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¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 311: Untitled

Chapter 311: Untitled

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As the sea wind blew, it picked up and the fierce waves lapped onto each other like the wind and snow in winter. The bright sun seemed to darken and hide behind the clouds.

There was a patch of darkness on the beach as the warm wind blew.

As Ye Wei’s long hair was blown by the wind, she seemed serious and cold as her black hair whizzed past her gaze, adding a few more hints of viciousness.

“You can’t kill me,” Mo Jue squinted and said plainly.

“Really?” Ye Wei coldly smiled as she moved and pulled the trigger at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

She fired another three rounds in succession. Ye Wei’s left hand was even quicker, more accurate and forceful than her right hand.

No room for mercy.

Vicious and without mercy.

As his long black shirt waved in the wind, Mo Jue quickly rolled in the sand and avoided Ye Wei’s bullets up close.

He moved quickly, and so was Ye Wei’s gunplay. Her second shot, right after the first, was aimed at a space where she expected enemies to duck based on her experience. She quickly followed up with a third shot that rarely missed.

Even if one could avoid the second shot, they would not be able to avoid the third shot.

Mo Jue was too fast, and he even knew how she would aim with her right hand. Ye Wei had miscalculated all her shots as all, save the first shot, that almost grazed his face missed their target.

Ye Wei coldly smiled and fired another two shots before Mo Jue could recover. A shot hit Mo Jue in the shoulder. In terms of speed and viciousness, nobody could top Ye Wei. When she was hell-bent on killing somebody, she would not stop even if her target was half-dead.

Her guns were specially-made, and their fired bullets were four times as powerful as regular ones that were guaranteed to penetrate their targets. Even Mo Jue, who was sturdy, could not withstand a few rounds.

Mo Jue quickly took another shot, but he did not seem to feel it. He suddenly leaped toward Ye Wei. Ye Wei coldly smiled but heard Mo Jue suddenly shout, “Do not shoot!”

Ye Wei coldly smiled. Did he get to call the shots here?

It was gutsy of him as he pounced for her earlier. Ye Wei coldly smiled and ruthlessly pulled the trigger!



She only fired a shot, but there were two gunshots. No sooner did Ye Wei feel a murderous intent behind her than she was pinned down by Mo Jue.

A protruding rock on the beach that Mo Jue did not notice when he pounced onto Ye Wei stuck into Ye Wei’s back as their weight fell onto the rock.

It stabbed at her spine and she trembled in pain. The physical pain from the injury was far from the shock of the injury.

The shot squarely nailed Mo Jue in the chest. As he pounced on her, Ye Wei could clearly see the expanding patch of blood on Mo Jue’s chest that dyed her white shirt red.

Ye Wei took out her gun and aimed at his vitals. With Mo Jue rushing at her and her in anger, it was either of them perishing. Given such a choice, Ye Wei would not hesitate to choose for Mo Jue to die.

He dug out Third Young Master Ye’s past and thoroughly provoked Ye Wei. That truly triggered a quick and vicious murderous intent in her.

But she did not expect Mo Jue to…

The second shot, probably aimed at her heart, rang out. Had Mo Jue avoided the shot, he would have been merely hurt whilst she would die.

However, he resolutely pounced at her. While she wanted him to die, he wanted her to live.

The person who said ‘do not shoot’ was someone behind her and not her…

“You…” However cold Ye Wei was, that very moment left her shocked. What was he doing? Asking for death? As she stared at his wound in shock, a stabbing pain akin to being shot spread from her heart.

This was Ye Wei’s first time regretting her shot.

Mo Jue looked terrible. His lips were devoid of blood and his face was as pale as a sheet of paper. That, with his shoulder-length hair, presented a stark contrast that only emphasized how terrible he looked.

It was his purple eyes that were still as beautiful, yet cold.

With the purest purple in the world in his gaze looking at her, she felt warmth in her heart. Blood was oozing out of his chest. As his lifeblood warmed her heart, warmth enveloped her chest.

Ye Wei saw her panicked face in his gorgeously beautiful gaze.

If someone had described Ye Wei as a person who would eventually panic, she would have shot that person. Today, she panicked to the point she could not hold her gun steadily. This man… This man…

Was he a fool?

Apart from the pallor on Mo Jue’s face, his emotions rarely fluctuated. It was cold, as though Ye Wei’s shots did not hit him. While the wind blew on, Mo Jue’s long hair landed on Ye Wei’s face. The tenderness of his hair was a one-eighty from the person himself.

Ye Wei tucked her lips. She wanted to play cool or laugh alluringly, teasing Mo Jue for falling in love with her and willing to die for her. Maybe he wanted her to marry her.

Her throat was knotted and she could not say a word.

“It was not me!” Mo Jue looked at her steely and punctuated his words.

Ye Wei was taken aback. If it wasn’t him, was she wrong about him? She even regretted and felt like an idiot. Hadn’t she always wanted to beat him? Hadn’t she always wanted to waste him?

Why did things end up in such a… loss…

That was not what she wanted!

She wanted a fair fight instead of this… sheltered comparison. As a top killer who only tended to her emotions, she dangerously overlooked the blind spot behind her.

It was her mistake, and Ye Wei’s first mistake.

“Why?” Ye Wei asked deeply. Her hands felt so heavy to the point she could not raise it, and her left hand loosely gripped her gun. Ye Wei knew that she might just die today.

Apart from Mo Jue and her, there was another armed person who was as capable. Since Eleven had yet to arrive, her life was on the line. Even if it meant meeting her maker in advance, Ye Wei was not afraid.

As a killer, dying was a non-issue.

But to die without knowing why… Why did Mo Jue choose to protect her?

Wouldn’t the death of a rival leave Mo Jue better off?

Mo Jue’s purple eyes blinked and he broke into a smile. It was the first time that Ye Wei really saw him smile. His rare smile was heart-rending and alluring, yet it sent her into a panic attack.

Her heart was beating out of control.

“I’m mad!”

There was an indescribable self-mockery in Mo Jue’s gaze that seemed cold and… obscure. It was an obscurity that Ye Wei could not make out.

Ye Wei’s heart tensed and she looked away in panic, only to see the blackened muzzle of a gun point at her. Ye Wei’s gaze darkened, and her killer instincts instantly returned to her. She gripped the gun in her left hand tightly, only to have Mo Jue pin it down.

Ye Wei was infuriated. If he wanted to die, she would not accompany him to his grave. Even if something untoward would happen to her, she would at least want to duke it out. If the person wasn’t Mo Jue, she would not necessarily lose.

Mo Jue, who had already taken three bullets, was still exceptionally strong. He gripped Ye Wei’s wrist and prevented her from moving. “Don’t shoot.” He looked up and shook his head.

It was not an order but a gentle request.

As the sun emerged from behind the clouds, its blinding rays caused Ye Wei, who was lying on the ground, to close her eyes. As Mo Jue pinned her down and her arms in a lock, she could not move.

At this moment, Ye Wei was unable to see who had done it. While she had the urge to kick Mo Jue away and leave him to his own devices, she did not do so as Mo Jue would eventually succumb to his chest wound.

“Jue, f*** off!” A very indifferent voice rang over her head that froze over the surroundings.

While it sounded like Eleven, it was more masculine than Eleven’s coldness.

Without looking, Ye Wei knew that it was somebody as capable. For him to call Mo Jue by his first name meant that he was no small fry in the Mafia. Ye Wei secretly thought about how the Mafia was indeed brimming with hidden talents.

Mo Jue shook his head and steadily covered Ye Wei with his body. “I will not allow it!” His purple gaze was resolute.

“You idiot!” There was a slight heartache in the coldness as the tall man suddenly yanked Mo Jue away. Ye Wei immediately got up and was stunned…

He was exactly like Mo Jue!

The only difference was his black eyes, as Mo Jue’s eyes were purple. While their faces were almost the same, a set of purple eyes would leave Ye Wei with a massive problem of identifying who Mo Jue exactly was.

A clone?

Even twins weren’t identical to such a degree.

Mo Ye checked Mo Jue’s chest wound and suddenly squinted dangerously. As he pointed his black gun at Ye Wei, Mo Jue raised his hand and stopped him. “I said no!” Mo Jue’s purple gaze was even more decisive than ever.

Ye Wei was astonished and forgot to pull the trigger as she looked at the two brothers in a daze. The portion of the beach they laid on earlier was tainted red and Mo Jue seemed even paler.

Mo Ye looked at his brother and was trying to figure out what ran through his gaze. He only saw a cold and resolute gaze that did not allow him to shoot Ye Wei.

Mo Ye could not help but recall what happened the night before. He heard Louis say that Mo Jue was after Ye Wei but returned all scorned. When Mo Jue entered, he asked him why he was beaten up. The typically calm Mo Ye, who was reading documents at the time, dropped the documents onto the floor in shock and fell off the bed.

It was Ye Wei who messed him up. When Mo Ye recalled that, his anger rose. A cold female voice interrupted the tense yet cryptic situation.

“Drop your gun!”

Eleven’s cold voice swept across the sea. As the two distant personalities collided, the surroundings became even colder.

With guns pointed at each other, Ye Wei quickly looked up and pointed her silver gun at Mo Ye. She slowly backed toward Eleven and stood beside her.

As the situation changed, Mo Ye squinted dangerously. Mo Jue was almost exhausted and his body slumped onto the ground coldly. As he had lost too much blood, his eyes were starting to blur.

Although Ye Wei’s right hand was out of commission, her left hand was still formidable. The Mo brothers were clearly in a bind.

As Mo Jue looked at Ye Wei with his purple eyes, Ye Wei’s gaze did not move. As she deliberated between killing them or not, there was not a shred of emotion that could be perceived. They could be the ones who wasted him…

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