entertainment circle’s loss that Third Young Master Ye did not enter it.

With such looks and such performance, clinching an Oscars was clearly not a problem.

When she smiled, Third Young Master Ye looked at her and raised his eyebrows as a gentleness flashed through his gaze.

Very good!

At least, his dear Anya was with him at the moment.

Without saying too much else, a gaze warmed his cold heart up. She was his smiling angel, his sunshine.

As Liu Xiaotian saw them exchange gazes, she was even more certain of her hypothesis. “Anya, were you the female lead in the news exposed by GK International Media?” she swallowed her saliva and asked.

As she recalled it, she realized that…

That resemblance!

Cheng Anya smiled and nodded. “That… Who’s that child?” Liu Xiaotian was a little tizzy.

She felt that it was getting difficult to speak.

“Our son.” Cheng Anya smiled as Liu Xiaotian’s eyes twitched. To be able to pull this off, she must be an actress material.

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