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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 302: Untitled

Chapter 302: Untitled

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In the past, he had nothing to worry about. It didn’t matter whether he was alive or dead. Now, it’s quite different. Moreover, it’s too humiliating to die together with a pervert like Louis.

“Good trick. I’m impressed!” Louis simply said a few words. GK international, Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin were taking actions and his staff had noticed and told him. Louis just smiled.

He was praising the trick that allowed him to hollow out MBS International and let three multinational enterprises lead the attack.

It was indeed a good trick.

He expected that Fourth Young Master Tang would make a move. The two leaders of Dragon Gate were Fourth Young Master Tang, who was the well-known leader, and Third Young Master Ye, who was the other leader working behind the scenes. However, he did not expect Lin Yixuan to be involved as well.

Klose of GK international had also come to join the party. It was tough for MBS International to deal with so many multinational enterprises. They were all players in the business world and they called the shots. With their influence, they could pass the funds and control the market in a split second.

The real estate under Fourth Young Master Tang, the jewelry enterprise of Lin Yixuan, and the media enterprise of GK International happened to be the three pillar industries of MBS International. Louis finally understood why Third Young Master Ye abandoned the traditional real estate industry of MBS International and devoted himself to the development of the media and jewelry sector.

And took them to a very high level, just for today.

How clever was Third Young Master Ye. These three enterprises just happened to divide and get a clean share of the market share of MBS International’s three major industries. Each of them specialized in one field, attacking each field at a time and then finally combined their attack.

It was a perfect means of fighting.

Louis had guessed a lot of things.

There was also a herd effect in the business war. After that day, most people would judge the situation and choose a position that is the most favorable to them. It was easy for Louis to find several enterprises to compete with any other three enterprises, but it wasn’t easy for him to compete with those three enterprises.

‘But Third Young Master Ye, aren’t you looking down on me too much?’

Louis smiled. He was not nervous at all.

“Well, then take it.” Third Young Master Ye sneered. He glanced at Ye Zhenhua and said, “You’d better pray that he can solve the problem, or else, you’ll watch MBS International collapse.”

Even if Louis could solve the problems, he would not allow him to. Who was he? How could he allow his aim to fail?

Ye Zhenhua sneered and looked at Third Young Master Ye as if he was a stranger. He was also somewhat disdainful and contemptuous. “Don’t think that we will admit defeat if you play this trick. From now on, you are never going back to MBS International. Playing any tricks is no use.”

Third Young Master Ye laughed and was in a great mood. He suddenly felt sad and sorry for Ye Zhenhua. He was indeed old. He couldn’t even judge this situation clearly. He said, “Do you think I care about MBS International?”

Third Young Master Ye squinted slightly and said coldly, “I’ll tell you the truth. I plan to bury MBS International together with my mother. Ever since I went to study in the United States, I only have one wish, and that is to let you and Yang Yun lose your fame and tear MBS International and Yaohua apart. Who cares about your broken family property? Leave it to your good son. One son is useless while another is a sicko. Ye Zhenhua, your ancestor must have done a lot of good deeds. A person like you could live until now is really a miracle. If it was someone else, they might have already killed themselves. I wonder if you have ever dreamed of my mother’s wronged soul coming back to you at night?”

Ye Zhenhua’s body suddenly became cold, and he who stood upright and stiff stepped back. Louis held him up quickly. Ye Zhenhua’s face was horribly pale. Third Young Master Ye’s words were so harsh that every sentence stabbed into his heart like a knife.

It was bloody all over.

Third Young Master Ye had a kind of pleasure in planning his revenge. Speaking of Yang Xing, he hated him even more. “Nothing else to say? Or have you really dreamed of my mother?”

Eleven and Ye Wei, who had been monitoring their conversation, were still at the opposite building. Eleven stabbed Ye Wei. “Wei Wei, your third brother’s mouth is really toxic.”

“You only noticed it now?” Ye Wei took it as a compliment, and then her gaze went cold. “He deserved it. I’m also curious if he had dreamed of my mother or not. How could he be so cruel to my third brother?”

Since he had abandoned his children, why would he care about being abandoned by them?

Ye Wei looked up at the blue sky. Fortunately, her mommy died long ago and didn’t witness this scene. Otherwise, she would be so sad.

Both of them knew very well how much Yang Xing loved Ye Zhenhua.

However, if she was alive, maybe things would not come to this point. In the end, all these were still caused by Ye Zhenhua and Yang Yun.

She didn’t feel bad for them at all, only the pleasure of revenge.

Both Ye Wei and Third Young Master Ye were vengeful. They were ruthless and cruel to their enemies. Once they stopped caring about the fact that they were family, Ye Zhenhua was just their enemy and nothing else.

Ye Wei was not a woman who believed in forgiving one easily.

Third Young Master Ye wasn’t either.

Ye Zhenhua’s pale lips trembled and he was furious. He pointed to the door and shouted, “Get out!”

“Don’t need to chase me out. I will walk out myself. Ye Zhenhua and Ye Yukun, I will wait and see your plight. I would quietly watch how you struggle.” Ye Chen sneered and left.

Ye Zhenhua was so angry that he almost vomited blood, and his brain suddenly became clear. “What did he just say? Ye Yukun? Did he recognize you?”

Louis nodded. “Yes, Dad!”

Third Young Master Ye went downstairs. Cheng Anya had already gone through the resignation formalities and registered all the employees who resigned that day quickly. Before Third Young Master Ye gave his order, Cheng Anya and Liu Xiaotian agreed that they would take a paid month off.

If he needed people, Third Young Master Ye would make the call himself.

It was the happiest thing for them!

Third Young Master Ye was not very good-tempered when he went downstairs. He was a little angry, but his anger disappeared completely when he saw Cheng Anya. His violence which had just risen was also magically suppressed.

My dear Anya…

“Ready?” Third Young Master Ye embraced her with a smile and kissed her on the brow. It was rare for him to be so gentle with her. Cheng Anya was flattered and… scared.

She was still more used to the beastly Third Young Master Ye.

“It seems like a good play is on.” Miss Cheng blinked and got in the car together with Third Young Master Ye. She asked curiously, “Are you taking part in this yourself?”

“It’s not the time for me to take action yet.” Third Young Master Ye laughed mysteriously. Cheng Anya shrugged her shoulders and didn’t probe further. “Be careful. Louis is not easy to deal with. Don’t suffer a double loss.”

“Have you ever seen me doing business that would make a loss?” Third Young Master’s tone was arrogant. He stretched out his hand to rub Cheng Anya’s long hair. “Finally, I don’t have to look at your old-fashioned look anymore.”

“F***, damn it. Who made me wear this?” Cheng Anya wanted to kick someone who was laughing recklessly. Such a bully.

Third Young Master Ye smiled but stayed quiet. “Wei Wei, come home. Third brother has something to tell you.”

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